15 Tips to Become an Effective Supervisor

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  INTRASPEC’s Speakers Jojo Vito, PhD and Grace Engallado, DBM with Miss Sheila de la Paz , HR Head of First Farmers Holding Corporation 15  Tips to Become an Effective Supervisor  Good Supervisors are the backbone of any organizations. This is … Continue reading

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TOBY’S SPORTS, NOW AT SM CITY BACOLOD Now in SM City, Bacolod ! Toby’s Sports, one of the popular destination when it comes to sports equipment and apparel in the Philippines has just opened a new branch at 2nd Level … Continue reading

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SUPER-VISION (SUPERVISORY TRAINING) Supervisors role are vital in all organizations. He  performs many functions which the helps organization  in achieving productivity. It is said that the  supervisor can be called as the only manager who has an important role at execution level.  His … Continue reading

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Performance management systems, which typically include performance appraisal and employee development, are usually the weakest part of  of human resources management in some companies . In some companies, Performance Management  System  are complained by employees and managers of its  their ineffectiveness. Some employees … Continue reading

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 Sbarro at SM City Foodcourt

The new and much improved foodcourt opened last october 16, 2014 at the the 2nd level of Northwing Expansion of SM City Bacolod. Well known food companies found at the foodcourt  include Juicy,   Casa Ilongga,Sbarro, Mr. Kimbob, Potato Corner.

Opening soon are Sizzling Plate  ,La Paz Batchoy, Kamay Kainan, Tokyo Joe, Four Seasons and Kublai Khan.

The new SM Foodcourt stays true to its aim of providing good food for its customers with a wide array of food selections; great ambiance, spacious dining area and a lot more.



Bibimbob of Mr. Kimbob














Potato Corner

abs cbn-12


The Negros Bloggers at SM City Foodcourt

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Get paid in dollars! This is shipboard Employment opportunity for licensed Electronics and Communications or Electrical Engineers.

Electro Cadets after completing the Stress Management, Leadership and Personal Empowerment Modules with Jojo Vito, PhD of INTRASPEC Management Consultancy


Addressing the growing demands for competent Electro-Technical on-board to work within ship’s engine department, the Norwegian Training Center Manila took the initiative in 2006 of developing a cadetship program .

The program is open to proficient licensed Electronics and Communications or Electrical Engineers. The competencies of these engineers are further develop through NTC-M’s comprehensive ETO training program designed and approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

The successful applicants will be for shipboard employment.


Undergo 6-months training at NTC-M.
Training fees will be shouldered by the company.
Successful applicants will undergo training onboard ship as Electrical Cadets/Officers.
Qualification / Requirements:
E.C.E. or E.E. Graduate
PRC board passer is a MUST.
With at least 3 years of continuous relevant industry experience.
Articulate in English language.
At least 23 y.o but not more than 30 years old at the time of application.
Willing to work on-board ships.
Passing medical check for seamen.

For further queries, please contact: rogelio.velarde@ntcm.com.ph


Interested applicants may send their resume to:

Human Resources
NTCM Bldg. Tesda Compound Gate 2 East Service Road Taguig City


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Opportunity in Progress

note: This is a press release from The Association of Negros Producers

Flat broke. That’s how one barangay in the northern Iloilo town of San Dionisio was the day after Yolanda. Barangay Agdaliran’s landscape, once dotted with coconut trees, was smoothed. And since the few palms that survived the storm could take up to five years to recover, livelihood is now deprived of the people. Flat broke, pun intended.
Meanwhile, across the sea in Bacolod City, Jojie Locsin of Tumandok Crafts Industries, a manufacturer of home furniture and accessories, was deep in preparation for new product lines she would unveil at the 29th Negros Trade Fair. Participants this year are encouraged to share the blessings of the event to Filipinos badly affected by the calamities of 2013, as well as those living in poor communities needing livelihood assistance. Jojie was, in fact, in search of how to interpret the fair’s theme, “Smiles Beyond Borders”.
Luckily for Brgy. Agdaliran, the nuns of Sievas de Maria Ministros de los Enfermos donated money for materials and labor to build 155 houses. Luckily for Tumandok, the project director was its former head designer, Carlos Lanuza. And this is where the opportunity begins. Agdaliran badly needs livelihood, and Tumandok can always use more materials and craftsmen. Besides, where human welfare is at stake, when victim and helper meet, it is never serendipitous.
Carlos contacted Jojie and it didn’t take long for the two to push the opportunity ahead. Cut-off pieces of coco lumber from the project in Agdaliran were brought to Tumandok. The discarded slabs were turned into valuable resource. They are the main raw material of the Haiyan Collection of tables, lamps, trays, and picture frames. Some of the coco lumber came in narrow strips, but now stand tall as the defining design element of the Haiyan Tube Lamp. The designers and craftspeople at Tumandok possess the eye to see opportunity in the face of adversity.
The opportunity for Agdaliran doesn’t end with the creation of the Haiyan Collection. It continues to be in progress, and if things fall into place, it will be enduring. Jojie tells, Tumandok now plans to establish a processing factory in the barangay, seek out other sustainable raw materials, train the locals in processing, and start a new livelihood. How shoppers will receive the Haiyan Collection will greatly impact that decision. That will be first seen at the trade fair in September.
Tumandok prides itself with the ability to manipulate raw materials and turn them in high-quality home pieces. Aside from coconut, many products also use banana, sea shells, nito vine and other sustainable materials. The options are limitless, with fabric cut-outs now inlaid in colored fiberglass candy dishes.
For 2014, Tumandok will launch five bold design lines, the Zebra, Poinsettia, Vine Pottery, Golden Banana, and Golden Pottery collections. Add a thematic thread into living spaces with these designs on tables, wall art, lamps, vases, trays, and picture frames. The Vine Pottery and Golden Pottery collections are constructed using powdered stone technology, incorporating sawdust, rice hull, and charcoal. Nito vine provides a nice climbing accent to complete the contemporary look of the Vine Pottery pieces. Meanwhile, Golden Pottery is accentuated with golden Capiz shells.
Organized by the Association of Negros Producers, the 29th Negros Trade Fair is the longest running provincial trade fair held annually in Metro Manila. Come see the Haiyan Collection and take part in pushing Agdaliran’s livelihood opportunity along. Check out Tumandok’s bold new designs from Sept. 24-28, Glorietta Activity Center, Makati. Or, visit them at www.tumandok.com.

T: (034) 434-1000
M: 0917-312-1664 / 0933-377-9703
E: negrostradefair.anp@gmail.com

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Bantayan Tote








banatayan tote



Like stone playfully skipping on the water surface, Typhoon Yolanda made landfall several times when she entered the country. One such landfall was in northern Cebu, which left Bantayan Island devastated and isolated. Almost all structures were flattened and industries came to a screeching halt.
In the aftermath, members of the Association of Negros Producers, themselves coming from hardship during the sugar crisis of the 80s, actively sought to offer livelihood assistance to storm-ravaged communities. One of them is Marichu Cusi who runs Kiculo Crafts, a fashion accessory company owned by her daughter, Kitkat Lobaton. Providing livelihood to those who need them is in the DNA of Kiculo . The company has been working with beneficiaries of Gawad Kalinga in Bacolod who supply the bag lining. This innate desire to help now finds new meaning outside Negros, as Kiculo breathes life to “Smiles Beyond Borders”, the theme of the 29th Negros Trade Fair.
Living on disaster relief cannot be sustainable. Bantayan’s predicament caught the attention of foreign assistance, among them, the French NGO Humanitarian Open Source Touch, or HOST. The weaving of pandan leaves into fashionable bags, common in many parts of the country but not quite in Bantayan, suddenly presented a vibrant source of income. The people of HOST connected with Marichu, offering to undertake the training of the locals to produce bags against strict specifications. That Marichu and her daughters wear their bags daily assures buyers and cautions suppliers of Kiculo’s relentless focus on design, workmanship, and durability. Thus, putting the Kiculo label on woven bags from Bantayan will provide quantifiable endorsement and quantifiable help to the storm-crippled community.
The Bantayan Tote will debut at Kiculo’s booth at the 29th Negros Trade Fair. It will come in two sizes. The large tote reflects a young, utilitarian, laidback lifestyle, its neat weaving pattern offering a rustic island feel that shouts “weekend getaway”! The smaller Bantayan Tote appeals to a wide swathe of age groups, from empowered millenials to powerful boomers. And because the Bantayan Tote is loaded with concern for victims of Yolanda, it is a statement piece, a badge if you will, of love for humanity. Out of altruistic passion comes altruistic fashion.
Since Kiculo joined the trade fair a decade ago, its bags have become iconic to the event. Theirs are not run-of-the-mill “native” bags. Every year, bold and distinguishing elements are noticeable, in one year patadyong-design laminate handles, and in another, generous clusters of sparkling faux pearls in deep color. Unexpected design sets a Kiculo bag apart. In 2014, Marichu is incorporating a lot of leather in her woven bags, not just as handles, straps, and bottom guards, but as details. The Kiculo Leather Mosaic line uses leather cut-outs stitched to appear like mosaic tiles. The leather is done in the same color finish as the weaving, giving a final look of muted elegance and serene stability. The Leather Mosaic bag won top honors for the Fashion sector at the 2014 Bulawan Awards of the Association of Negros Producers.
Colors will make a big splash at the Kiculo booth come September. The Juliet Bag, a favorite among Kiculo customers, uses crocheted wax cord handles and comes ornamented with faux pearls. But the biggest update is in the use of multi-color pandan weaving.
Organized by the Association of Negros Producers, the 29th Negros Trade Fair is the longest running provincial trade fair held annually in Metro Manila. Drop by the Kiculo booth from Sept. 24-28, Glorietta Activity Center, Makati.

T: (034) 434-1000
M: 0917-312-1664 / 0933-377-9703
E: negrostradefair.anp@gmail.com

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Light Through the Rubble



In creating unique lighting and furniture, Hacienda Crafts stays true to its mission as an envirosocial design company. Because of this, owners Joey Gaston and Christina Borromeo-Gaston always go beyond the limits of home, whether to find sustainable natural raw materials, regional and indigenous weavers, and enlightened designers to magically transform rough vines into urban home fashion. For the company, living out the theme of the 29th Negros Trade Fair, “Smiles Beyond Borders”, comes naturally. This time though, Joey and Christina went beyond to help devastated communities rise from the rubble.

The town of San Remigio in northern Cebu was devastated by Typhoon Yolanda. The people here are known for their unique brand of basket weaving, and so Hacienda Crafts supported their livelihood by ordering rattan hand-woven baskets that now form part of the Macramé  Pendant Lamp. Available in natural and black, the lamp also uses abaca macramé. The Macramé Pendant Lamp won top honors at the 2014 Bulawan Awards of the Association of Negros Producers.

Meanwhile, Tubigon and Inabanga were badly hit by the 7.2 Intensity Bohol earthquake. Bohol is home to the country’s best raffia loomweavers and many of them come from these two towns. Hacienda Crafts tapped the weavers here to produce raffia fabric to create the Tubigon Lamp. The traditional pattern of the fabric offers a welcome contrast to the contemporary silhouette of the hanging lamp. The Tubigon Lamp comes in two sizes, large and small. Fabric colors and patterns vary making the lamps rare if not unique finds.

La Libertad in Negros Oriental was not spared by the earthquake. Again, to assist in the community’s rehabilitation, Hacienda Crafts collaborated with the members of the La Libertad Weavers Association to create the Lowen baskets and placemats out of pandan rope, the Anna baskets made of abaca rope, and the Ludy baskets woven out of pandan leaves. All these will be at the Negros Trade Fair this year.

Hacienda Crafts will delight shoppers at the fair in September with its line of new products. Tinalak woven fabric, from the T’boli Tribe of Mindanao, has been fashioned into the Pilo Round and Rectagular Soft Storage with leather handles, and as upholstery for the Tilam collection of round stool, chair, and bench. Buri finds new rendition in the Eucalyptus Hanging Tube Lamp and in the Metro Baskets reissued in smaller sizes. Almost a lost art, the solihiya weave using rattan strips makes a comeback as the seat of the Rhoda Stool.

Living and working out of Hacienda Santa Rosalia in Manapla town, Negros Occidental, Joey and Ina add whimsy with their Not for Hire Collection. Steel plates from cargo bays of junked sugarcane trucks are upcycled as tabletops of small and large side tables. Adding character are the original but now-faded “Not for Hire” painted warnings that have been preserved.

Hacienda Crafts’ Inuma Collection of home accessories will continue to attract trade fair goers. The classic Rosalia coco twig placemats, trays, and runners have been updated in silver, champagne, bronze, gold, and white gold.

Organized by the Association of Negros Producers, the 29th Negros Trade Fair is the longest running provincial trade fair held annually in Metro Manila. Visit the Hacienda Crafts booth at the 29th Negros Trade Fair on September 24-28, at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati.  Immerse yourself in their creations when you visit www.haciendacrafts.com.





T: (034) 434-1000

M: 0917-312-1664 / 0933-377-9703

E: negrostradefair.anp@gmail.com


Smiles Beyond Borders: 29TH Negros Trade Fair

Note: This is  a Press Release from the Association of Negros Producers


 Smiles Beyond Borders

So goes the theme of the 29th Negros Trade Fair scheduled for September 24-28 at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati. Moved by the destitution that followed the Bohol earthquake and Typhoon Yolanda, the Association of Negros Producers (ANP), organizer of this annual exhibition, has challenged its members to share the blessings of their craft to people living in communities affected by natural calamities and armed conflict.  Disaster relief must be sustainable, not only in terms of emergency food and medicine, but in helping locals find new livelihoods so they can rebuild their lives. Almost a year after Bohol and Yolanda, many are still homeless, let alone jobless.

Members of ANP, led by their Chairman Mary Ann Colmenares and President Jojie Locsin, visited communities in Bicol, Cebu, Masbate, northern Negros, Iloilo, Capiz, Aklan, and Antique. They bought raw materials that otherwise may be sourced closer to Bacolod, if not for the need to help alleviate the situations in devastated and distant areas. They hired locals to gather shells, pandan leaves, wood from fallen trees, and coconut shells and lumber. At the trade fair in September, expect to find calamity-inspired products, including Hacienda Crafts’ Macramé Pendant Lamp that uses woven baskets from San Remigio in Cebu, Tumandok’s Haiyan Collection of furniture constructed from coconut wood from San Dinisio in Iloilo,  NVC’s “The Story of Maria Luisa”, a mosaic art collectible depicting the life of a two-year-old in Palo, Leyte, who lost her mother to Yolanda, Jojo Vito’s Festival Dolls Collection wearing shells from Bantayan Island and Molocaboc Island, Marayo’s Sea Jewels necklaces and bracelets adorned with shells from Cebu, Artisana’s Yolanterns decorated with coconut shells from Leyte, and the pandan-woven Bantayan Tote of Kiculo. Some of these products are also winners of the 2014 Bulawan Awards, a competition that the ANP holds to push its ranks to create high-quality, high-design merchandise. No doubt, products like these will creep into the hearts of buyers, but it will also give buyers an avenue to help. Shoppers will even more distinguish the Negros Trade Fair for this wonderful emotional experience.

ANP members are experts at helping. In the 80s, ANP was established by visionaries who built handicraft businesses to give alternative livelihood to farm workers displaced by the sugar crisis and insurgency. ANP’s original guards may have given way to the next generation, but the calling remains.

The Negros Trade Fair is the longest-running provincial trade fair held in Metro Manila every year, a feat made possible by the support of the provincial government of Negros Occidental. There are over 80 selling booths to be filled with the latest merchandise from ANP’s five sectors, namely, Furniture & Furnishings, Gifts & Housewares, Fashion & Garments, Food, and Natural & Organic. There will also be hot food featuring the best of Negrense cuisine, headlined by the original chicken inasal. The famous piayas, mango tarts, and other pasalubong delicasies will also be available.

The five-day trade fair will include the following events: Arima! Preview Cocktails on Sept. 23, the official opening of the trade fair on Sept. 24, the NVC Foundation Thank You Day on Sept. 26, the 8th Tipon Negrosallians on Sept. 27, a reunion of Metro Manila-based alumni of the University of St. La Salle and St. Joseph School. It will also feature the Balay Kalamay Exhibit: The Story of the Sugar Industry of Negros in collaboration with the Sugar Regulatory Administration and Victorias Milling Company.

The 29th Negros Trade Fair will be open from 10am to 9pm on Sept. 24, 25, and 28 (Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday) and from 10am to 10pm on Sept. 26 and 27 (Friday and Saturday). Entrance is free. For more information, call 034-434-1000 or 0917-312-1664. Follow the Negros Trade Fair on Facebook, or send an email to negrostradefair.anp@gmail.com.




T: (034) 434-1000

M: 0917-312-1664 / 0933-377-9703

E: negrostradefair.anp@gmail.com

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