For years, we have master the art of mask making. It was a process of trial and error at


the start for VITO PRINTS , but later it has become our second skin.Today, Vito Masks is producing thousands of masks every month; from wall masks, table tops, masks on frames, wearable masks, miniature, magnets, key holders and many more.

Materials Needed:

  • Fiber Mat
  • Resin
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Wax
  • Sand Paper
  • Paint


1. Draw your desired design.

2. make a block of plaster of paris by mixing it with water, pour in the mold. Let it dry.

2. Curve your design into the block of plaster.The curved mask is now your mother mold.

3. Rub wax into your mother mold so that it will release  the fiber glass easily  later on.

4. Cover the mother mold with fiber mat and resin, let it dry. This is now your production mold.

5. To make your first product, rub wax into your production mold.


6. Put fiber mat into your production mold. Make sure you have covered the edges.

7. Using your brush start pouring and spreading your resin. Let it dry.

8. When totally dried, release the product from your mold,

9. Cut the excess fiber using your knife.

10. Smoothen  the edges and the surface using your sand paper.Repeat the process until the desired result is achieved.

11. When the carcass is ready, you may now paint your mask to your desired design.Let it dry.

12. When totally dried you can start adding accessories to your mask using beads,feathers,etc.

See VITO’s  latest mask design at the 26th  Negros Trade Fair on September 28-October 2, 2011 at Rockwell tent Makati City.





  1. En De Padilla

    Hey Jo! Nice blog…. It immensely shows the grounded and confident person behind the mask he makes. Ready to share his bounty knowledge, expertise to the multitudes!!!

    At the lighter side: You are the newly entrhoned “How-To” King! 🙂

    • Thanks madam hahaha.the “How Tos” are just a portion of the Blog, soon, this blog will feature Marketing and HR Management Essentials, even buy and sell..huh..sari sari store! hahaha. give me a month , you can have this site as reference to your entrepreneurship classes. In the next few days we will feature success stories of our home grown entrepreneurs in Negros.

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