How to Make Kalamay

10 liters water
10 kilos white sugar
2 gantas malagkit
20 pieces coconut


1. Soak the malagkit overnight.
2. Grate the coconuts.
3. Extract the milk from the grated coconut two times: first, with 5 liters of water, then with 3 liters of water.
4. Pour the malagkit into the first coconut milk extract, and grind the mixture.
5. Mix sugar with the second coconut milk extract, and boil to make latik.
6. Pour the ground malagkit into the boiling latik, and stir for 4 hours or until the mixture becomes very sticky.
7 .Put the mixture into half of a coconut shell. Cool for 3 hours. Then cover with the other half of the shell.

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