Ping’s Knitwear: Weaving Business Success


Crochet  is  a process of creating fabric from yarn, thread, or other material strands using a crochet hook. The word is derived from the French word “crochet”, meaning hook. Hooks can be made of materials such as metals, woods or plastic and are commercially manufactured as well as produced by artisans. Crocheting, like knitting, consists of pulling loops through other loops, but additionally incorporates wrapping the working material around the hook one or more times.

Similar to the methods in  crocheting, Ping Rodrigo a crochet artist by herself had found her way to the business world by pulling resources to another resource to finally create her piece  business fabric –the Pings Knitwear.

Started as a hobby Ping Rodrigo would create crochet wardrobes for herself. Friends and officemates would noticed and started to order from her. In 1989 Ping Rodrigo finally decided to formally open a crochet garments business. She recalled to have started with only PhP 500.00 as initially capital but can’t recall anymore of the amount she added as she goes along. She started to be a subcontractor to some ANP members  and was able to penetrate the local market later on.

In 2003 she decided to join the Association of Negros Producers. Her membership in the associated expanded further her lines and distribution channel. She was supplying major handicraft and retails in La Union, Makati, Boracay, Cebu while maintaining her supply to some local boutiques in the City of Bacolod.

Ping Rodrigo would attribute her success to her being “hands-on” in her business. She is the one studying her own designs, doing the marketing and supervising people working for her. Her being frugal also contributes t a big deal in her success. She recalls: “we don’t spend all the incomes for ourselves, but rather we put  it back to our business to purchase new equipments and materials.

Ping Rodrigo is one who never stops learning. “I learned how to use the computer and use the available resources on line. I also learned to use the facebook and other networking sites to promote my products on line”,she added.

With her crochet business, Ping Rodrigo was able to send her children to school and purchase lots and car and other properties which her family enjoys today.

Today, Ping’s Knitwear is run by Ping and her husband Pio Rodrigo. They have 6 in-house crochet artisans, and 12 piece workers who are home-based. Her shop is found at the Mayfair Plaza, Bacolod City and her products are displayed also at the Association of Negros Producers Showroom.Her product lines ranges from children, adult and even men’s wear. She also follows fashion trends by creating accessories like scarf, head gears, and even fashion jewelries.

Her latest designs will also be seen in the upcoming 26th Negros Trade Fair in Rockwell Tent, Makati City on September 28-October 2, 2011.

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