Art Pieces by Lourdes Valderrama

Lourdes Valderrama  has been designing original beaded jewelry and elegant beaded gifts since 2000. Prior to this her family also underwent various business experiences which thought them valuable lessons  and also made her wiser and more careful in her decision making.

While Lourdes Valderrama also uses other beads and materials, she is known today for her use of filigree metal component mixed with others beads mostly pearls. Each of her original creations is handcrafted showing  grace of  feminity . Just like with most jewelry artists, Lourdes Valderrama do not believe in mass production. In her wide aray of

Filigree is a delicate kind of jewellery metalwork made with twisted threads usually of gold and silver or stitching of the same curving motifs. It often suggests lace, and in recent centuries remains popular in Indian and other Asian metalwork, and French from 1660 to the late 19th century. It should not be confused with ajoure jewellery work; while both have many open areas, filigree involves threads being soldered together to form an object and ajoure involves holes being punched, drilled, or cut through an existing piece of metal. The word, often thought derived from the Latin filum, thread, and granum, grain, is not found in Du Cange, and is indeed of modern origin.

collections  you will find beautiful beaded jewelry destined to become treasured heirlooms for years to come.  Lourdes Valderrama’s  creations of beaded jewelry are created with the highest quality beads and gemstones collected from around the world. Each piece is exclusively designed from a variety of one-of-a-kind beads, resulting in unique, rarely  a Lourdes Valderrama signature.  

Her pieces ranges from necklaces, rings, unique brooch with inspiration from butterfly and other cute creatures, earrings, belts, bag danglers, anklets and many more.

Lourdes Valderrama’s pieces are displayed at the Association of Negros Producers Showroom in Lacson and soon to its new branch at Robinson’s place Bacolod City which will be opened this November. Her pieces will also be displayed at the 26th Negros Trade Fair at Rockwell Tent, Makati City this September 28, 2011.







    Did you join the Negros Fair at Glorietta this September ? We looked for her booth but seems she did not set up;(

  2. wow in fairness ang gaganda ng mga gawa niya 🙂

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