Crystal Jewelry by Eva Si-Coruna

Eva Pauline Si-Coruna

Crystals are among the most preferred jewelry today . Aside from being beautiful, they can look very elegant.  Crystals are not only good jewelry materials, they could also make good ornaments and at the same time accessories for clothes. Because of the beauty and charm of crystals, the number of people who are buying and choosing crystals are increasing.

Eva Pauline Si-Coruna is one of those who adored crystal jewelries. She would always dream of buying plenty of those accessories. However, she found these crystal jewelries a bit expensive , hence she decided to make one for herself. Her love for crystals became a hobby and the hobby into a business. Eva Coruna, started her jewelry business in 2002.

Some popular types of crystals are  Swarovski crystal which is an Austrian crystal, Celestial crystal and Czech glass. In addition to these, there are crystals often referred to as healing crystals. The healing properties of these materials is one of the reasons why Eva Si-Coruni  loved more  the crystals.

Eva’s  creations of ranges from necklaces, bracelets, crystal earrings and even finger rings. Eva uses crystals  that are  in different colors,  she would combined these to other semi-precious stones beads to make a master piece. Her work revolves around the theme of love, prosperity, and abundance.

Being a mother of two 3 and 2 year old kids,  jewelry making is quite a challenge . At times she would wait for the kids to go to sleep or send them to watch TV for her to do jewelry making. But this situation is also her  source  of  inspiration for each of her  art works.     

To see her wide array of jewelry creations, please visit the Association of Negros Producer Showroom and in the upcoming 26th Negros Trade Fair on September 28 to October 2011 at Rockwell Tent, Makati City.


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