Fashion Sector of ANP on Center Stage at the 26th Negros Trade Fair

Necklace by Eva Coruna

Fashion  jewelry also called trinkets, costume jewelry  or bling  is   manufactured as an accessory  to complement a particular fashionable costume or garment. Costume jewelry came into being in the 1930s as   meant to be worn with a specific outfit.  Costume jewelry is made of  alternative materials including base metals, glass, plastic, wood and seeds in  place of more valuable materials such as precious metals and gems.

Cris Villacin, one of the leading fashion producer of the Association Negros Producers has been doing fashion accessories using indigenous materials like nito vine, bamboo, lazer cut leather, shells and many more.

Costume jewelry has been part of culture for many  years now . During the 18th century cheap jewelry made with glass started getting made. After almost a century, in the 19th century, costume jewelry made of semi precious material came into the market. The use of semi precious material made the jewelry available in the hands of the common people.

But the real golden era for the costume jewelry began in the middle of the 20th century. The new middle class desired to own beautiful but affordable jewelry, and this desire was realized by its perfect timing: it came during the

Alexandra Anuales is the first producer of the Association of Negros Producers to creates original sculptured accessory using polymer clay.

machine-age and the industrial revolution. All this made possible the production of carefully executed replicas of beautiful and admired heirloom pieces. Today not only the  B and C crowd owned costume jewelry but  even those in the top class own costume jewelry with pride.

Contrary to how others defined costume jewelry as cheap, this alternative accessory is already demanding its price especially for those handmade and intricately crafted pieces.


Vito's Kapid Bangles

Here in the Philippines many artisans are doing costume jewelry exported abroad and others for the local market.  In case of the Association  Negros Producers (ANP)  a number of designers has been doing this craft for a number of years already. Starting from just a simple beading works; to wire works and now  to making their own components using indigenous materials and other industrial materials available.

Hara Bangles of Vito

Just like any other fashion producer, I also started making fashion jewelry using the available semi-precious stone beads available in the market. However, very recently I also started to shift to the use other materials like fiber glass and flexi-resin- creating a new silhouette and texture.

Salapid Bangles by Vito

My new creations will be launch  at  a mini   fashion show  at Rockwell Tent on September 30 and October1 2,2011  in the event  of the  26th Negros Trade Fair on September 28 to October 2, 2011 at Rockwell Makati City.

Amaia Bangle by Vito

Other producers who will showcase their new designs are as follows: Lourdes Valderrama, Eva Coruna, Cris Villacin, Gift Regalado and  Alexandra Anuales for the accessories; Reycon’s who is producing the famous pina barong will also be joining the show, Ping’s Knitwear will showcase her modern crohet garments, while Vikmik will feature children’s dress. Marichu Cusi will also be showing her famous beaded native bags.

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