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Dr. Melissa Anglo, owner and designer of SAKO utility

Some of us may have talents hidden to us. Its on how we cultivate and improve it. For Dr. Melissa Anglo, an optometrist and owner of Anglo Opticals doesn’t only have an eye for  correcting vision but also an eye for fashion and designs. Dr. Anglo started her business on June 1991. She designs Bags and Organizers. This idea came up due to personal experience. She often Travels and would always organize her stuff inside her luggage. “Everyone who travels should organize their belongings so it will be easier for them to locate the items they need”, she explained.One day, she thought, “what if i will create something for people to use especially when traveling?” she said. Now, her products are being sold at ANP Showro

om. The material used for the product is called synthetic polycanvass and this will be on sale this coming Negros Trade fair in Makati and will be sold

One of the Organizer designs

for 50% off. Dr. Anglo mentioned that she will be coming up with new designs and new material which will be cotton. Her new collection boasts a more lighter, washable, friendly, trendy, and most of all it will come in different colors and it is ECO friendly. During the course of the interview, I asked Dr. Anglo on how she handles stress? Keeping still and saying a prayer is her little secret. She also practice breathing exercise which she said, helps her calm and focus more on her core energy. Dr. Anglo also shares some advice for the young entrepreneurs and that is to identify your talents, develop it and continuous education. her philosophy in life is Service above self, shes a proud Rotarian, she claims.


Organizers “sako utility, organize your life” will be available at the 26th Negros Trade Fair coming Spetember 28 – October 2, 2011 @ the Rockwell Tent, Makati. Avail of its 50% discount on all items. See you there.


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