Quan: Negrense Pride

“Kwan”…yung kwan”. “Kwan” used by most locals in the Philippines to pinpoint something they cant utter, But for Mrs. Agnes Cuenca, “Kwan” means it can be anything, it can be everything.. thats why the name “QUAN” was conceptualized. It started in 1985 with only 2 employees. Quan is famous for its native delicacies, one of their famous product is their “Puto” which later on evolved into “Puto-Pao” (combination of Puto and Siopao), an innovation on its own due to scarcity of flour in 1986 and in fact, a truly Negrense-born product. At present, “QUAN” has now 7 branches around Bacolod and 1 in La Carlota and still going strong. Her passion for cooking and experimenting new taste for Negrense is her ultimate goal. Quan offers a wide variety of products to choose from and new products ( Ube, Pineapple, Mango and Banana Tartlets, Kofi Krunch Cookies, Oatmeal Kofi Cookies, Kofi delight, Kofi nutty cookies and M&M’s (mongo and malungay) tarts) that was just recently launched. It also gained recognition and awards from numerous award giving bodies. Examples of which is the Banwahanon Award she received in year 2000 and the Bulawan Award in year 2001.

Madam Agnes Aguirre Cuenca
The Power duo, Mrs. Agnas Cuenca and Mrs. Chole Chua

When asked about her Philosophy in doing business, Mrs. Agnes Cuenca simply believes in ” being contented with everything”. Just make the most with what you have, she further explained. Mrs. Cuenca is now running her business with her daughter Chole Chua , the two are the power duo of Quan delicacies. Mrs. Chole Chua is the one in charge in running her branches.  We asked her that if she will be giving an advice to a group of young entrepreneurs what would she tell them, she stated 3 words, “Diligence, Love for it and Patience”. During the course of our conversation, i noticed something about Mrs. Cuenca, She’s full of vibrance and energy. She handles stress calmly by counting from 1 to 100 and when she’s done, she will face it courageously. Consistency in her recipe and good customer service are the most important thing she give focus on.

Through the years, Quan withstood the test of time. It has made its name known not only in Bacolod but in the entire Negros Occidental. Quan, A product every Negrense can be proud of.

Quan will be available this coming September 28- October 2, 2011 at the 26th Negros Trade Fair in Rockwell, Makati City


NORTHDRIVE- (034) 709-0677; 433-9987

# 3 LA SALLE AVENUE, CAPITOLVILLE – (034)-434-6379;432-1074; 708-5055




GAISANO CITY – SUPERMarket – (034)  707-8440

LOPUE’S EAST CENTER- (034)-708-9095

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