Effective Customer Relations at Merci Breads and Pastries

Friendly Crew of Merci Bread and Pastries, Mayfair Plaza, Lacson Branch

Customer relations is the part of the business that is concerned with the customers’ perception of the products and services of the business. The goal of customer relations is to instill and establish a positive image of the company in the customer’s mind. With positive perception comes more orders and revenue from the customer. Customer relations can also be considered customer service. As a function, customer relations, more pointedly, is responsible for representing the company externally, resolving customer conflicts, responding to questions, understanding the customers’ business and conducting customer satisfaction surveys.

Customer relations is a broad term used to describe customer service and the general interactions between a company and its customers. Many companies claim to have a focus on positive customer relations, yet many businesses still fall short in this area.

Customer relations is one primary aspect of business that can allow a small company to outshine large competitors without spending much time or money. Positive customer relations will build a solid reputation for a business and earn repeat customers.

Merci Breads and Pastries is one company who believes in good customer relations. This is the reason why each employee at Merci would undergo a required pre employment training on Effective Customer  Relations seminar.

Femmylee Magbanua, Training Officer of Merci

Merci Bread and Pastry Training Officer, Femmylee Magbanua believes that , “There’s little worse for a customer than dealing with an employee who clearly hates his job.  Each and every employee is a reflection of the organization.” Merci boast not only of their product but of the kind of service they accord each customer who visits their store.

Bread and Pastries Training on Customer Relations  Seminar goal is to maintain the most positive customer relationships possible in order to gain referrals and repeat business. Customer relations also involves tracking trends and opinions to make improvements on products and services. This helps businesses stay ahead of the competition in terms of creating innovative new products that meet the needs of evolving consumers.

Specifically Merci Bread and Pastries Training on Customer Relations focuses on the following:

Listening Skills Development

Listening is the most important skill for effective customer relations. Companies must listen to their customers to learn what’s working and what’s not. During complaint resolution, every employee must have exceptional listening skills to hear what the customer is really saying and uncover a solution that will leave the customer happy. Many companies conduct market research to find out what their ideal customer is thinking, so that they can be a better match for their needs.


 Customers make their purchasing decisions based on how they feel. When they are developing relationships with their service and product supplies, a person who smiles, is inviting, and is easy to talk to ranks high in the preferred qualities that customers list.

Merci SM Team

Providing Prompt and Courteous Complaint Resolution

Customer complaints are actually an opportunity to make a lasting impression, whether it be positive or negative. A customer who has a complaint dealt with in a prompt and satisfactory manner will walk away with a better overall impression of a company than a customer who had an uneventful experience. Organizations should have complaint resolution policies in place to help employees create win-win solutions when conflicts arise with customers.


A large factor in effective customer relations is quality management. Customers are generally satisfied and will generally come back for repeat purchases if the products or services they received are of high quality. Poorly performed services or products that don’t meet expectations will turn customers away.

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