The Intraspec Management Consultancy team conducts a series Personal Effectiveness Courses to the scholars of the Norwegian Ship Owners Association. (NSA) in its various partner schools. The series of trainings were conducted since October 20 until November 4; 2011.Other technical trainings were also conducted by the NSA Cadet Project on similar dates with the instructors of the Norwegian Training Center in Manila and other local professional/experts.

Headed by its Deputy Director Mr. Lars Bleymann and its first Filipino Project Manager, C/M Meljoe Frange together with the Shipboard Training Officer C/M Larry Gonzales the Norwegian Ship Owners Association-Cadet Project is working with six (6) different maritime institutions: Philippine Merchant Marine Academy; Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific; University of Cebu – Maritime Education and Training Center; John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation – Bacolod; DMMA College of Southern Philippines; John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University – Molo; John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University – Arevalo; and Univesity of Cebu – Lapulapu and Mandaue.

The objectives of NSA Cadet Projects are as follows:

To enhance the quality of Maritime Education in the Philippines;
To promote competence among Filipino Cadets as future maritime officers for NSA or NSA controlled fleets;
To prove that Filipino Cadets can become highly competitive seafarers in the International maritime market.

Working in line with the above objectives, INTRASPEC Management Consultancy were hired for more than 9 years now to provide services in the areas of personality development courses to supplement the already in placed program of the NSA accredited schools.

Programs which INTRASPEC conducts include Study Habits, Stress Management, Self-Effectiveness, Leadership and Teambuilding.


Dr. Vito with NSA Cadets of DCSP, Davao

Dr. Jojo Vito , is Manager of INTRASPEC Management Consultancy. A graduate of BS Psychology and Bachelor of science in Business Management. He has Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Completed his Academic Requirement for Masters In Public Administration (MPA). He has 30 units in Masters In Biblical Studies (MBS) and PhD in Business Management. He has conducted various trainings and consultancy projects to various companies nationwide. Jojo Vito’s expertise is in the area of Human Resource Management. He is an entrepreneur , running his own souvenir and furniture business, VITO PRINTS AND PIECES. Currently ,he is the Vice President for Marketing of ANP. Jojo Vito is also the president of People Management Association of the Philippines, 2003, 2010 and 2011. He is also a past President of various professional Organizations: Philippine Society for Training and Development-Negros; First Farmers Toastmasters Club, Sugarlandia Family Welfare Federation and ALABASTER Vial Foundation.

Dr. Grace Engallado

Dr. Grace Engallado . Engallado is a graduate of BS Pschology from UP Diliman, Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Masters in Conflict Management (MCM) from the University of St La Salle (USLS) and Doctor of Business Management (DBM) , major in Human Resource Management from San Jose -Recoletos (Cebu City). Head of Interdisciplinary Studies and Graduate School Professor of USLS. Dr. Engallado has intensive managerial experience in various companies. Head , HR of West Negros University, Head, First Farmers Holding Corporation (OP-Admin). Dr. Engallado is an Active member of People Management Association of the Philippines and has been occupying leadership positions since 1993.

Dr. Nenette Padilla , Dean of SBIT Department of La Consolacion College-Bacolod and a graduate school professor of the same school. A Graduate of BS Business Management from LCC and Master in Business Administration and PhD in Business Management from the University of St La Salle.

Dr. Mylene Gocon a seasoned speaker/trainer and has extensive cooperative organizing experience. a Graduate of BS Accounting from University of the Philippines , Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Ph.D. In Developmental Management from University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos Bacolod. She has been doing consultancy services to various cooperatives and local business in Bacolod City.

Mr. Paul Londres

Paul Londres, RN a registered nurse Prior to his latest Job being a General Manager of One of the biggest food industry in Bacolod, Mr. Londres became a trainer first. He also worked in the Philippine’s first shipping Lines the Negros Navigation occupying various positions of responsibility. He became HOTEL MANAGER / Second Steward at Palm Beach Casino Line , Florida, USA


Grace Melocoton, BSMT,BSC,LlB Grace Melocoton is a graduate of BS Medical technology, BS Commerce major in Accounting and Bachelor of Laws. Her latest job prior to her early retirement was Head of Administrative Human Resource Department of Central Negros Electric Cooperative. Grace Melocoton also became a college professor teaching personality development among others.

Mr. Mhel Sillador with NSA Cadets of JBLCF

Mhel Sillador , RN, MA, a candidate for Ph D in Nursing. Masters in Nursing and a registered nurse. Mhel Sillador is an accomplished speaker having won in various national competition of Toastmasters International. He also served as Division Governor of Toastmasters International Div D. He worked as resource person in review centers and has been clinical instructor for the University of St. La sale. Today Mhel is a Human Resource Manager of Vallacar Transit Corporation.

Ms. Louie Jomero with NSA Cadets of UCLM

Louie Jomero a graduate of BS Psychology of University of St La Salle and presently working for the completion of her Masters Degree. She used to be a Guidance Counselor and now an entrepreneur and Human Resource Manager in one of the leading retail companies in Negros . Louie Jomero a practicing Psychometrician and PMAP’s 2011 Vice President .She is a regular trainer of INTRASPEC Management Consultancy.

Anton Manso with NSA Cadets of DCS, Davao

Anton Manso , BSPT, RN , a Registered Nurse and also Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Previously worked as Sales Representative of one of the Top local Pharmaceutical Companies in the Philippines, He is now serving as a Pediatric nurse in one of the leading hospitals in Western Visayas and has been awarded as Best Ward Male Nurse in 2010. Anton Manso has been conducting trainings for Intraspec and also serves as artist /design consultant to a number of local companies in Negros. He is also a Marketing Consultant for VITO Prints and Pieces. Anton Manso has been conducting trainings Like Stress Management, Study Habits, AIDS/HIV Awareness for INTRASPEC Management Consultancy.

Ms. Lilian Go

Lilian Go, BSC , graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Accounting. Former Senior Manager/Area Head, Orient Commercial Banking Corp and a Trainer of Producers Bank of the Philippines. Lilian Go is an experienced insurance and investment specialist with solid experience in
Sales and Marketing of insurance and financial products and services. Hands on
experience in branch banking operations, portfolio management, and personalized
selling. Excellent written and oral communication skills, assertive, customer
oriented and innovative.

Jet Octaviano, BS Psycho, the Executive Director of The Philippine Mental Health Association-Bacolod. A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Psychology and now working to complete her Masters Degree in Conflict Management. Used to be a Guidance Counselor, and had various administrative works in Maryland, USA. Jet Octaviano is a regular trainer of INTRASPEC and has been conducting programs like Self-Awareness, Mental Health and Study Habits among others.

Mr. Elmer Sendico

Elmer Sendico , BSCS, a graduate Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and now working for his Masteral degree in Public Administrations (MPA). Elmer Sendico held various managerial and supervisory positions in various companies particularly in Human Resource Department. He also has extensive experience as Training Officer of various companies. He was a Mediator of Philippine Mediator Center. And now an account officer of Social Security System (SSS).


Jojo Vito’s Trainings:


DAVAO, DCSP-BSMT-Charlie/ Batch 19 ,Stress Mg.tOct30- 31, 2011

DAVAO, DCSP, BSMT-C, Study Habits SeminaR ,oCT 28-29’11

University of Cebu-LM, BSMARe-Delta, Stress Mgt., Oct 26-27, 2011


UNIVERSiTY OF CEBU, BSME-FS/ BATcH 19, Stress Mgt.,Oct 22-23,’11


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