Philippine Palay (Rice) Inspired Home Furnishings by Vito

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Vito Products.”Humay Collection”-Humay – vernacular term for rice; “Palay” – tagalog term for Rice.

Vito is producing home furniture  and furnishings . Tel (034) 433-5965; 0918-9302556. Products are available at the Negros Showroom and Sofamore in Davao City.


Palay (rice)  industry continues to play an important role in the Philippine economy. It
serves as the main source of the country’s staple food, rice. It also employs a significant
proportion of the country’s rural population, either as farm operator or as wage earners. In
terms of its contribution to the GVA in 1995, the palay industry accounted for more than 16 percent of the total output of the agriculture sector and almost 4 percent of the country’s GDP (NSCB, 1996).

Humay Kuadra- is a wall decor /art piece design by Jojo Vito. Tel (034) 433-5965. Vito Products are available at the Negros Showroom and Sofamore in Davao City.

In my childhood , I had the opportunity to see how palay is grown ; from the sowing of the seeds or we call it the “panggas” in vernacular , transplanting or “tanum” in vernacular , weeding, fertilizing,  harvesting or “ani” in vernacular.  Palay (rice) industry is so close to my heart aside from sugarcane. And now that I am into handicraft business, I can’t help but to design a product which are inspired by Palay (rice).

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VITO PRINTS AND PIECES; Telefax: (034)4335965

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