Christmas at Dungganon Market

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With the aim of helping its clients entrepreneurs , the Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation is holding  a Christmas Bazaar (Dungganon Market) . The Bazaar features the different Handicrafts  from places like  Palawan, Bantayan Cebu, Negros, etc.

To promote the event the Negros Women Foundation also held a Photo Contest with “Social Enterprise” as its theme.

Schedule of Activities:

December 2-4, Fri-Saturday 10am – 9pm , and Sunday 10 am- 3pm @ Christmas at Dungganon Market

December 2- January 2012- “Gugma kag Paghimakas” a 3 storey Art Installation  by Award Winning Ilonggo Artist , PG Zoluaga

December 2-3, Friday – Saturday, Santa Claus has Come to Town! 5-7 PM

December 2, Friday- Gift Wrapping and Packaging Using Local Indigenous  Material, Seminar Presented by Artisan Mari Stelle Estrella 10:30-11:30 am

December 2, Christmas Caroling, St John’s Institute Grade School Choir

December 3, Social Entrepreneurship Seminar 10:30-12am ,NWTF Training Hall

December 3, USLS Choral, 5-5:30 PM

December 3, Saturday : Side A Bassist, Joey Benin Live in Dungganon Market featuring Clara  Benin

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