Tips in Starting 2012

Yours truly with the ABS-CBN The Morning Show Hosts: Marty Go, Honey Grace Patindol-Catalan and Jay Jalandoni

When I received  a message from Ragie Mae Tano-Arellano of  ABS CBN  for a  guesting in  THE MORNING SHOW I was actually writing: ” Better Way to Start 2012″  for this blog.
I love New me it is a sign that God gave us another opportunity to achieve what we haven’t in the previous year. It is also a great time for reflection and to celebrate all the successes and failures of the previous year that is now behind you not forgetting of course the lessons that goes with it.

My way to start 2012 is outlined and based  on the four aspects of man: spiritual, mental,social and physical .


1. First Thing First: Seek Direction from Him. The Bible says,” Unless the Lord build the House you will labor in vain”.


2. Go back to your Vision/ Clarify Your Vision, Mission and Values
Let’s face it 2011 was a tough year for anyone in business. The new year will Keep that picture in your mind and solidify it on a daily basis through whatever works for you – vision boards, written statements, weekly progress sheets or constructive team meetings.No matter what, stay positive.  Just stick to your company’s vision and think positive.

3. Plan.
It is always best to have a clear plan in anything you do in life, especially in business. lets not just forget to have our contingencies. Flexibility and acting decisively on changes in your business landscape are key to success. Being flexible is more important than rigid plans set in stone.

4. Keep yourself abreast with the times
Study the market and visualize what your target market may need or be interested in for the coming year. Read and whenever possible attend upgrading trainings or better if you can afford -travel.There’s is no substitute for any learning and experience you will get from traveling.


5. Love your gorgeous self.
The above can’t be achieved if you don’t appreciate yourself. You are probably your own toughest critic, so don’t forget to  let up on myself once and while and celebrate your achievements. Congratulate yourself during the year when you’re making great progress. Take time out to treat yourself each time you reach a milestone.

6. Expect the best for yourself.
There’s nothing selfish in wanting to live the best possible life. Set your sights high, push yourself and always keep the big picture in mind. You’re going to need a fair amount of discipline to stay focused and achieve a life that you love, that you’re passionate about and that makes you happy. You know it’ll be worth it!

7. Bridge the gap.
A new year is also a year to re-connect with contacts and to start afresh with previous business relationships that may have gone sour. Learn to forgive. If you had a client or customer interaction that ended on a bad note then get in touch and ask how they are doing. Conduct business with an open heart and mind. It’s the best way forward for everyone.

8. Get out and Socialize more.
Get out and experience the world outside of your comfort zone, known as your office. Meet new people and exchange business cards with them. Who knows, that new acquaintance might be your next loyal client or future business collaboration. It invigorates your soul to meet with like-minded people and to learn from them. Don’t be afraid of facebook,tweeter …better if you  pick up the phone and talk instead.

9. Share.
Become a shining example of corporate social responsibility. Plan an activity where your company can contribute and help the less fortunate members of the community. The Bible tells us: We are blessed to be a blessing.


10. Relax and enjoy life.
It’s easy to say this when you’re on holiday but it really won’t hurt if let yourself enjoy yourself with mini breaks throughout the year. Yes, as entrepreneurs we tend to love our business and become addicted to it, but taking a break to recharge will do you and your business wonders.

11. Get healthy, eat healthy, exercise.
It would be difficult to achieve all our dreams if we are not healthy. Love that body, it the only one you’ve got.

Have a blessed 2012 everyone!

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