This March 2012 , VITO PRINTS AND PIECES will be turning 7 years old.

I can still clearly recall how we started our business from papar bags, paper mache masks, clay masks…then we shifted into the use of fiber  glass, expanded in fashion  jewelry  and now into furniture and furnishings.

At seven years maybe we can say that in the City of Smiles we are the only one who had created  hundreds of designs for our masks and hundreds of variations for each of these designs.  Maybe you can not imagine how our artists would create hundreds of variations from the designs I gave them.

I am so blessed of having these people work  with me. While most of them did not even finished their elementary . I still regard them as my truest assets–the hands which translates my abstract design into real things.

Many of them started with us – with zero background on our craft  (except for a few especially our painters). I just refuse to remember of how many tin cans of resin these people has wasted before they master their craft. And as I look at them right now—I can just say, “It’s all worth it!”


Salapid Bangles by Vito

As we celebrate our 7 years this 2012, we made an inventory of our product lines and designs, the number of customers  we have served  and identify more ways to serve them better and reach out to more customers—indeed we can still offer more designs and services to continuously  delight our customers.

Along with  our celebration for our 7th Year Anniversary , we will open our first VITO Showroom. The showroom  will be the  home  of  our latest collections of our furniture and furnishings, fashion jewelry, souvenir items and gifts and housewares. The showroom will be open on March 2012.


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