Ms. Gila Villanueva, AAC HR Manager in one of our activities

Few people work alone in today’s work environment. We all depend on others to get our work done. We are part of teams, work groups, crews, etc. Collectively, we generate ideas, manufacture products, provide services, sell goods and much more. Our ideas and efforts combined with the ideas and efforts of others result in performance excellence and high quality products and services.  But working with others usually brings some issues among the workers. This is why we do some Teambuilding workshops and programs  to proactively respond to this.

For more than 20 years of experience of being a professional trainer, “Teambuilding” seminar is one of my favorite thing to do. I cannot count anymore the number of Teambuilding workshops I had conducted to various companies and organizations. Despite this, I still have he same excitement  each time   I am requested to do a teambuilding project.

My most recent is the Teambuilding workshop I conducted for the employees of Asian Alcohol Corporation. The workshop was conducted in their Bacolod office at Alijis, Bacolod City.As usual, the workshop was conduct in the spirit of fun. I  prepared some activities which awakens the child within each participants. I used fun activities and games  as prelude to a topic which I am about to discuss.

The seminar ended with a distribution of certificates. And though I lost my voice after the seminar,    the positive words and compliments  coming from the participants made me feel that the activity was a success. Thank you Asian Alcohol , I am praying for the best to come.





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