LKY Resorts and Hotels Director for Operations, Andres Y. Sison, III , together with mediaman Manny Canto and yours truly during our breakfast meeting at Sylvia Manor Hotel, Bacolod City

Manor Hotel is one of the latest acquired and operated by LKY Resorts and Hotels.The Oriental is the brand name of the LKY RESORTS & HOTELS. It is the latest addition to the LKY Group of Companies. In September 1995, LKY RESORTS AND HOTELS, INC. was conceived and organized by the Lee Family to manifest its commitment to excellence in leisure, elegance, and fine living. It was conceived to acquire and operate resorts and hotels with the primary aim of addressing the surge in demands for exquisite accommodation and first class service by both International and local visitors with a focus on regional tourist destinations.

With the coming in of LKY Resorts and Hotels as the new owner of Sylvia Manor I am sure that it will give a boast to what is already good service of the Hotel. The management has been studying on how to further meet the need of their clients in terms of hotel amenities, food and many more. Congratulations LKY and welcome to the City of Smiles!



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