The History and the Art of Trophy Making

 We received orders of trophies for golfers in the past, so I made a new design just for a sample. These Golf Trophies in Gold, Silver and Copper finish are now available at Jojo Vito ( Metrodome) Showroom.

For a couple of years now, people would come to us for a personalized design of a trophy. With the abundance of a ready made trophies available in the market  today— ranging from the cheapest plastic, to wood, stone,resin, to an expensive glass or crystal , semi precious stones and even precious metals like silver and gold , people continuously come to us for a personalized design of trophies. They want  one that is symbolic of their cause or goals. In fact aside from our new customers, we already have a number of corporate customers who consistently seeking our services. 

  Trophy used by Tanduay for their Bowling Competition

For a couple of years now, Tanduay has been ordering their trophies and some corporate giveaway from us. Each year, they would give us their ideas and we would come up with suggestions and designs for them.

The trophy designed for the Toastmasters International Youth Speech Contest

Toastmasters Speech Contest

Of course, our regular masks mounted on a stand has been used not only as giveaways but also as trophies by many organizations and companies. The Toastmasters International for example has been getting trophies from us.

 The Trophies for Havoline Lumba 2012, A National Drag race Competition held in Bacolod City. The Trophy was given a Bacolod falvor by using the Mask as the main Element ,combing with other symbols of a drag race. The trophies were rendered in various metallic rendition/colors for every category.


Some celebrities who received a trophy we created (Diving Group in Manila–a Interational Event)

We sponsored a local beauty at Metrodome, we used our own trophies of course

An exclusive design for Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod

Another exclusive design for Colegio San  Agustin-Bacolod

An exclusive design for the Negros Bloggers


One of our latest creation for the University of St. La Salle -Bacolod for their 60th Diamond Jubilee 

Prototype of  one of my most favorite trophy offered to a client, however they favor another design which is also ours. This design is still available for sale with revision of course.

I do love designing, so as much as possible I am the one who designs for each client who would come to our shop for their  need of a special trophy.

Mhel Sillador holding 2 large mask Trophies by Vito

History of Trophy Making

Article Source:  By Mischa Weston-Green

To recognize  outstanding victories  Awards and trophies have been used since the ancient times. The English word trophy itself was derived from the French trophée in 1513, “a spoil or prize of war”, from Latin trophaeum meaning ‘monument  to victory’.

In ancient Greece, trophies themselves were made on the battlefields of victorious battles from captured arms and standards, and were hung upon a tree or a large stake made to resemble a warrior. These were often inscribed with a story of the battle and dedicated to various gods. Trophies made for naval victories sometimes consisted of entire ships (or what remained of them) laid out on the beach. To destroy a trophy was considered a sacrilege and an unforgivable crime.

The ancient Romans however kept their trophies much closer to home. They built magnificent trophies in Rome, including columns and arches atop great foundations. Unfortunately most of the stone trophies that once adorned huge stone memorials in Rome have been long  stolen.

In THE Middle Ages, chalices were often given to winners of sporting events at least as early as the very late 1600s. For example the Kyp Cup (made by silversmith Jesse Kyp), a small two-handled sterling cup in the Henry Ford Museum, was given to the winner of a horse race between two towns in New England in about 1699. Chalices, particularly, are associated with sporting events, and were traditionally made in silver. Winners of horse races, and later boating and early automobile races, were the typical recipients of these trophies. The Davis Cup, Stanley Cup, and numerous World Cups are all now famous cup-shaped trophies given to sports winners.

Billiard Trophies

For your unique trophy needs, visit our showroom at Metrodome, Araneta St., Bacolod City.

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