Constructive Performance Appraisals Training

I have recently conducted a training on Constructive Performance Appraisal for the Managers and Supervisors of NOCECO, one of the electric Cooperatives in the province of Negros Occidental.

The training was conducted in line with the new Performance Appraisal Program created by Ms. Emmylou Iman, a supervisor in-charge for NOCECO.

The Constructive Performance Appraisal Training aimed at    equiping line managers with the skills and confidence to conduct those normally “dreaded” Employee Performance Appraisals/Reviews, with positive results in terms of organizational goal achievement, as well as employee morale and competence enhancement.


The Constructive Performance Appraisal Training has various benefits for the organ ization, as follows:

 Benefits to the organization

  • Facilitates the achievement of organization goals and strategies
  • Contributes to improved staff morale
  • Facilitates continuous performance improvement, organization development and culture change
  • Assists in establishing a performance culture – of quality, efficiency and achievement
  • Provides a formal means of discussing competency gaps and how to address these – leading to a more competent work force
  • Helps build a climate of openness and trust
  • Adds to a participative work culture
  • Forms part of the legal process in addressing persistent poor performance
  • Provides the basis for fair remuneration based on actual performance, so employees can see and experience a clear link between their performance and the financial rewards they receive

 Benefits to Employees

  • An opportunity to get formal feedback from line managers on how their performance is viewed – so that they can learn what they do well and what needs to improve
  • Ensures clarity regarding work expectations and standards, reducing anxiety/stress and conflict with line managers
  • An opportunity to discuss their job competencies (or lack thereof) – leading to targeted training and development – helping them to realise their full potential
  • Provides a forum to share new ideas and to air views
  • Training in the effective conducting of Performance Appraisals/Reviews will reduce Line Manager reluctance and fear to do these with their direct reports. If done well, stress and conflict during the Appraisal are drastically reduced


  • 1. Understand the Benefits of Performance Management as a crucial management vehicle for achieving organization goals.
  • 2. Have a basic understanding of Performance Management, including related tools and techniques.
  • 3. Know how to develop/formulate Goals/Objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), Competencies, and Performance Standards.
  • 4. Be able to utilise the following Generic Performance Interviewing Skills:
  • Effective Listening (incl. Body Language & Tone Of Voice)
  • Giving Constructive Feedback (Praise & Constructive Criticism)
  • Facilitating Through Questions
  • Responding With Empathy
  • Handling Difficult Appraisees
  • 5. Be able to conduct an effective Performance Appraisal:
  • Planning and preparing for the appraisal
  • Conducting the appraisal (facilitating agreement on Actual Performance and Ratings for each Performance Measure)
  • Identifying environmental barriers impacting on performance
  • Identifying jobholder (appraisee) training and development needs, and completing a Performance Optimization Plan (POP)
  • Following up

Mr. Jerry Algara and Ms. Cherry Abkilan leading the icebreaker

Special thanks to Mr. Jerry Algara, Training Officer of NOCECO for facilitating the training.

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