Thailand Trade Shows Offer Business Opportunities

Filipino exporters, importers and traders are invited to participate in various trade exhibitions in Thailand in an effort to increase trade with ASEAN members. Supawan Teerarat, exhibition director of Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), said potential industries include food, agriculture, rubber plastics, tourism and travel, and jewelry and fashion. “Philippine handicrafts and food and fruits particularly mangoes are known to Thai people. Clothes, gifts and houseware and your tourists’ destinations (can be also promoted),” she said. Teerarat, at the sidelines of the TCEB’s exhibition business forum recently held here, said they are supporting in Thailand 84 national trade shows exhibiting 300 consumer products. ASEAN companies participate in these trade exhibitions. This, she said, can provide business opportunity particularly for Philippine exporters as they gain potential buyers from the region. “I think there is no more knocking on door (to gain) business for the traders, exporters and importers… Most of the exporters in the Philippines go to Europe, China, Japan and Hong Kong but there are a lot of places that are already there –like Thailand,” she noted. Teerarat said Thailand shows bring innovations like machinery and software from Japan, China and Korea. These are crucial in increasing productivity. To maximize the benefits of joining these events, she advised those intending to participate to visit the show’s website to determine its profile, and plan ahead. “Besides networking, buying and selling, or see the product and innovations, they can also plan the seminar that can improve their skills. If the show is related to the factory, all the shows have factory visits. You can plan yourself ahead to see the competitors, listen how they are doing, how they run,” Teerarat said.

ByDanielle Venz, Reposted from PHILEXPORT News and Features

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