Good news for all exporters…here’s the news from PHILEXPORT :

The long awaited automation of the processing of export documents is now operational.

This was what exporters were recently told during a briefing on updates on trade facilitiation called by  the international trade group of the Department of Trade and Industry.

Following the June 2012 deadline on exporters’ enrollment with the Bureau of Custom’s client profile registration system (CPRS), automation of the processing of export papers had commenced.

It was explained that due to some delays in applicants’ compliance with a list of documents required to register as regular exporter or one-time exporter, those whose papers have not yet been processed were allowed to have their documents processed manually.

CPRS enrollees were made to understand that those located in export zones under the Phillippine Export Zone Authority had to partner with PEZA in the processing of their accreditation papers. BOI registered firms should apply with the BOI and those in special zones like the Subic Freeport, Clark and other special zones autonomous from PEZA have to partner with their respective hosts.

Outside of the zones, PHILEXPORT was designated to assist its members and other exporter-applicants.

In the process of implementation of this trade facilitation program of the government, several glitzes were pointed out.

In Mindanao, an exporter from the southern region revealed that they had difficulty in getting their export documents processed via the internet due to daily power outages.

Another burning issue raised is the prohibitive bank charges in paying the documentary stamp through the PASS5 in the E2M system.

To date, there are already 4,982 exporters out of an estimate of 6,000 active companies nationwide who have been accredited under the CPRS, according to the accrediting groups. Reposted — Abe P. Belena, PHILEXPORT News and Features

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