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The Merci Breads and Pastries opened its 34th Branch at Bredco Port , Bacolod City. The grand opening of the 34th Merci Bredco Branch started with a caravan and ceremonial cutting of ribbon lead by its CEO Jonathan Lo.The grand opening was attended by the Lo Family and  friends, suppliers, staff and people from the media with “The Happy Trip” and “Pinoy Bisniz” Bloggers.

Merci which is a staple brand in the Pasalubong Industry has been very aggressive in putting up several outlets  in the Visayas Region recently making them one of the leaders in the industry.

Merci Story (

A family business that started in 1995, with the trade name “Merci”, meaning “Thank You” in French. From its humble beginnings of being a small bakery, it has expanded from one Single store at Libertad Market to bakeshop with a fast food restaurant.

It also has been supplying high quality, affordable breads and pastries around the city and the province to its satellite dealers. As the years, go by, there are a lot of branches already around the City and Negros Occidental due to high demand.

We make quality breads THAT ARE PRICED AFFORDABLY for most people. WE also have specialty breads AND PASTRIES for those with VARYING tastes. OUR BREADS & PASTRY PRODUCTS ARE served at Merci Bakeshop outlets that also offer snacks and meals throughout the province of Negros Occidental.


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