THE ABC’s of Delighting Customers Part 1 (A to I)

A- Attention to details. Cleanliness, charming staff, follow up calls, etc. are some details needed to delight our customers.
B- Be an extra miler. I remember a customer who was truly delighted when we put some fancy trimmings in the giveaways he ordered from our store (Jojo Vito Designs Gallery @ Little things can delight the fancy of our customers and they turn out to be a loyal customer. Include a thank-you note in a customer’s package; clip the article when you see their name or photo in print. There are many ways for you to keep in touch with your customers and delighting them.
C- Care. Customers are truly delighted when they felt being cared by service provider.
D- Design a good feedback system. Ask your customers…Want to know what your customers want and their impression of your company? Ask them!
E- Establish good relationships with your employees. Employees take their cue from management. Do you greet your employees enthusiastically each day; are you polite in your dealings with them; do you try to accommodate their requests; do you listen to them when they speak?
F- Fun. Make every transaction a fun experience for your customers.
G- Greetings. Cheerful greetings. Are your customers greeted when they walk in the door ? A lively greeting creates the mood.
H- Happy employees. happy people delivers happy service. I remember a former boss’ favorite line: “ If you pay peanuts you get monkeys”. Begin by paying your employee right. Good Customer Service begins with happy people.
I- Integrity. In one company I worked as a consultant, we give awards to employees who displayed an act of honesty and integrity. Like returning anything that has been left by the customers, etc. Deliver what you have promised is truly delighting on the part of the customers.

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  1. jericha daguio

    you should know how to get along with the customers and employees

  2. Mariel Salcedo

    These are the ways you can provide solutions to customers. I’m so glad I’ve read this. 🙂

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