Customer Relations and Presentation Skills Training for GC&C Group of Compaies

escalante Employees who perform customer relations responsibilities serve as company “ambassadors” making Customer relations   training is an important skill training in any organizations.

Customer Relations Training  provides learning on how to gain and retain customers not only by  meeting but by exceeding client’s expectations. Obviously, any trained personnel provide vital information to help a company grow, explore new business opportunities, stay or become more competitive, and identify areas that require improvement.

These are the reasons why GC&C Group of Companies recently conducted a Customer Relations and Presentations Skills for their employees specifically their Marketing and Sales Departments. I was privilege to have been invited as their resource person for the 3-day training. The training was made to prepare employees for big projects which the company will soon open. The project includes one of the most modern, the biggest in the Visayas, and maybe the first and only of its kind memorial park in the whole world – the VALLEY OF PEACE MEMORIAL PARK in Bacolod City.

The Valley of Peace Memorial Park has the following amenities: Lagoon (Boating Area,Events Area, Picnic Area, Man -Made Waterfalls, Chapel, Landscape Areas and Open Spaces, Guard House and 24 Hour Security, Full Perimeter Fence, 30 Meters Wide Road, Adequate Parking Areas, Multi-purpose Pavilions, Restrooms, Gazebos, Jogging and Bike Path, Meditation Areas, Kiddie Park, Handicap Friendly and Pet Friendly,etc.

OUTSTANDING GRADUATES with Mrs. Ginnete Yanson-Dumnacas  and Mr. Mhel Sillador, Marketing Manager


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