1.  Try to look good

Looking good results to feeling good.   This does not mean that we have to spend a large amount of money to buy what is in the latest of fashion trend. If you cannot afford to update your wardrobe why not try the “ukay-ukay”. Just make sure that what you get fits you well, if not have it altered to make it look current and trendy.  The most important thing is that we build a habit of doing the best with what we have, and little improvements in the ways we present ourselves will have a positive impact on how we feel and our confidence.

If your budget allows, it would be nice to invest in a full-length mirror so that you can see yourself before going out. Ask some suggestions and feedback from friends on what will look good on you.

2.  Do An Act of Kindness

Going outside of your usual routine can be truly refreshing, empowering and goes a long way to building your self-confidence. Finding yourself doing something good for others or helping the unfortunate will surely make you realize how blessed you are and this will surely improve on how you see yourself.

3.   Get Active

Exercising cuts fat, builds muscle and improves our skin tone and appearance.  People with nice figures normally feels good when seeing themselves in the mirror. So get that rubber shoes and start walking; join a community of Zumba enthusiasts; go out biking….whatever you can afford doing.

4.  Get that Goal!

Confidence is based on a belief that we are capable of achieving things, therefore we don’t need to be scared.   Having a goal in mind toward which to work will make us confident and determined. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back when you meet a goal!

5. Smile, Smile, and Smile!

Get that effort to smile often…to someone of course. It would scary when people seeing you smiling alone.  When we smile to people most people will smile back in return. It’s  contagious!     When you go for a coffee break and the server gives you a warm smile, does it make you upset?  Does it make you angry and really depressed?  Not at all.  Sometimes that little gesture is exactly what you need to make you feel better about what is otherwise a difficult day.

6. Socialize

Talk things out with friends and family – they will surely be happy to help you regain confidence. If they are the reason you lack confidence, expand your social circle. Go to public places and interact with strangers. If you fail to make an impression or completely blow it, who cares? They weren’t in your life before, and you won’t miss them.

7.Develop proficiency.

Join Toastmasters group if you want to develop your communication skills. Attend skills and professional training. The better you are at what you do, the more confident you’ll feel about it.  I am so happy with companies who spends for their employees for various training programs. The first six months of my 2017 calendar was filled with different training programs for different companies.

For your training needs log on to www.intraspectraining.wordpress.com. Message me should you need some questions, I will surely be glad t hear from you.

8. Avoid perfectionism

No one is perfect,  If you don’t expect yourself to be perfect all of the time, you’ll feel less pressured. So you’ll be more comfortable with yourself – and more confident in your abilities!

9. Celebrate Every  Achievements

An Employee of the Month Award, Receiving a very good comment from a boss or colleague…any achievements whether big or small must be celebrated to increase how we see ourselves.  Don’t depend on praise from your boss, or even family members. Don’t be scared to share your accomplishments to a social media, friends will surely like and make good comments on this which in return will make you feel good

3. Wear That Poise

While your posture usually speaks about your self-confidence, but a conscious effort to have a good poise will surely increase your self-confidence. Now look at the mirror and make some assessments: How do you stand?  Do you slouch?  What is your posture like when you are sitting?   If you are tall, stand straight and be proud and if you are short, own every inch.


happy trip-2

The graduates of Effective Presentation Skills Training for the Lopez Sugar Corporation  doing the wacky “Look Up” pose conducted by INTRASPEC MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY. One of the topics in the training was developing self-confidence.

For your training needs contact INTRASPEC MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY


  1. Confident in itself is one of the roots of growth. You cannot be productive if you are not confident in what you do. You cannot use your full potential if you don’t let yourself do it.

  2. wow, i would like to share this with my students 🙂

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