Light Through the Rubble


In creating unique lighting and furniture, Hacienda Crafts stays true to its mission as an envirosocial design company. Because of this, owners Joey Gaston and Christina Borromeo-Gaston always go beyond the limits of home, whether to find sustainable natural raw materials, regional and indigenous weavers, and enlightened designers to magically transform rough vines into urban home fashion. For the company, living out the theme of the 29th Negros Trade Fair, “Smiles Beyond Borders”, comes naturally. This time though, Joey and Christina went beyond to help devastated communities rise from the rubble.

The town of San Remigio in northern Cebu was devastated by Typhoon Yolanda. The people here are known for their unique brand of basket weaving, and so Hacienda Crafts supported their livelihood by ordering rattan hand-woven baskets that now form part of the Macramé  Pendant Lamp. Available in natural and black, the lamp also uses abaca macramé. The Macramé Pendant Lamp won top honors at the 2014 Bulawan Awards of the Association of Negros Producers.

Meanwhile, Tubigon and Inabanga were badly hit by the 7.2 Intensity Bohol earthquake. Bohol is home to the country’s best raffia loomweavers and many of them come from these two towns. Hacienda Crafts tapped the weavers here to produce raffia fabric to create the Tubigon Lamp. The traditional pattern of the fabric offers a welcome contrast to the contemporary silhouette of the hanging lamp. The Tubigon Lamp comes in two sizes, large and small. Fabric colors and patterns vary making the lamps rare if not unique finds.

La Libertad in Negros Oriental was not spared by the earthquake. Again, to assist in the community’s rehabilitation, Hacienda Crafts collaborated with the members of the La Libertad Weavers Association to create the Lowen baskets and placemats out of pandan rope, the Anna baskets made of abaca rope, and the Ludy baskets woven out of pandan leaves. All these will be at the Negros Trade Fair this year.

Hacienda Crafts will delight shoppers at the fair in September with its line of new products. Tinalak woven fabric, from the T’boli Tribe of Mindanao, has been fashioned into the Pilo Round and Rectagular Soft Storage with leather handles, and as upholstery for the Tilam collection of round stool, chair, and bench. Buri finds new rendition in the Eucalyptus Hanging Tube Lamp and in the Metro Baskets reissued in smaller sizes. Almost a lost art, the solihiya weave using rattan strips makes a comeback as the seat of the Rhoda Stool.

Living and working out of Hacienda Santa Rosalia in Manapla town, Negros Occidental, Joey and Ina add whimsy with their Not for Hire Collection. Steel plates from cargo bays of junked sugarcane trucks are upcycled as tabletops of small and large side tables. Adding character are the original but now-faded “Not for Hire” painted warnings that have been preserved.

Hacienda Crafts’ Inuma Collection of home accessories will continue to attract trade fair goers. The classic Rosalia coco twig placemats, trays, and runners have been updated in silver, champagne, bronze, gold, and white gold.



  1. Belinda Siason-Villa

    Its nice to know that Gaston family are using indigenous materials. Materials that we think are already useless can still be converted to money.LCCBEntrep.

  2. Editho S. Mapa

    Let us Promote and Support the very unique and fantastic product from Negrenses#LccEntrep

  3. Jasmine Grace Dominguez

    Another potential export made by Filipinos.

  4. Bethel Joy Virata

    Truly entrepreneurs. Not only do they help people affected by calamities but they also know how to make use of the skills of these people to create unique products, a win-win opportunity. #LCCBentrepreneurship


    Certified, unique lightings and furnitures. I salute you Gaston family for such philanthropic acts. God bless!

  6. Mary grace fermo

    Let us support this product. In patronizing this,we exponentially help the locals who produce the much needed materials.Kudos to the Gaston family.LCCBenterpreneurship

  7. The creativeness of Filipinos remains against all adversity! #LCCBEntrepreneurship

  8. John Edward Q. Yong

    I like the idea of using steel plates from junked sugarcane trucks to make tabletops. This is great! #LCCBentrepreneurship

  9. Leah M. Francisco

    Applause to Gaston Family for promoting local products in the market. Yippee!!!#LCCBentrep

  10. Aileen Casandra

    Its good to know that in times of adversities, we Filipinos, we Negrenses are helping hand in hand through the spirit of camaraderie! With this project, we are able to feature the works of arts of our talented people as well as lifting up their lives. #LCCBentrepreneurship

  11. Glaiza Mae P. Acuña

    Proud Negrense!!! #LCCBentrep

  12. Tatak Negros! One of a kind…

  13. Nicar Corral Nogra

    Unique designs. Local people that have world class talents. Lets support and promote local outputs.


  14. Carina Makiling

    Proud of locally made products. #LCCBentrepreneurship

  15. The Gastons really serve as light to those in need. I wish them luck and more power in supporting our fellow kababayans and producing certified Pinoy products

  16. Gusto kong makita ang mga lights na to. At least pwede akong tumulong sa pagbebenta. For me kasi kahit sa ganitong paraan matutulungan natin ang mga communities na nangangailangan;)

  17. Hope that these lamps would sell so that more jobs will be given to the communities. I think the DTI can help by conducting more trainings to the communities so that they can produce beautiful products like this and in effect can help people who did it literally.

  18. I like the title, Light Through the Rubble. It is consistent with the hope the product brings to where it originated despite the storms they faced.

  19. Unique talaga ang furniture nila. Perfect for Asian Modern houses 🙂

  20. more pictures please? two thumbs up for sir joey and ms. cristina for helping those devastated by calamities

  21. The resiliency of Pinoys is a trait that should be to the nexy generation. Bumagyo man o lumindol, babangon ang pinoy. And yes our handicrafts are world-class talaga.

  22. Many foreigners and balikbayans like to buy handcraft materials. The hanging lamp will be a great ornament in a home. I would like to see more of Hacienda Crafts’ products. 🙂

  23. I have remembered Sir Cobonpue with these kinds of crafts. Good thing some of our local citizens are stepping up on creating this!

  24. They have really creative light accessories. It’s also nice that they also do help out the typhoon victims.

  25. unique lighting and furniture was a great product and I love the creativity

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