Effective   Presentation Skills Course

Whether you are an ordinary citizen, a rank and file employee, corporate executive or a politician,  there will come a time that you are going to stand up  and present some information or a talk.

The key is to present your thoughts  clearly and effectively  to get your message or opinion across. Indeed, presentation skills are required in almost every field.

INTRASPEC Management Consultancy offers  an Effective Presentation Skills Course  designed  to develop skills  in presentation and  develop techniques on how to influence & persuade a group.

Effective Presentation Skills Course  is suitable for people giving presentations to Clients, to Boards, to Management Teams and for large or small groups.

Course Outline Effective Presentations:

  • The importance of Presentation Skills
  • Preparing for a Presentation
    • Objectives – What is the purpose of my presentation?
    • Task Goals – what do I want to cover, what do I want to achieve in the presentation?
    • People Goals – anticipate the group at the beginning. Where do I want the group to be at the end?
    • What is my Desired Outcome? What is the best result I can achieve in the presentation?
  • Planning my Approach – What impression do I want to give? What tone do I want to set in this presentation? What do I want to avoid doing?
  • Presentation Skills –
    • Establishing my presence – positive body language & posture
    • How to engage the group – using body language to get interest and attention; eye contact & movement
    • Voice & voice tone, Pacing for effect
    • Language style – shaping language to suit this particular group
    • Do’s and don’ts of movement in a presentation


  • Communicating effectively in your presentation, getting the message across –
    • Using language to suit this group – familiar terms, relevant examples & illustrations
    • Painting word pictures – using real examples; techniques to describe complex concepts
    • Influencing & persuading – getting the sequence right; selling the benefits of your case
  • Structuring your case – tools to prepare the content of your presentation
    • Beginning – stating the objectives of your presentation
    • Central Core –  structure the flow of your talk
    • Ending the presentation effectively – Bottom-lining your key messages
  • How to design effective visual aids – slides, diagrams, flip charts, handouts; when and how to use each in a presentation; how to avoid pitfalls
  • Working with presentation slides:
    • The ‘Bad’ slides vs. the ‘Effective’ – ‘avoiding death by bullet point’
    • How to use presentation skills to maximize the message in each slide
  • Taking Questions
  • Closing With a Bang!: How to close your presentation effectively
  • Practicing and improving – Reviewing and learning from experience; Growing through feedback

Course Duration: 2-3 Days

For more information about this course, email us at jovito_intraspec@yahoo.com

INTRASPEC MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY is a Bacolod City based training outfit serving various companies nationwide.

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INTRASPEC believes in “Learning through Fun”


Jojo Vito,PhD, Senior Partner INTRASPEC Management Consultancy



  1. This is a great course to develop confidence in public speaking.

  2. This is great! My company where I work for could use this kind of course.

  3. INTRASPEC Management Consultancy, the way I see it through this course presentation could be an effective Presentation Skills Course. This is because it is designed to develop skills and techniques on how to influence & persuade a group for that matter.

  4. This is great! As a teacher, I used to present all the time. This is very helpful and thank you so much for writing about this.

  5. Such course in presentation skills would help improve discussions and group dynamics. Many of our government officials would greatly benefit from this.

  6. This looks like a really good course to develop team dynamics and leadership skills and confidence.

  7. I enjoyed this kind of training before, and I explored my skills, communication, people handling, and so much more. Think this is a must in team building.

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