INTRASPEC MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY: 20 Years of Excellence in Training

with my colleagues from the People Management Association of the Philippines during the 20th Anniversary celebration of INTRASPEC at Metro Inn

INTRASPEC MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY: 20 Years of Excellence in Training


Twenty years. It’s heartwarming to note that my Consultancy and Training Outfit, the INTRASPEC Management Consultancy has reached this far.

Founded in 1995 with my very dear friend Daisy de Dios who is now with our Lord. We named the company HUMANSPECS, Co. and was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a “Partnership” Business. Both of us were working then, but we were able to haggle the demands of the business during weekends. We initially started  HUMANSPECS with  Trainings, Human Resource (HR) Management Consultancy and Psychological Testing as our main offerings.

In side view, Daisy de Dios during my MBA Hooding.Our business partnership was rooted on a strong foundation of friendship..

As we move on, we had to  employ  the services of other HR  Experts as Associate members, doing some projects which we cannot pay heed because we were just part time consultants. Honestly, I cannot recall anymore the exact number of the  training projects we did before. What I can recall vividly were the fun we had in each project we do together, the clashing of  ideas  especially when we do the conceptual frameworks in each of our training projects. Both of us had strong personalities, but we easily dealt any misunderstanding because of our strong foundation as friends. I also recall sleepless nights we’ve spent making out our visual aids  as poer point and LCD projectors were not yet in during those times. I’d taken a lot from Daisy as she was senior to me, specifically   when it comes to age and corporate experience. I’m sure from heaven she is  very happy seeing what happened to what we have started.

2011 INTRASPEC Trainers get together

Later, Daisy moved to Manila as she was offered a very good job in Sales and Marketing. She was made to cover the Asian Region. That was the time when I went solo as a consultant. But our physical separation, didn’t affect the business. In fact, while in Manila she was able to connect me with some companies which became my  client too.

Being alone in the business had  constantly received its two positions: Difficult, because it’s nice to have someone you can brainstorm with whenever you have a big project, but at the same time easy when it comes to decision-making.

Cebu City. Teambuilding by INTRASPEC

When 2000’s came business opportunities started to paddle. The business landscape change and more big companies started to enlist INTRASPEC’s  services. I decided to rebrand the company, naming it this time INTRASPEC. INTRASPEC is an acronym for IN- Integrity, TRA– Training and SPECS – Specialist. The name was inspired by the verse in the Bible from the book of Isaiah 61:3b,”and they shall be called oaks of Integrity, planted by the Lord to show His glory…” At that time I was taking up my Masters in Biblical Studies, and in one of my deep reflections, this verse popped  in  my mind. This verse has always been a consideration each time we would design a training program for INTRASPEC. Don’t get me wrong our trainings were never preachy. But the values that we carry in our company is always anchored on Integrity.

INTRASPEC at Pan-ay, Capiz

Today, INTRASPEC is already serving  various companies nationwide. We also had several associate consultants to attend to various projects whenever the schedules would come simultaneously. I recalled, I was  in Cebu together with 4 other INTRASPEC Trainers doing a series of trainings, while several others were in Luzon , Davao , Iloilo and Bacolod.

electro cadets batch 16

Norwegian Training Center, Taguig, Manila

Indeed , INTRASPEC had gone a long way. And this  is so because of the trust and confidence our clients gave us. Let me take this opportunity to thank our clients and  associates who had worked and still working with me at INTRASPEC. INTRASPEC will never reach its 20th year if not for all of you.TO GOD BE THE GLORY!


standing tall with a tarp for the 20th year anniversary of INTRASPEC. Thank you Metro Inn

First Farmers Holding Corporation, Talisay City


UNO-R, Bacolod

merci teambuilding IMG_6912

Merzci , Bacolod



Valley of Peace, Bacolod


happy trip-2

Lopez Sugar Corporation, Negros Occidental

Dr. Vito with NSA Cadets of DCSP, Davao
Dr. Vito with NSA Cadets of DCSP, Davao

Davao City


Asian Alcohol, Bacolod


  1. Nicar Corral Nogra

    Congratulations for the 2o years of success and counting.


  2. 20 years is such an achievement. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations to your anniversary. More power to you.

  4. I need to enroll myself in trainings such as this, aside from school, it’s also best to learn from the ones who are experienced in the same field. Congrats for 20 years, Jo! 🙂

  5. Wow 20 years! Congrats and more to come.

  6. Well deserves! I’m sure it was full of fun and worth it. Congratulations!

  7. Congratulations for reaching 20 years!

  8. Wow 20 years is a feat. Keep it going! 🙂

  9. happy 20 years to intraspec! i wish you have more successful years to come!

  10. happy 20 years to intraspec! i wish you have more successful years!

  11. Congratulations on reaching 20 years! More to come. 🙂

  12. You were able to conduct a lot of team building activities that made team more closely knit.

  13. Awesome event and blog to see. Congratulations on reaching your platinum year!

  14. More powers to your company and wish it helps more companies and people out there with your training.

  15. 20 years is really something. Congratulations.

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