R-L: Jojo Vito, INTRASPEC; Raymund Quinto, Manager of Metro Inn, Ms. Cathy Cabuga, Owner/General Manager of Metro Inn and Mayor Rodrigo Duterte


INTRASPEC Management Consultancy celebrates its 20th year anniversary  with the theme: INTRASPEC: 20 Years of Excellence in Training. A private gathering was sponsored by Metro Inn- Bacolod, one of the newest hotels in Bacolod City.

The event was attended by the members of the print and broadcast media, members of the Negros Bloggers, business executives and friends. Mayor Duterte of Davao graced the event as the guest of honor.

Yours truly, Ms. cathy Cabuga and my colleagues from the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP)

Let me take this opportunity to thank Mr. Francis Cabuga and Ms. Cathy Cabuga, the couple behind Metro Inn and the famous Koi and other business for lavishly sponsoring the event. The event started at 6PM  with a cocktail and singers entertaining the guests as they arrived. It was followed by a sumptuous buffet dinner and  raffles of some door prizes which include an overnight stay at the hotel and free entrance at Villa Iska Resort (also owned by the Cabugas).

A short conversation with Mayor Duterte of Davao also turned out to be fun. Of course more door prizes were raffled at the end of the formal program.



Ms. Cathy Cabuga , Owner and General Manager of Metro Inn giving her welcome remarks



Our friends from the Business Sectors, the Academe, Members of the People Management Association of the Philippines and other professional organizations, Members of the Press, our online media practitioners- the Negros Bloggers,   our honored Guest which will be formally introduced later, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I’m so honored to welcome you all tonight in this Leadership 2015

For a number of  years the Metro Inn has been working with Jojo Vito and his gallery  in our projects, from the construction of this hotel to some of our other projects. Our good business relationships with Jojo brought us to hosting this Leadership 2015 in the event of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of his consulting and training  firm, the INTRASPEC Management Consultancy.

Tonight will not only be a night of intellectual discussion and inspiration an, this is also a night where we wanted to showcase Metro Inn’s brand of service and hospitality. Along with our theme for tonight Metro Inn is also geared towards meeting the challenges of 2015 and beyond.

I am excited to listen  to what our speakers will unveil  this evening. This is a special gathering because  we have invited our honored guest all the way from Davao City to be with us. So, I urge you all  to sit back, relax and enjoy . We have prepared a little entertainment for all of you and to add more fun, we have some door prizes towards the end of this affair. I also urge you, if you can  stay for a while after the event to have a private talk with our guest of honor.

So once again, welcome and have a great evening.


With the members of the Negros Bloggers


  1. Hope you gave Duterte some tips on how to carry himself in public.Lol. Congratulations . 20 years is really something!!!

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