In my many years of Human Resource Management practice, I cannot recall any more of how many thousands of job applicants I have interviewed both past and present. In one utility company I worked before, we have around 800 employees that are working on a contractual status. This situation requires my office to recruit at least 200 employees per month. Can you imagine the bulk of applicants we dealt with every day?

A talk given to the graduating Business Management Students of John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation – Bacolod

That was a very tiring experience, yet it had helped me to hone my skills of screening job applicants and even in psychological tests interpretation. Perhaps that was one experience also which gave most of my staff the opportunity to  master the Human Resource Management. It is evident with what had happened to the career of those who had worked with the department I was managing before. One of our staff became a General Manager in one big food business in Bacolod; another became a hiring manager in one big company abroad. Three of our staff are now HR Managers, another is a Bank Manager. I am not claiming for the success of these people, but I guess they cannot deny the fact that our workload and the kind of opportunity and exposure we gave them before really helped a lot.


A Training on Job Preparedness for the graduating students of Colegio San Agustin -Bacolod

Today, thousand of graduates are being produced by colleges and universities. Unfortunately, not all of them can land to a good job and I am sure thousands are still going around to find their luck. 

Thanks to the call centers we have which provides thousand of jobs even to those that are not college graduates. But not everyone is acceptable in call centers.

With the scarcity of job opportunities to our graduates today, the more that  every Colleges and Universities must prepare their graduates in finding a job. One of which is preparing for a job interview.

A job interview is one of the most drawn-out and intimidating ways of making the first impression.During the interview, one must convey his readiness for the job.This is quite a challenge, especially for the first timers.

The presentation below is one of the latest material I composed for those preparing for the job interview. I hope this can be of help.


  1. Raysamel C. Jover

    Yes I am and always ready. Since having a Job is one of the most important goal a person could have nowadays. I am proud to say that I have a Job where I can help in Saving Lives. In this Job I always believe that the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. I am a Proud Rescuer, Always Has Been, Always Will Be.

  2. Mariel M. Comawas

    At this day and age, readiness is not always the question. The only drive is to satisfy wants and needs. In my case, i started working at a very young age and it was even outside the city. So far been with four companies. Readiness for me is being equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills for the said job. The real question in getting hired is if we are responsible enough to accept the job. This article gives us hints on what to do and what not to during Job Interviews since It is one of the most important step in the staff selection procedure. By following the do’s and don’ts, it is gonna make things easier for us to get hired.

  3. Rudyla Fabelena

    I remember when I was just starting to look for a job,, I usually ask the interviewer what went wrong whenever I fail the interview, so next time I know what to do. I will research the do’s and dont’s and the common questions just like what was presented in this article. This is really a great help because nothing beats being prepared.
    One of the things that scares me is speaking in front of many people, so whenever I’m planning to apply for a higher position and will find out that it will be a panel interview, more often I will back out. However, I need to overcome my fear to move up and this is one of the reason I continued my studies. Thanks to the professors of LCC, you have given me the confidence that comes solely from within, I owe you a lot.

  4. Arthur M. Boboli

    It was a tough break for me, especially coming from a non- healthcare related course. I did not finish schooling then, but I have to find ways to survive. With my basic knowledge on computers and the confidence I gained, I worked at Convergys Bacolod where I was able to supply for my needs and my family’s as well. I then became part of the HIV Advocacy and sooner than I think, I applied for the position of Site Implementation Officer HACT OFFICE Of Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital. I became so focused on this job and I have learned to love it despite the great difference in my educational background. but with help of my CLMMRH Family i was able to give my best to my clients. There were many a time that i feel like quitting. Too many reports, low salary but nevertheless, these should not hinder us from giving rightful and appropriate services to our clients. the smile and laughs we see from our clients after very oppurtunity of counselind and learning group sessions will remind me of how lucky we are that we are able to help those who really need our help. Acceptance, Patience , and Perseverance for me are the factors that brought me here until today.

  5. Are you ready for the job? I did not remember answering this question during the time of my search. I should be asking myself now Am I ready for what job I have now

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