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Have you  tried Sugarlandia Barquillos Products?

Sugarlandia Barquillos started in the early 30’s making it one of the first in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental to produce the best barquillos and piaya.

Its beginnings could be traced back at the turn of the 19th century when Bonifacia Unson Conlu, a 40-year-old “panadera” (baker) from the town of Parian, Iloilo, migrated to Negros. Because of her expertise, she started a home-based business making made-to-order pancit molo and special pastries such as Hojaldres, Tartitas, Utap, and Barquillos.

Her expertise in baking and pastry making was handed down to her daughter “Tiya Dami” or Damiana Mercado in real life.

sugarlandia piaya

Sugarlandia Barquillos started as a home industry employees very few workers, most of them were immediate family members. Because of the quality and good taste of their product, more affluent families in Negros patronized their products.   The word of mouth endorsements by its regular patrons helped  Sugarlandia to expand its market.

sugarlandia barquiron

In the 60’s Sugarlandia Barquillos as a cottage industry became one of the pioneer members of the then National Cottage Industry Development Administration (NACIDA) which then carried the label “DELICIOUS BARQUILLOS HOMEMADE BY TIYA DAMI”. Because of this Sugarlandia’s products started to be seen in some big grocery stores in Bacolod, aside from its original home-cum factory/outlet.

Product development and technology improvement brought about by a larger market came to Sugarlandia in the early 70’s. They started to make their original barquillos wafer into multi-layered and of different lengths. Round and square tin cans packaging were introduced and even of corrugated boxes.

sugarlandia pinasugbo

Products of Sugarlandia Barquillos include Barquillos, Piaya, Banana Pinasugbo, Barquiron, Squid Rings, Biscocho de Cana, Masa Podrida, meringue, Lubid-Lubid, Kinamonsil, Sinambag, Native Chocolate (Tableya), Galletas, Utap, Butterscotch, Honeyflakes, Rosquetes, and other special home-processed delicacies. The latest addition to the line are the  Mango Glazed, Mocha Logs, ChocoBarq, Cinnamon Sticks and Chocolate Barquillos.

Aside from their main outlet, Sugarlandia Barquillos Products are now available at the Negros Showroom located at the Central City Walk, Robinsons Place, Bacolod City.




  1. Daylee Puerto Lamason

    I will try it soon! Thanks for the info sir jojo!

  2. Lani Fe L.

    I have eaten a lot of Lola Dami’s products, for free. Her late grandson who managed the business was my HS Classmate. He always brings some packs at school. After HS and he became the Manager of the business, boxes of those every class get together. Thier Barquillos is my fav.

  3. Kevin Bonn Abantao

    I have once tried eating these products just out of curiosity and I was immediately hooked!! Every tourist here in Bacolod should not leave the city without a taste of these goodies. Thumbs Up! #LCCBentrepreneurship

  4. Bethel Joy Virata

    I have not tried these. Maybe because the products are not very visible unlike the other pasalubong brands which can be found all over the city. But I must definitely try the piaya to compare it with others. #LCCBentrepreneurship


    Sugarlandia delicacies are super delicious ! I like the barquillos with sugar free ice cream…#LCCBentrepreurship

  6. John Edward Q. Yong

    Before there were the other pasalubong centers in Negros, there was already Sugarlandia! The original! Its meringue will always remind me of my childhood. =) #LCCBentrepreneurship

  7. Editho S. Mapa

    Let’s promote A product from NEGROS to our fellow filipino citizen, not just only in the philippines but also in abroad#LCC ENTREP

  8. Editho S. Mapa

    Let’s promote A product from NEGROS to our fellow filipino citizen, not just only in only the philippines but also in abroad#LCC ENTREP

  9. Editho S. Mapa

    Only in Negrenses a lot more delicacies food to offer anywhere in the Philippines#LCC ENTREP

  10. Mary grace fermo

    Bacolod sugarlandia delicacies are popular and the best here in negros you should try it especially for pasalubong to dear relatives.#LCCBentrepreneurship

  11. Aileen Casandra

    How come I haven’t tried Bacolod’s Sugarlandia’s products?! Barquillos, barquiron, galletas, butterscotch, meringue and many more, see you soonest!!! #LCCBentrepreneurship

  12. For more than 80 years, Sugarlandia has continued to delight us with their delicacies and I hope that they keep it going for the next generation to come. #LCCBEntrepreneurship

  13. Jasmine Grace

    Barquillos has been a sought after delicacy of my relatives in Manila. Glad it has been featured here 🙂


  14. I haven’t tried Sugarlandia’s delicacies.. Thanks sir for introducing it to us.. #MBALCCBEntrep

  15. Nicar Corral Nogra

    Loving the fipinino delicacies especially Bacolod delicacies.


  16. Leah M. Francisco

    When I was in my Elementary days, I remember my Auntie visit our home every weekend and she always bring
    delicious Bacolod delicacies like Barquillos, Biscocho and Meringue and I love to eat so much until now, i had fun eating this.

  17. Glaiza Mae P. Acuna

    Sugarlandia’s Barquillos is the best! It’s the original pasalubong product from Negros Occidental. #LCCBentrepreneurship

  18. Carina Makiling

    I love Bacolod’s delicacies and my top favorites are piaya and pinasugbo. #LCCBentrepreneurship

  19. Debbie Denny

    I have not tried these. I will have to put this on the list.

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