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Lately, I was invited to the eCommerce Forum sponsored by the University of St. La Salle- Bacolod at SMX Convention Center, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.

I was asked to speak about the benefits of Blogs to businesses. I was not capable of getting up my talk immediately because of my hectic schedule. The day before the forum I was so tired of several meetings relative to my own handicraft business and a couple of events I was invited to. I came home late on that day, and my body was shouting to rest. Nevertheless, I cannot sleep right away for these reasons: I need to upload some blog posts that night because I want my posts to be up to date; I take in some commitments for my PR Works, and it would be too late if I wait for a day or two before I upload. Also, before going to sleep, I need to optimize my blogs.

Then, I contemplate on some questions in mind: What am I doing to myself? Are these activities relative to my being a blogger –really worth it? Am I compensated enough with the few dollars each month I grew from being a blogger as compared to the effort I put in in this job? What were the reasons why I became a blogger and fell into the trap of these hectic schedules?

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I realize that the answer to these questions would be the things that I will present in the forum for eCommerce.

I became a blogger first and foremost for my love to share with others about the latest news and events that are happening. I enjoy moving around. Hence I created two travel blogs. I also created a “business” blogs to promote my handicraft and my consultancy businesses.
As I meditate on the questions of why I became a blogger, I was able to outline six benefits I earned for my businesses from being a blogger.
The benefits of Blogs and blog posts to business:

1. Positioning as an Expert

Being a blogger, I bear the chance to drop a line about my activities and subtle bragging on my credentials. For example, In my human resource consulting business I can continuously make a post on the training activities I am rehearsing for several establishments and for my handicraft business I can write as many articles that I can tell people of our various services and merchandise we offer and even write about the testimonies people gave us. I can’t have these many articles If I don’t have the blogs myself.
Of course, articles from other bloggers about my businesses are even more powerful than my weblog posts. These are the reason’s why I too hold some blog con is engaging my fellow bloggers if it bears on my job and business.

2. Niche Branding

Food Blogs are followed by foodies and people who love food; Travel Blogs are supported by people who like to travel and so on. This is where “niche branding” comes in. My handicraft business, for instance, the Jojo Vito Designs Gallery which is absorbed in furniture and souvenir making like masks- I have prepared various articles regarding our services and product offerings in my two travel Blogs; TheHappyTrip. Com and TopOnMylIst. Com. These articles caused many local tourists to sink into my gallery and view our wares. The positive reviews made in the TripAdvisor for our gallery resulted in plenty of first-time visitors, especially during the Bacolod Masskara Festival.


3. Educational Marketing

Another subtle way of commercializing our products and services is my educating people. One of the products, for example, that my gallery do is the customized trophies and plaques. Then I produced an article entitled: 3 Reasons Why Company Should Give Out Awards.  Of course along with this article is an advertisement of my gallery going unique, signature pieces, trophies— and I am very happy with the results.

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4. Broadcasting News and Information

Business openings, promos, new products, etc.. All these and many more can just be easily shared with any blogs. You might ask why not manage it straightforward in any social media? Of course, any social media is easy and immediate. And we do it for sure. But with blogs, we can articulate very well what we wanted to say along with the format and graphics that we want to do with the information that we want to share.

5. Creating Product Ambassadors

A credible blogger who has made his name in the industry is a perfect product ambassador. In my travel blogs, for example, I am always asked to make my recommendation for the best place to stay in certain areas. These are the reasons why I invariably put some disclaimer in my blogs are mentioned if I was bidden to eat and get a review of specific posts or products.

6. Gaining Customer Support and Feedback

Feedback from customers is essential to any business. Whether negative or positive, this info is vital to any business success. Some customers don’t like to make a feedback affront, yet they are comfortable giving you feedback when they are faceless.

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There are still many benefits of Blogs and blog posts to businesses, but these are the only top 6 I can share for now.
My kudos to the University of St. La Salle for hosting the very successful eCommerce Forum. The event was attended by more than 600 participants coming from various colleges and university in Bacolod City and some professionals.



  1. I am agree with you, Blog is important as a source of branding. If you have products or services, your blog help you promote and people let it know. through blog also you can help the people any where around the world. We give information and idea that help a lot to others. Keep posting and continue helping others.

  2. Blogging is really an effective tool to promote businesses these days because it can reach a lot of people.

  3. Blogging has really evolved to be a tool for promotion in business. It can give you a more personal approach in the products or provide you with more mileage.

  4. It has been a long time since blogging has started, and now it has evolved into something very useful…specially to business. Thank you for this and more power to pinoy bisniz

  5. You really know your craft! Blogging is one effective way of connecting to prospective clients to your business.

  6. My blogger friends in Bacolod are so active attending events nowadays. I’m glad that a lot of companies there are considering bloggers to promote their business/products and services already.

  7. Learned much from this post. How I wish I have a blog that caters to some notable companies.

  8. This is a very helpful post for me most especially as I’m planning to approach different companies for my PR/Social Media Marketing. These reasons would guide me convince them and inform them the power of blogs and social media which can really help them with their businesses. 🙂

  9. There are so many benefits that businesses get from the blogging world. This means well-meaning bloggers should also be treated fairly and properly by organizations who contact them. Sadly, this is not always the case.

  10. I agree with this post. This is mainly the reason why we push ourselves in posting blog articles in our company’s site because of these great benefits.

  11. This is a very insightful post. Blogging has indeed grown into a lucrative industry and we should all learn how to maintain it, to keep it from going down.

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