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This is the story of Lourdes Caram, a known cosmetologist in Bacolod City.

Lourdes Caram has 3 children, they are Loubel, Loraine and Lucille she was married to Ramon Caram. Her husband  is engaged in a buy and sell business. In order to send her three children to school,  Lourdes  has to sell their house in order to provide the needs of her children.

The turning point…

That was 1974 when she was offered by a Dermatologist from Manila to study a special class on facial treatment. Lourdes made herself an expert on treatments  like facial, skin allergy treatment, pimples and acne treatment, wart removal by the process of cautery and treatment for blemishes, freckles, and wrinkles. She also does permanent eyebrows and eyeliners.


Getting back to Bacolod, she determined to invest up a business related to what she learned. Her name started to be known in the community by word of mouth.

As Lourdes continues to run her beauty center, an opportunity to develop   skin enhancer products which were loved by her clients came. She developed some products which  rejuvenate the skin used by men and women.

Apart from the condescension of her client and by the word of mouth, Lourdes strengthens her position in the beauty business by obtaining a license as an Esthetician and Cosmetologist. She also pursued further studies at Marinello School of Beauty in San Francisco USA.

Lourdes is a believer. She claimed that it was because of her trust in God and prayers which lead her to lay up a name in the beauty line

LC Cosmetic products are available in Lopues East Center -Bacolod, Lopues Araneta – Bacolod, Lopues San Sebastian-Bacolod, Negros Showroom -Bacolod, J.O. Dept. Store Bacolod  and Country Mart Mandalagan -Bacolod.



Lourdes Caram and Mary Grace Fermo


Contributor: Mary Grace Fermo a student of Master in Business Administration at School of  Graduate Studies and Continuing Education, La Consolacion College, Bacolod.












  1. Only in bacolod lg ni?

  2. June Gonzales

    Its good to note that LC ventured into diversification,aside from beauty services they also introduced several lines of beauty products that are original Lourdes Caram creation.

  3. Mary grace fermo

    Lourdes Caram has been an institution for those who know beauty in Bacolod City.Its good to know that aside from offering services for aesthetics but they also ventured into beauty products that’s speaks highly of quality and effectiveness.

  4. Carina Makiling

    Interesting how she came up with her own products. 🙂

  5. hope this will be made available to most people in Bacolod too.

  6. Mary grace fermo

    Yes its true mar,thank you

  7. Their products was very effective. Especially the lotion 2 that works very well in pimples, skin allergies, rushes and etc.

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