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John Sumugat’s models and clients


“Life was difficult, oh, that was an understatement…very, very difficult.” This was the starting line of John Sumugat as he narrates his story to me. He can’t help but cry as he recalls how hard it was when he was still starting.

This is the story of John Sumugat, a hairstylist in Bacolod City.


Way back, we were living in the  squatter’s area…our house was  made of light materials ..we used old tires at the top of our roof just to secure it especially during the rainy season and typhoon periods.

My parents were just an ordinary employees, their income is not enough to meet our family’s daily needs and expenses especially to finance our studies. Being a responsible child, I have to think other ways how to earn for me to be able to help my parents as well as helping my siblings who were in school.

Because of poverty I decided to find ways for me to have an income. I persevere and hone my skills in  hair styling.  I accept bookings and home beauty service.Hard work… I turned nights into days  just to survive.  With my own income, I was able to enroll and   graduate  as aNursing Aid at Collegio De San Agustine-Bacolod.

As I pursue my passion on beauty and hair styling  I was employed as one of the hair stylists in the famous Beauty Salon here in Bacolod. I was paid on a commission basis only, I remember the Salon at that time was not that popular or in demand compare to nowadays.

My dream for a good future

I went to Manila just  to enhance and improve my craft. The  opportunity to study with the famous hair stylists and Entrepreneur Mr. Jun Encarnacion also boost my career.

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John Sumugat’s models and clients

Then the time to work abroad came.

 I  went abroad to pursue my passion ,further  myself  and become globally competitive and most especially  for a bigger income…..but it didn’t   turn out  as expected, so I decided to go back.

Then another challenge hit our family. My asthmatic father was diagnosed with hypertension, while my mother has diabetes. Both were out of their job as well… making us buried in debts.

It is not easy to have a 2 patients  in the family while sending a brother in college. Heavily burdened by the financial needs of my family, I was forced to signed a 2 years exclusive contract to one of the  Beauty Salon in Bacolod.While tied up with the  contract I could not accept any outside transaction or sideline making it more difficult for me financially.

Finally, my brother graduated from college and is now a registered nurse based in London. He also started to help us financially. My exclusive contract  also expired  and started to accept extra job outside and home service 24/7.

I  didn’t how I made it during those darkest hours in my life. One thing am sure, God was always there.

I realize then since I’m not getting any younger, I decided to pursue  one dream which I  always kept in my heart — to have my own Salon. So, I set some an amount of money  and In God’s grace and mercy and by being industrious and diligent in work I was able to achieve my goals in life – I have  my own Beauty Saloon now


John B. Sumugat has  proven that poverty is not a hindrance to success.   He won several contests in hairdressing/styling and was a grand winner during Silver Masskara 2005 for Grand Fantasy Make –up. He is a beautician for some of the Candidate for Masskara Beauty Pageant before.

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John Sumugat,One’s Saloon and the Contributor

ONE SALON is located beside the beautiful concrete house of the owner at #2 Catlea Road, Mansilingan Bacolod City. John is personally managing his Salon. He offers services such as hair cut, hair spa/treatment, hair wax, hair dye/color, hair highlights/bleach, hair firming, hair rebonding, hair cellophane, hair and makeup, manicure, pedicure and foot spa. He accepts bookings and home service for Birthdays, Weddings, and Corporate events, please contact 446-2144 or 0921-690-2373.


Contributor: Leah M. Francisco is presently she is connected at LCCFCMPC as a Collection Officer. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and decided to pursue her Master’s Degree at La Consolacion College – Bacolod.


  1. Ana Maravilla

    Determination, hard work and prayers is the key to success. Its a very good article and very inspiring to those people who have lost hope.

  2. I believe,dreams do come true!! Nice story.

  3. Carina Makiling

    Nice article ms lei. 🙂 Pursue your passion and everything will just follow.

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