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This is a story about a person who has the greatest contribution in my life, the one who inspires me, who taught me to be wise and to be responsible. I’m talking about my father, Mr.Alex Acuña . Let me share with you his story as he narrated it to me…

“Way back 1978, when I was still in high school, with the help of my friend, we started to experiment printing our Intramurals shirt. For the first time, we did it through cutting the patterns of the design, using only paper and a flat cutter. We were so proud of our work, especially when some people noticed it.


Because of the positive reviews of our work, I decided to pursue this endeavor by improving my skills and by buying some of the needed materials out of my excess “baon”. I bought the so called blue film, silk screen, thinner, etc. When another intramural came I got 2 printing jobs, t-shirts for the second year and the third year where I belong. Thanks to my classmates who believed in me and promoted my craft. When we reached fourth-year high school, my then teacher recommended me to all the high school students. It was then that I got all the high school department printing jobs. That was my first big project then.

T-shirt printing helped me a lot when I went to college as my parents can barely support for my needs  since they have still my 2 other siblings to attend to. My father was then driving a jeepney while still studying in college and my mother was a plain housewife. I finished college by being a working student and at the same time with my side line job – the T-shirt printing.



After college, I got my first job as a Teacher and at the same time CAT-1 Commandant in high school where I came from. Despite my full time job, I still continue with my T-shirt printing business. I was able to get the  printing jobs of our school and even from other schools and other clients.
Business continued to grow, every Christmas season, for instance, we would have a lot of T-shirt printing jobs to exercise for various clients. To name a few, we were the one who printed the T-shirts for the opening of D’Bakers, Gatuslao branch. That was rather challenging  as my wife at that time  was pregnant with our first child. Our other corporate customers include: Tate Prawn Feeds, the Robinhood Commercial, Golden Sun, Olympic marketing, Freedom Enterprises, Fuji Pipes even the Kings Gas Station and Quality Pipes from Iloilo City.



Today, I already have three kids. Two of which are still in school. I already quitted my job and focused on my business.

As an entrepreneur, I work even during Holidays and Sundays, especially when we have deadlines to meet. But unlike the time when I started my printing business where we do it manually, now we are already using the heat press machine where we can do our jobs faster and easier. I also expanded my services by doing other stuff like key chains, mugs, tumblers, personalized T-shirts, etc.

Because of perseverance I was able to grow the business which I started as a part-time job . I always stand to my favorite quotation “pag may tiyaga, may nilaga”.


Taking heed from my father’s story again and again, inspired me more to watch his steps as an entrepreneur. And frankly speaking, I embarked on serving him with menial tasks when I was still in high school. I trust this story also inspired you to quest for your goals of initiating your own line of work.

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Glaiza Mae P. Acuna, completed her Bachelor’s degree in Tourism,  has worked as a Front Desk Officer and Outlet Cashier in one of the prestigious boutique hotels in Bacolod City for more than 2 years. She was able to take a number of tour guiding and tour coordinating sidelines when she was still in college and done on-job-training that have greatly increased her sensitivity to cultural differences in society. She’s currently connected with an online school as a Business English Trainer and Assessor and taking up her Master’s Degree in Business Administration. An entrepreneur by heart and mind.



  1. Leah Francisco

    Two thumbs up to Mr. Acuña and family, good luck & God bless!

  2. Jasmine Grace Dominguez

    Your story was very inspiring Gly…. 🙂

  3. Aileen Casandra

    Nice story Glyz! Next time that I know someone who will be needing the products and services you’re offering, I will refer it to you.

  4. Nicar Corral Nogra

    Wow! Very impressive.

  5. Glaiza Mae P. Acuna

    Thanks to Sir Jojo Vito for giving us the opportunity to share our family business. 🙂

  6. Nice one ta! Good luck.

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