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When I was young, I struggled so much; questioning God’s existence.  Just to finish my college, I transferred from one of my siblings to the other siblings who could help finance my schooling until I graduated from college. I pursued my dream of becoming a lawyer; I enrolled myself at University of Negros Occidental Recoletos.  My siblings helped me in my finances.  I took the bar and I failed.

I never stopped dreaming; I never lose hope; until I have read a quote which struck me most which says “   Divine intervention is not a chance or luck but a promise and an assurance to those who put God first in their lives.”  I copied it and posted it to all my law books.  I hold on to God’s promise. I prayed and studied hard.  In everything I do, I put God first in my life.  Before I started anything else, I seek God’s guidance.  I developed the faith in me thru reading the Words of God and other inspirational books which made me very optimistic.

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with my 2 children

I decided to take the 2012 bar examinations.  I resigned from my work and gave up my small business.  I have nothing.  FAITH IN GOD is all that I have.   One of my siblings did not want to help me anymore because she had helped me already in my previous review.  I prayed hard to God, looking for an answer to my prayer.  While praying, I remember my younger sister who is in Hong Kong, I emailed her, pleading that she will help me finance my review.  I had one (1) month to wait for her reply.  Less than 24 hours from the day I emailed her, my phone rang; when I looked at the number, it was an international call.  It was my sister’s calling, informing me that she will let me borrow money for my review.  I was then very happy, and I told myself that taking my bar exams is just a formality for me to become a lawyer.  I already claimed that I will pass the bar exams.

I went to Manila for my seven (7) months review.  My review was very hard. I suffered a lot of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual struggles until the last day of our examinations.  Faith, hard work, perseverance, and determination drove me to sustain the hardship I went through during those tough times. I never gave up.

My children were my inspiration in pursuing my dreams.  I always think of them in times of loneliness and tiredness.  They were my driving force that fueled me to go on and keep moving.  I was so excited to go home to be with my children after seven (7) months of review in Manila.

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Finally, I’m home.  Fortunately, I was hired again as Technical Staff at Sangguniang Panlungsod of Bacolod City.  While waiting for the bar exams’ result, I prayed hard religiously; asking and begging God’s mercy and grace to make me a lawyer.  After five (5) months of waiting, bar exams’ result was released.

On March 20, 2013, the day of the release of our bar exams results, I was attending a seminar at L’ Fisher Hotel.  While the seminar was going on, my classmate Marilyn congratulated me.  I too congratulated her, without knowing that the result was already released.  My other classmates, officemates, friends, family and my boss, Councilor Em Ang called me up and congratulated me for passing the 2012 bar examinations.  People around me congratulated me also. I opened my netbook and searched my name for confirmation and I saw it.  I started to search the names of my classmates, and when I was typing their names, I forgot it even my closest friend because of too much joy and excitement.   I was overwhelmed and cannot concentrate and understand the talk  anymore.  My phone rang again, the same officemate and classmate called up informing me that I was the lone passer of University of Negros Occidental Recoletos out of 56 bar takers.  I felt sad because one of my best friends flank.  I paused for a while and reflected; realizing God’s plan for us that everything happens for a reason.

After three (3) months from the release of the bar exams’ result, I resigned at Bacolod City Government and work as Municipal Legal Officer of Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental until December 2013.

In 2014, I put up my own law office.  I heard many discouraging words, but still I pursued my plan.  I rented a small space for my office at 888 Chinatown Square.

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With my students at La Consolacion College-Bacolod


Considering that I didn’t have savings, I sought the help of my siblings and friends.  My oldest sibling and friends volunteered to paint and arrange my office.  I borrowed money from  my other friends to buy two (2) office tables and pay for my rentals.  Some of my clients contributed to  beautify my office.  Since my money was not enough for my office furniture, I took one set of my wooden furniture at home and temporarily used it in my office.

Surprisingly, I have numbers of clients after a month.  Many were astonished of my braveness in putting up my own office including my fellow lawyers. More than a year, my office did very well; I paid off my debts and had some renovations.  I have three (3) employees helping me in my office. Many problems I encounter every day, and thru sincere prayers and perseverance, everything goes smoothly.

Looking back, I learned so many things. “ATTITUDE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN FACTS”, I strongly agree with this phrase.  It is not what we go thru every day in our life but what matters most is how we go thru it.  It is our attitude in dealing with our problems and difficulties in life. As one saying goes,”tough time’s never last, but tough people do!”


Contributor:  Belinda Claridad Siason-Villa, a Practicing Lawyer with office address at TG12-A, 888 Chinatown Square, Gatuslao Street, Bacolod City; a part-time teacher at La Consolacion College Bacolod and Carlos Hilado Memorial State College, Fortune Town Campus; an Executive Assistant II of Talisay City Government; and a Masters in Business Administration student enrolled at La Consolacion College Bacolod.



  1. Belinda Siason-Villa

    Thank you…

  2. E. Pitallar

    “God first before anything else.” I do believe with this sentence… Congrats!

  3. Aileen Casandra

    A very nice story Atty. God bless you more!

  4. princess mari

    A great story..the struggles u had, made u what u are now my proud of u! More blessings!!

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