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ivan d clown


He brought us three decades of fun and laughter with over 3000 performances. Here’s the story of how Negros got its best clown.

On September 1984, a clown performed his first act. This was after he won as the champion at a lip-synch contest at his school. After winning that contest, he was invited by their schools registrar to clown at her child’s birthday party. He did not charge but he was given 50 pesos as a talent fee during that time. He was then employed by the governor’s office but he still continued his clowning business from that time and added more tricks to his performances. From lip-synching, mimicry and dancing on his first clown act, he has now added hosting, majic show, puppet show, balloon twisting and face painting to his performances. As time pass he was slowly moulded by his experiences to be the best. Today, we have Ivan Juesna or famously known as Ivan d Clown as the best clown in Negros.

ivan with joji

Saying that Ivan d Clown is the best clown in Negros might be a subjective statement but let me tell you the reasons why. Ivan d Clown has been in the business for over 31 years now. He has performed to the sons and daughters of the children he performed to decades ago. With his experience, Ivan has seen it all. He was able to perform on product promotions, birthdays, baptisms, weddings and even on the dead – yes, oddly enough he did. Ivan is also a father of his four boys and a loving husband to his wife. His son Joyreach, Jermond, Jovan Paul, Joji Ivan and his wife Jo-an can all clown. Ivan Juesna family is a family of clowns. His wife also Jo-an teaches cooking at a university here in Bacolod City. She cooks and bakes for their catering business. Their business is for all occasions, as Ivan said, KBL – kasal, binyag/birthday, libing. They cater food and cakes on birthdays and weddings. They also prepare food packs and meals for interments.

Ivan hired by Philippine Army to host for a peace talk in a local community

Ivan, hired by the Philippine Army to perform in one of the Peace talk

The youngest of his son is Joyreach who is currently on Grade 8 assists or teams up with him as a duo in his performances. His son Jermond, Jovan Paul and Joji Ivan can clown independently. His three sons have already graduated and are now employed as a mechanical engineer, a nurse and a civil engineer but they still continue to clown on their free time. Their family of them was able to perform together at an event at La Paz, Iloilo City to promote a milk company. Ivan said that 60% of his son’s school requirement was provided by clowning. After each party, they would usually be given food to take home. He said that they were eating party foods for about 20 out of the 30 days in a month. Ivan believes that in this business, he needs to follow two simple rules, be honest and be on time. This is the key why Ivan has continued to stay in this business for decades.

ivan featured in mag tv na amiga

Ivan D Clown featured on ABS-CBN Bacolod’s Mag-TV na Amiga

Ivan has accepted an early retirement offer last year and is now working fulltime at their family business. Ivan is truly blessed with his talent and his family. He has his sons who are all working as professionals and a business that he loves doing. With his love for his craft and lots of prayers, Ivan d Clown has truly became the Best Clown in Negros.

children of ivan

Ivan with his 3 boys

Contact Information:

Ivan d Clown

Cakes & Catering, Ballons & Party Needs

Paglaum Village, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

09052572779 or 446-0003


Contributor: John Mamon worked at Dr. Pablo O. Torre Memorial Hospital, he is now pursuing his Master in Business Administration at La Consolacion College-Bacolod.

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  1. Such an inspirational story! It is nice to hear that the boys all continue to enjoy clowning in their spare time with Dad as an expert. And the boys have an expert chef/professor Mama too. It would be fun to meet them.

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