It’s Time to Make Way for CD-R King LED Light Tube


It’s Time to Make Way for CD-R King LED Light Tube

Do you know that fluorescent gives off a small amount of ultraviolet light and that 8 hours of exposure under a fluorescent light is already equivalent to an hour of sun exposure? It was discovered that some health conditions like the migraine, mood swings, and eye strain  were associated with continued and long exposure to fluorescent light. Not only that,  fluorescent contains a small amount of mercury. Improper disposal can greatly affect the environment  in the long run. Indeed, what seemed to be a harmless household product, later on, proved to be harmful in the long run

These studies have caused most households to switching into CFL during the last few decades, which was proven to be  less harmful but still contains fluorescent, with  mercury  still present.

The invention of LED has saved us from the long term use of fluorescent. Nowadays, you will rarely see a household which still uses fluorescent light.


Luminosity factor

If the household were very open  to change from fluorescent to LED light, commercial offices proved to be less flexible since they question the amount of brightness  of the proposed light.

Larger commercial space requires a high amount of light that makes a higher brightness yield. Comparing the lumens versus floor space, fluorescent will come up  to be a cheaper source.


LED light tube

A Recent innovation has yielded a solution to the luminosity factor as it presents the LED Light Tube, giving commercial offices the amount of light  they need minus the toxins.

LED light tube gives the same high light output of fluorescent with the benefits of LED technology.

CD-R King, your one-stop media provider with its endeavor to help protect the environment brings this innovation closer to the general public as they offer the technology at a very affordable cost.

CD-R King LED light tubes are available in T-8 10watts (php120), T-5 18watts (Php150) and T-5 20watts (Php200), all of which can last up to 50,000 hours. LED light tubes can be purchased with casing or as a replacement tube.


So what are waiting for? CD-R King LED light tubes are available in all CD-R King branches nationwide. For more updates, Like/follow them on FB: /cdrkingph.

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