Almost everyone I know is obsessed with their hair – sometimes just can’t figure out what style, color, and length will do. I too am guilty of that! Just a regular visit to the salon makes me happy and lifts my spirit. There are also others who are into hair treatment because of more serious concerns like hair loss or damaged hair. That is why nowadays we are thankful that hair products, especially those with hair growing and moisturizing properties are available and easy to find. And speaking of hair products, I was one of those invited to the blog-con meet up of HairFood Co. held at Kuppa Coffee & Tea, Bacolod City. Some members of the Negros Bloggers and social media influencers were present at the event hosted by HairFood’s young and vibrant officers Nikki Alicarte (Brand Officer) and Chrystelle Nayre (Inventory Officer). HairFood Co. is a Filipino company that produces natural hair care products that are sulfate-free and paraben free. Honestly, I initially thought that this brand is imported. I asked Chrystelle where the products come from and she said that it is manufactured in General Santos City and all the ingredients are really safe and organic. I also learned that other ingredients are imported from other countries.



The business started in 2014 when its founder Mr. Ralph Layco, an entrepreneur who owns a barber shop, saw three balding men come in to have a haircut. This made him realize that hair loss is a growing concern for men and sparked his interest to provide a better solution than the existing brands. His curiosity paved the way to the birth of Crown & Glory, a natural hair care brand niched towards the hair regrowth market. They later put up with the umbrella brand HairFood Co. that also caters to an increasing number of women looking for natural hair products. And as their brand implies, their product is true food for the hair.

Aside from offering natural hair care products, they are also initiating a movement that campaigns for awareness on hair care ingredients that can cause long-term negative effects on the health like parabens, sulfates, and colorants.


I’m sure a lot of you are into beautifying and nourishing your hair and skin. Well, here are HairFood’s products that may address your concerns:

For the hair –
• Crown & Glory Booster Shampoo 150 mL (P395)- Turbo boosts the growth of hair with this all natural shampoo powered by a stem cell activator
• Crown & Glory Hair Reborn Revitalizing Conditioner 250 mL (P615) – with natural oils and plant extracts that activate hair stem cell follicles and revitalizes scalp
• HairFood Co. Awesome Volume Conditioner 250 mL (P385) – Ideal for fine, limp and lifeless hair. It has rice proteins and avocado extract that are essential for the hair
• HairFood Co. Black Back Shampoo 250ml (P550)- Turbo boosts the growth of hair with this all natural shampoo powered by a stem cell activator
• HairFood Co. Black Back Conditioner 250ml (P520)- Boosts melanin production to prevent graying of hair
• HairFood Co. Black Back Tonic 100 mL (P1,095) – Creates dramatic increase in melanin and can help reverse graying of hair
• Good Times Pomade (for Men) – has Argan and jojoba oil properties that nourishes and styles the hair

Their answer to hair loss caused by aging, stress, hormonal changes, and other health issues –
• Crown and Glory Hair Reborn Tonic 125 mL (P2,250)- key ingredient dramatically boosts hair density in 3 months
• Crown & Glory Hair Reborn 100% Organic Weekend Oil (P385) – For hair regrowth and thickness
• Crown & Glory Reborn Advanced Targetted Scalp Serum 30 mL (P1,100)- Solves hair loss by cell renewal and regeneration of hair follicle. Help regrow hair in 90 days and can even be used for spot patches and eyebrow regrowth.

For hair and skin –
• HairFood Co. 100% Sunflower oil 30 mL (P315) – Adds shine to dull hair, smoothens wrinkles, treats acne
• HairFood 100% Tsubaki Oil (P899) –helps protect and nourish the skin and is naturally fast absorbing, helps hair retain moisture, repair breakage, softens skin, repairs stretch marks after pregnancy and heals minor scars.
• HairFood 100% Argan Oil 30 mL(P520)- hydrates and strengthens hair, enhances elasticity, anti-aging, treats dry skin
• HairFood 100% Rosehip Oil 30 mL (P485) – scar remover, lightens scar, conditions dry hair, anti-dandruff

For more product description and information about HairFood Co. you may visit them at their website, Instagram: @hairfoodco and Facebook Page:

Their products are available nationwide at the following outlets:
• HairFood Co. Ayala Centrio CDO-1st Flr, near Philip Stein,
• HairFood Co. KCC de Zamboanga-2nd Flr, near Shakeys
• HairFood Co. SM City Ecoland Davao-Bridgeway, 2nd Flr.
• HairFood Co. Lanang Premiere, Upper Ground Flr. near Forever 21
• HairFood Co. Ayala Abreeza Davao, 1st Flr. near Gap
• HairFood Co. SM City General Santos-2nd Flr, Bridgeway.

HairFood Co. products are also available online at Lazada.

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