Manila Science High School received the 21-century classroom, an advanced multifunctional Information and Communications Technology (ICT) laboratory with a collaborative working space from Globe Telecom and Habitat for Humanity.

In 2016, the Manila Science High School (MaSci) participated in the Global Filipino School (GFS) Program. The Program is a long-term educational project of Globe Telecom to assist select public schools to transform into centers of excellence in ICT and hubs of inventive and creative teaching methods.The Manila Science High School is the first pilot science high school in the Philippines.

An integral component of Global Filipino School Program is the Creative Space which was a result of the renovation of underutilized classrooms. The Creative Space includes modular tables designed to be easily and quickly manipulated to form various shapes suited for individual learning, group discussions of various size and even conferences. The classroom is also equipped with free internet connectivity. Moreover, it has a mobile cart having tablets, netbooks, projectors, and WiFi dongles that can be easily transfer anywhere in the school.

Eva Nacion, MaSci Principal, said, “With the GFS Creative Space, Instructors in any subject may now engage with their students via an electronic delivery mode of instruction. This project, technology wise will enable us to continue in sustaining the high standard of excellence that Manila Science High School is known for.”

Manila Science High School Batch ’91 (Silver Jubilarian 2016) help in raising funds for this classroom renovation while the construction was handled by Habitat for Humanity. Marga Uy Baula, Batch ’91 Representative said, “Leading this project is our expression of giving back to our beloved alma mater, The Manila Science High School.The theme of our homecoming is ‘Back to the Future,’ envelopes our batch’s overwhelming sentiment of gratitude for our education earned from Manila Science High School which helped us a lot in our professional and individual lives.Our Batch wanted to leave a legacy by helping the younger batch of scientists with high-speed fiber internet connectivity hosted in an appropriate creative space with technologically-suitable equipment and definitely with highly trained ICT teachers.

The Globe’s Senior Vice President for Broadband Business Martha Sazon said: “We are very appreciative Batch ‘91s assistance for the GFS program. If the community will contribute to bringing the benefits of ICT to the schools, better performance from our teachers and students will surely happen. Our educational institutions must take advantage of the best educational information and services that they can avail considering the fast-paced advancements in technology and ever-changing educational landscape of our time”

The Manila Science High School was the first recipient of a Globe Broadband’s fiber connectivity having a speed of up to 100 Mbps to encourage the adoption and application of technology among students and teachers. This endeavor is in line with Globe Telecom’s vision of bringing the Philippines as a digital nation by 2020.

The 2015 study released by Taylor Nelson Sofres confirmed Sazon’s statement. shows According to the result of the study, the GFS program was able to improve digital skills among teachers and students, specifically on the usage of mobile technology and computer software. The study also shows that the GFS Program will enable the 21st Century Learning Outcomes such as creativity, creativity, collaboration, and communication. Moreover, the study also reveals that the GFS increase student participation in classroom activities; and improves school culture through readiness in ICT integration.

As of this writing, a total of 80 schools around the country are enjoying the Global Filipino School Program. A total of 5,788 teachers and 151,526 students around the country are impacted by the program. This year, additional 60 GFS schools will be launched. A total of 221 DepEd Division is targeted to be given the GFS Program by 2020.

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