Piaya Network Broadcasting Corporation is a local television network that first aired last June 30, 2014 on Sky Cable Bacolod Channel 61. To thank its partners for almost three years of working together to provide entertainment to Negrenses, Piaya Network held a Thanksgiving & Partners Night at the L’Fisher Chalet on February 24, 2017. The program was attended by local media, representatives from the tourism industry and other guests who were delighted to be part of the event hosted by Mr. Adrian Bobe.


Leo Aguirre, President of Piaya Network giving his welcome address

Piaya Network Brief History

We learned that it was during a father and son one on one conversation that Piaya Network was created. Mr. Anthony Leo Aguirre (owner) proposed the idea to his father, Mr. Antonio Aguirre, to create a network that could promote Bacolod City as a Tourist Destination. His father saw great potential in the idea and gave his full support. They recruited competent veterans and young professionals to the team to provide quality excellence in their programs. The network was named ‘Piaya’ after the very popular unleavened flatbread filled with muscovado sugar which is native to Bacolod City.

Piaya Network was formally launched on August 23, 2014 at the District North Point in Talisay City. Since then, they continue to cater to the local scene in order to promote Negros as a grand destination for Tourism, Food, Arts and Sports.


Adrian Bobe Piaya Network’s host for A listed and  Piaya Documentaries was the host for the night

They have begun to widen their reach through other cable distributors such as Silay City’s-NCTV Channel 76 and San Carlos City’s Parasat Cable Channel 40 in 2016 and is progressively growing. Today, Piaya Network can be viewed in Bacolod-Silay Airport departure area in Silay City and on Cignal Channel 56. Here’s good news -Piaya Network will soon be aired on Sky Cable Dumaguete, Iloilo, and Cebu.

Piaya Network’s content has always showcased quality original television programs. This 2017, they started the year with new and interesting shows such as Project Negros, Travel n’ Taste, Let’s Eat, Lokal Sessions, Dare Bros., and Piaya Documentaries.

With the growing number of shows and wider coverage, Piaya Network is more than ready to conquer the Philippines by airing exciting stories about love for country, a sense of local pride and our people’s mission to make their lives better.


Negros Bloggers attended the event : (L-R) Jojo Vito, Ed Joven, Mea Pabiona and the author


L-R: Adrian Bobe, Dolores Epacta (Past -President of Negros Press Club), May Castro (PR Manager SM Bacolod), Vice Mayor Mark Vargas (Politician and Columnist) , Roderick Samonte,  Ian de Ramos and Jojo Vito

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