Free training offered by Globe myBusiness Academy for aspiring entrepreneurs

Good news from Globe Telecom to entrepreneurs, both existing or new business owners, who are specializing in the retail and personal services industry (spas, salons and similar businesses). Through the Globe myBusiness Academy Program, they can now avail of free access to business and training tools. They can also learn from seasoned colleagues and industry experts regarding important information, guidelines and business advice that will help them become competitive in the market.

In collaboration with Manila Workshops, Globe myBusiness Academy will conceptualize and develop training programs in the arts, entrepreneurship, health and fitness, personal development, and finance, among others and offer these for free to independent business owners.

Aside from the workshops, Globe myBusiness also came up with business solutions that were created for the benefit of business owners from specific industries. These solutions can be added as a service to its postpaid plans. They can pick from the following selection:

• Queuing Solution – enables business owners to improve the management of store traffic by using an automated SMS-based queueing method.
• Auto Appointment Reminder – automatically informs customers of their appointments through SMS.
• Auto SMS Blast Service – labels text messages with the sender’s brand name.

For retail shop owners (online or a physical store) the following services can help them in marketing, selling, and improve operational efficiency:
• myWebsite – retailers can set up their brand pages and have full control of the content thereby helping their brand and online presence.
• Shopify – For those who are set to retail products outside of their social media pages, this is the best platform to immediately set up an online store and bring in orders from the customers.
• myShopkeeper – an inventory management system that keeps track of the movement of the products in real-time.

Globe myBusiness is Globe Telecom’s business solution provider that supports micro, small, and medium business ventures. According to its Senior Advisor Mr. Derrick Heng, the project with Manila Workshops is their way of supporting those who want to start their own business as the proper training will be able to equip budding entrepreneurs to go a long way. Those interested in joining future training may expect the same varied choices in workshop topics. He believes that there is more than one way of providing sustainable livelihood – employment is one, but empowering entrepreneurs are just as effective, or maybe even more so.

Those who want to know more about Globe myBusiness may visit or follow Globe myBusiness on Facebook for updates on their training programs.


  1. I will refer my friend for this academy as he wants to be expert in business.

  2. This is a very good news for those having own businesses. Sounds really interesting and useful for many.

  3. This would be a great resource for businesses. I don’t own my own business but my sister does. I will send this along to her.

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