Nail.a.Holics  Nail Salon & Spa 


Nail.a.Holics  Nail Salon & Spa 

Spa visits are always exciting and it’s more interesting if you’d find everything in one place like in Nail.a Holics, a nail salon that also offers spa services. I was thrilled when were invited to visit their branch located at the 3rd floor, North Wing SM City Bacolod recently. I asked my Mom to join me and along with some members of the Negros Bloggers and their loved ones, we headed to Nail.a.Holics for our much-needed pampering and beauty works.

Relaxed and Refreshed
It was a busy afternoon at the spa party event was also covered by other members of the media.

We were seated comfortably in pastel-colored cushioned sofas while waiting for our turn. Nail.a.Holics has a relaxing ambiance. The walls and decor are just as pleasing and refreshing to the eyes. They also have a seat for two with a curtain cover and divider, so that if you’re with a friend and just want to chat while having your foot spa, this area is best for you.

Spa Haven
Nail.a Holics is a haven for those who want a variety of spa services to choose from. At first, I thought, they only offer basic salon services but Nail.a.Holics exceeded my expectations. For Bacolod City peeps, this place sets a standard in nail and foot care. I also checked the prices, hmmm, honestly it’s a bit pricey for Bacolonons but Nail.a.Holics assures every client of quality service, an ambiance that soothes you while you are being pampered and they observe cleanliness and sanitary measures especially when it comes with the tools used in nail cleaning.

Salon and Spa Treatments
I browsed on the menu and I can say Nail.a.Holics clients will surely enjoy the different treatments this place can offer. Below is a list of the services:
• Hand Care
Serene Island manicure –P190
Sea Crest French manicure –P260
Nature’s Heaven Spa manicure- P320
Sea Splash manicure polish change- P110
Paradise Touch- P450

• Nail Spa (Hand & Foot treatments)
Marine Algae Whitening foot spa
Hand-P350 Foot-550
Underwater Seaweed Firming foot spa
Hand- P350 Foot-P550
• Deadsea Mudmask Detoxifying
Hand- P350 Foot-550

• Foot Care
Palm Beach Pedicure -P230
Water Drift spa Pedicure -P510
Sea Splash Pedicure polish change- P110
Juvenail Coral foot spa- P320

Nail.aHolics also offers waxing, threading and nail extension. This beauty haven also uses imported nail polish and other nail products so you are assured that once the nail polish is applied, it won’t chip off easily.

For more information, you may visit Nail.a.Holics Nail Salon and Spa or visit their Facebook Page and find out what you can enjoy from their offerings.


  1. Sheila de Guzman

    Wow, the place looks very nice and relaxing.

  2. I loooove Nailaholics! The ambiance and staff are all great! The Underwater Seaweed Firming Footspa is one among my favorite.

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