Making a Difference | Social Media Battle: Blogging for Truth, Justice and Everything We Hold Dear

Making a Difference | Social Media Battle: Blogging for Truth, Justice and Everything We Hold Dear

The battle for Philippine supremacy is no longer waged in the battlefields where bullets whizz right by your ears and the sounds of skirmishes dominate the field of combat. Nowadays, the battle has shifted to the digital world, where there are thousands upon thousands of keyboard warriors actively engaged in a warfare no less intense, a warfare no less bloody and a warfare that has the same rewards as those in the physical world. Yes, dears, we are engaged, we are currently locking horns, we are at war in social media and it has huge implications on how the country will be run, on how the country will turn out to be. As we have said, the implications are huge.

The reality is that more and more Filipinos are now relying on social media as their primary source of information, as their primary source of the news. Objective news reports, such as those shown over television and the radio, are now being cast aside for inflammatory news articles that gather steam and seemingly have a life of their own. It seems people are no longer interested in being unbiased, on hearing the unvarnished truth. Nowadays, it seems, people would believe whatever is being spewed forth by social media influencers – those who have no background in journalism are now being heralded as the sources of credible and believable news articles.

And here lies the dilemma that could probably shatter the very thin veil that seems to be keeping us together as a people.

With the unfavorable reviews being received by the present administration, with the way the President is acting, with the way he speaks with unparalleled vulgarity and unbridled machismo, some sectors of Filipino society are lapping up every word that comes from him. Millions of people seem to idolize him and look up to him as a role model. While he does have some good points (and great programs), there are several actuations that make a lot of people cringe because it reeks of impulsiveness and a daredevil, nonchalantly devil-may-care attitude that does not bespeak well of a leader.

He has legions of keyboard warriors that back him up. He has a veritable army of defenders who vehemently attack any individual who dares to speak against him and his cohorts. Frankly speaking, it is dividing the country into factions that would cast the country into chaos.

Making a Difference | Social Media Battle: Blogging for Truth, Justice and Everything We Hold Dear

On one side of the arena are those who have been busily purveying fake news – news that appeal to those who react instinctively. Fake news reports are a dime a dozen and are published on a daily basis. The more dirt it has on a particular person, the better received it seems to be. The more damaging, the more mud-slinging, shamefully embarrassing tidbits are evident in the article, the better.

Objectivity has been lost and is being replaced by such venom that it seemingly affects the critical thinking capability of the masses. They no longer want to think beyond the literal level – they just accept, accept and accept whatever comes out of their idols. They are being led by people who have been using their status as celebrities to influence their thinking – thinking that they are being represented by these influencers in the bigger world.

In the opposite corner of the spectrum, are those who strive to be purveyors of great, balanced articles that show both sides of the coin, that show both sides of the argument. While there are a few who stand up bravely to the seemingly monstrous army of keyboard warriors from the opposite side, they are being harassed, it seems so that they would join the other side. While so far, they have resisted the advances, they are now being attacked vehemently over social media and being touted as mindless, color-driven propagandists who serve the opposition and are being paid to attack the top dog in the country.

And here you see is the dilemma that we are now facing. There is an imbalance in the battlefield and there are still spectators to the battle who seem to be uncommitted and those who do not seem to be interested to fight for what is right. These are the people who need to be convinced to throw their hats in the arena and join the fight – because as long as they are apathetic, they would not be effective warriors. As long as they do not seem to give a damn about the state of the country, then the specter of societal chaos would be a veritable Damocles Sword hanging over our heads.

Making a Difference | Social Media Battle: Blogging for Truth, Justice and Everything We Hold Dear

Yes – you can help in turning this battle to a more favorable end. YOU can turn the tide. YOU can make a difference. YOU can BE the difference. YOU can be the REAL voice of the masses. YOU can be the one who would do battle against the velvet haired enchantress who heads the army of unrelenting, unthinking bashers and die-hards who rabidly defend their great leader. YOU can be the one who would wake the collective consciousness of the masses to the truth behind all the bluster, behind all the honey-coated words.

Yes – your words, your blogs, your vlogs, your social media posts – they can all make a huge difference in turning the battle towards the truth. You may be the catalyst that the movement backed by truth has been waiting for. Your thoughts brought to the consciousness of the collective consciousness of the Filipino people may be the melody that would counteract the siren’s song that has polluted and affected the minds and hearts of so many. It may be the strength of your pen that would save the country from oblivion. Your words may be the saving grace that we need to make sure people would truly understand what is happening in our country – a country slowly being torn apart by people who have their own agenda to support – by people who have been paid to wreak havoc on the consciousness of the Filipino people.

Making a Difference | Social Media Battle: Blogging for Truth, Justice and Everything We Hold Dear

The time to act is now. The time to wage battle has come. The time to fan the flames of civility has come up again. And YOU would be at the forefront of this movement that would sweep the nation back to the right path – the path of greatness carefully laid out by our ancestors for us. The battle will not be easy – nor will it be safe – but as long as there are people who would show that they care about the country and where it is being led, there will always be people who would yearn to make a difference.

This is a standing challenge to all – to use their critical minds, to be vigilant, to be wary of people who would seek to waylay us from the rightful path, from people who would distort words into their own advantage. This is a battle that will be joined, a battle that will be waged – not only now but in the years to come. And you and millions of Filipinos who love the very fabric of this country will be the ones who would be at the center of this maelstrom of truthful and driven change.


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Pinoy Bisniz is a blog about, business, entrepreneurship, and product reviews. If you want to have partnership with us. do send us a message.


  1. this is a worldwide thing not everything you read or even see on tv is the truth. people use half truths and sometimes downright lies to promote their agendas whatever it might be. i always try to form an opinion after i have read or viewed different sources esp those who have nothing to lose or gain. I hope your countrymen head your appeal and start writing the unbiased truth. it is only in truth that true freedom can reign.

  2. bloggers are so important. They’re called influencers for a reason.

  3. Wow! great blog i think your blog can encourage those people who dont speak truth after reading your they might speak truth..

  4. Social media is indeed a powerful medium. It can be used constructively as well as negatively. Indeed social media has the potential to transform into a mass movement as recent events have demonstrated.

  5. What a great analysis on how social media can distort our morals. Staying true to yourself is so important from paid bloggers to personal use. It’s easy to get caught up and try to be someone you think others want you to be.

  6. I am struggling with this as a parent and trying to teach my kids that if you put it on the internet however you do it it is forever. And you have to be conscious of the ramifications it has. Even apps that claim it only lasts for 5 seconds or 24 hours people can still take screenshots and reprint. Thank you for this!

  7. I am definitely for voicing what you truly believe in and will always encourage those to look beyond the surface of what they see. The digital space makes it very easy to create an alternate life/persona and we need to stay true to ourselves

  8. Sometimes we forget how powerful our words are as bloggers. It’s great that you’re encouraging others to speak up

  9. A very interesting post and I understand your point. Truth is also a matter of perspective so my truth could definitely be different to yours.

  10. This is such an insightful post. I agree that what bloggers post is very important. There are so many things happening it’s just very important

  11. I love this! I definitely believe that we should all be using our platforms for the greater good! Great post!

  12. Leigh Anne Borders

    I am a social studies teacher and just this week were talking about this in class. Educating children now on how to look for the truth rather than believe everything they see!

  13. I agree with what bloggers post is important. There’s so much out there nowadays due to the internet.

  14. Click bate and fake news is always so frustrating, especially when you are looking for something and all you can find is fake. It is really annoying to deal with!

  15. This is such an insightful post. It is so easy to forget how big an impact our words can have and how many people see Blogs as true sources of information. We must and should always keep that in mind.

  16. I used to get a great deal of my news on Facebook. It was easier and right there in front of me. But nowadays almost none of it is real – there is so much fake news and I hate it.

  17. Fake news websites are the worst! They always get spread around social media too – and that’s how “Telephone” starts, for sure!

  18. I don’t generally cover political issues on my blog, I am not an expert but I definitely believe in writing and sharing news responsibly so as to not sway my audiences in a negative direction.

  19. I had no idea that fake new is such an issue. good for you for raising awareness for this issue.

  20. I’m always annoyed with fake news. Whenever I surf the Internet and suddenly come across an article, I often wonder where the news is true or not. I couldn’t agree more that we should make a difference social media battle by being honest and truthful. Thanks for sharing this meaningful article.

  21. It’s hard to know who to believe. I try to stay a bit in a bubble, be nice, put good into the world and wish for the best. Fake news, gossip and all that drives me nuts.

  22. Thanks for speaking the truth.. People who don’t know any better who read fake news are quick to believe it and spread it around. Thanks for sharing this

  23. I had no idea that our president was having such a strong and sorrowful impact on your country. I do not like Trump and stand up publicly for what I believe and hold tightly to the other people who feel the same as me. I am so sad to hear what is happening to your people because of this ill equipped and reckless person.

  24. It’s unfortunate that fake news are everywhere. People need to do more researched and be more well-informed.

  25. Thanks for this post. It’s unfortunate that fake news are everywhere. People need to do more researched and be more well-informed.

  26. Always support the truth even if the cost is great! I hate fake news with a passion and I always strive to find the real ones!

  27. Interesting read and some good points, thanks for sharing

  28. It’s definitely important to advocate for what you believe in. I think we must remember in order for us to have opinions that somebody somewhere is going to have a differing one.

  29. This is issue is very relevant and timely, considering almost all Filipinos are very much inclined to what the social media is feeding especially to those innocent minds, especially those who don’t have the background in journalism, those who cannot discern between the fake and real news. Whatever its origin, fake news relies on social media to spread widely and rapidly. We share posts that push our emotional buttons: if something makes us laugh or cry, or angers us, we will share it. That’s why this blog is a mind opener to everyone to become vigilant and sensitive to what we are sharing in social media. Kudos to you Sir!

  30. Sino ba naman kasi ang nag pa simula ng mga troll activities na yan…dapat kasi yong iab nga artista na lang mag eenjoy pa ciguro kami , hindi yong pinipilit na maging kolumnista. Aminin natin marami ding followers ang mga tao na tulad nila..Whats funny about its — mga professional pa yong iba, as if they cannot spot what fake and what is real. I am never a fan of any political person, ang gusto ko lang mag silbi sila ng maayos. kaya hindi na kailangan mag hire ng mga trolls para maipagtangol sila.

  31. Your post reminded me of Pinoy Ako Blogger, who was interviewed last time on TV patrol. Nakakawa because she is already afraid of her life. She is receiving so much bashing and insults , including her physical traits..bakit ba kasi ganito na ang nagiging kultura natin? Yung ibang nambabash nagtatago din naman sa mga fake accounts. Pero kahiot fake accounts naka disturb din kasi emotionally ang mga sinasabi nila…I am with you in makinga difference, for truth, justice and peace.

  32. Sometimes, nakakapanghina na ng loob, nakaktakot din minsan magsalita ng ating saloobin dahil you will be a subect of cyber bullying. My son was even bullied in school just because he express his political stand. He was even forced to deactivate his facebook page for a while, because anyone will just comment nasty things on his post.

  33. I hope that many will be enlightened by this advocacy. This is exactly what we hope for. That people will just be fair, honest and truthful. I agree with you, we can be that person who can make a difference. We can make our light to shine in the midst of crisis that we are facing.

  34. Wow, this is very timely. I really support this advocacy. Sa panahon ngayon na masyadong nauuso ang mga trolls, hindi mo na alam kung sino paniniwalan mo. When you speak your stand and post what you feel on your Facebook, kahit hindi mo friends magco-comment ng mga negative to the point of attacking your personally. My prayer is for people to just be truthful and honest…that they will use the social media properly and not hurt or offend other people.

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