Making a Difference | Social Media Battle: Blogging for Truth, Justice and Everything We Hold Dear

Making a Difference | Social Media Battle: Blogging for Truth, Justice and Everything We Hold Dear

The battle for Philippine supremacy is no longer waged in the battlefields where bullets whizz right by your ears and the sounds of skirmishes dominate the field of combat. Nowadays, the battle has shifted to the digital world, where there are thousands upon thousands of keyboard warriors actively engaged in a warfare no less intense, a warfare no less bloody and a warfare that has the same rewards as those in the physical world. Yes, dears, we are engaged, we are currently locking horns, we are at war in social media and it has huge implications on how the country will be run, on how the country will turn out to be. As we have said, the implications are huge.

The reality is that more and more Filipinos are now relying on social media as their primary source of information, as their primary source of the news. Objective news reports, such as those shown over television and the radio, are now being cast aside for inflammatory news articles that gather steam and seemingly have a life of their own. It seems people are no longer interested in being unbiased, on hearing the unvarnished truth. Nowadays, it seems, people would believe whatever is being spewed forth by social media influencers – those who have no background in journalism are now being heralded as the sources of credible and believable news articles.

And here lies the dilemma that could probably shatter the very thin veil that seems to be keeping us together as a people.

With the unfavorable reviews being received by the present administration, with the way the President is acting, with the way he speaks with unparalleled vulgarity and unbridled machismo, some sectors of Filipino society are lapping up every word that comes from him. Millions of people seem to idolize him and look up to him as a role model. While he does have some good points (and great programs), there are several actuations that make a lot of people cringe because it reeks of impulsiveness and a daredevil, nonchalantly devil-may-care attitude that does not bespeak well of a leader.

He has legions of keyboard warriors that back him up. He has a veritable army of defenders who vehemently attack any individual who dares to speak against him and his cohorts. Frankly speaking, it is dividing the country into factions that would cast the country into chaos.

Making a Difference | Social Media Battle: Blogging for Truth, Justice and Everything We Hold Dear

On one side of the arena are those who have been busily purveying fake news – news that appeal to those who react instinctively. Fake news reports are a dime a dozen and are published on a daily basis. The more dirt it has on a particular person, the better received it seems to be. The more damaging, the more mud-slinging, shamefully embarrassing tidbits are evident in the article, the better.

Objectivity has been lost and is being replaced by such venom that it seemingly affects the critical thinking capability of the masses. They no longer want to think beyond the literal level – they just accept, accept and accept whatever comes out of their idols. They are being led by people who have been using their status as celebrities to influence their thinking – thinking that they are being represented by these influencers in the bigger world.

In the opposite corner of the spectrum, are those who strive to be purveyors of great, balanced articles that show both sides of the coin, that show both sides of the argument. While there are a few who stand up bravely to the seemingly monstrous army of keyboard warriors from the opposite side, they are being harassed, it seems so that they would join the other side. While so far, they have resisted the advances, they are now being attacked vehemently over social media and being touted as mindless, color-driven propagandists who serve the opposition and are being paid to attack the top dog in the country.

And here you see is the dilemma that we are now facing. There is an imbalance in the battlefield and there are still spectators to the battle who seem to be uncommitted and those who do not seem to be interested to fight for what is right. These are the people who need to be convinced to throw their hats in the arena and join the fight – because as long as they are apathetic, they would not be effective warriors. As long as they do not seem to give a damn about the state of the country, then the specter of societal chaos would be a veritable Damocles Sword hanging over our heads.

Making a Difference | Social Media Battle: Blogging for Truth, Justice and Everything We Hold Dear

Yes – you can help in turning this battle to a more favorable end. YOU can turn the tide. YOU can make a difference. YOU can BE the difference. YOU can be the REAL voice of the masses. YOU can be the one who would do battle against the velvet haired enchantress who heads the army of unrelenting, unthinking bashers and die-hards who rabidly defend their great leader. YOU can be the one who would wake the collective consciousness of the masses to the truth behind all the bluster, behind all the honey-coated words.

Yes – your words, your blogs, your vlogs, your social media posts – they can all make a huge difference in turning the battle towards the truth. You may be the catalyst that the movement backed by truth has been waiting for. Your thoughts brought to the consciousness of the collective consciousness of the Filipino people may be the melody that would counteract the siren’s song that has polluted and affected the minds and hearts of so many. It may be the strength of your pen that would save the country from oblivion. Your words may be the saving grace that we need to make sure people would truly understand what is happening in our country – a country slowly being torn apart by people who have their own agenda to support – by people who have been paid to wreak havoc on the consciousness of the Filipino people.

Making a Difference | Social Media Battle: Blogging for Truth, Justice and Everything We Hold Dear

The time to act is now. The time to wage battle has come. The time to fan the flames of civility has come up again. And YOU would be at the forefront of this movement that would sweep the nation back to the right path – the path of greatness carefully laid out by our ancestors for us. The battle will not be easy – nor will it be safe – but as long as there are people who would show that they care about the country and where it is being led, there will always be people who would yearn to make a difference.

This is a standing challenge to all – to use their critical minds, to be vigilant, to be wary of people who would seek to waylay us from the rightful path, from people who would distort words into their own advantage. This is a battle that will be joined, a battle that will be waged – not only now but in the years to come. And you and millions of Filipinos who love the very fabric of this country will be the ones who would be at the center of this maelstrom of truthful and driven change.


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  1. Lemon Grace Ratone

    In the existence of Social Media, communication and exchange of information across countries is made possible in the most convenient way. One of the biggest societal effects of social media is the creation of organization that envisions about change and fair treatment among people. But along with this is the widespread publication of Fake News created by groups with political inclination. It is believed that this fake news, greatly influences the decision making and beliefs of the people most specially during elections. The danger in online manipulation is that it blocks the truth from coming out and giving the people wrong information which affects the public policy improvement and creation of programs. As a responsible citizen, it is our duty to evaluate the news that we read. We must check its Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy and Purpose. We must also know how to distinguish opinion from fact-anyone could not just attack a person without basis or dressed the truth the way they wanted to and then hide in the ideology of freedom of expression. Fake News will never be possible if only readers are responsible and wise enough in information sourcing.

  2. Is essentially a form of disinformation or misinformation and is simply propaganda – gas lighting- social media propaganda tool. It is material designed to mislead, to shape opinion on political decisions and the like in favor of persons or institution.

  3. Ma. Celina Venus-Mijares

    The most common fake stories we hear about revolve around politics. But we cannot undermine the impact that fake news stories have had on society in general. Let us be aware that misinformation can spread with an enormous speed. If you see a story that strongly provokes an emotional response, try to go to the source of the story. Validate! A news outlet that hides the materials is an outlet to avoid. Be cautious!

  4. Erfem Donasco

    Filipinos in general no matter how educated or intelligent are always overpowered or ruled by emotions. So fake news or not, most of the Filipinos based their judgement of fake news through how they feel.

  5. Marianne Bathan

    To protect ourselves from fake news, let’s just know the facts first before we argue. Social media can be damaging if not used properly. It was made to make communication more convenient, it is not a venue for pointless virtual fights.

  6. Donn Thaddaeus D. Coronado

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH! But do they know how to use their Freedom of Speech? If not then better abstain from posting any questionable news that make disarray to all individuals who relies upon online life’s bigmouths and don’t have enough time to check the unwavering quality of the said news. Individuals’ perspectives and sentiment is generally concurred that every individual ought to have the privilege to express whatever message he or she need to pass on, as long that they are responsible for what they say. The right to speak freely is ensured by Law, however they are not aware to think that assaulting a person for their varying supposition is a great approach to rehearse opportunity of articulation?
    For me it is depend for the motives as long it is a decent practice, in light of the fact that being a media man, essayist or proofreader is a privilege to let the general public recognized what are the genuine things happened and not as a right to be utilized in controlling the general public’s conviction.
    So it is prescribed for us to validate all the news and we need to be vigilante for the things occurring in social media.

  7. Donn Thaddaeus D. Coronado

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH! But do they know how to use their Freedom of Speech? If not then better abstain from posting any questionable news that make disarray to all individuals who relies upon online life’s bigmouths and don’t have enough time to check the unwavering quality of the said news. Individuals’ perspectives and sentiment is generally concurred that every individual ought to have the privilege to express whatever message he or she need to pass on, as long that they are responsible for what they say. The right to speak freely is ensured by Law, however they are not aware to think that assaulting a person for their varying supposition is a great approach to rehearse opportunity of articulation?
    For me it’s anything as long it is a decent practice, in light of the fact that being a media man, essayist or proofreader is a benefit for us to let the general public recognized what are the genuine things happened and not as a right to be utilized in controlling the general public.
    So it is prescribed for us to validate all the news we get and be vigilante for the things occurring in social media.

  8. Social medias is a powerful tool because some people are already dependent to it especially when it comes to the latest news, because of course, we, people living in a corporate world, we don’t have much time to scan newspaper, listening to radio and even watching television. But some people are using social media in spreading fake news, they even use their “famous names” to influence the people or make the people believe in what they are posting. As a responsible social media user we should be wise enough in sharing posts, we must make sure that this is true and with basis because every post that we share somehow represents what kind of person we are.

  9. Geiczar Ross D. Real

    Fake news – as cited by a researcher, Alex Gelfert, in his 2018 study “Fake News: A Definition” – he argued that it is a deliberate and premeditated display of false information and inaccurate allegation as news.
    With the advent of globalization, technologies made innovative and great convenience when it comes to faster communication and distribution of information – either factual or not. In this what we call ‘Digital Age’, social media [such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others] are the best media platforms in creating and burdening this social stigma [Fake News]. Fake news journalist makes a thorough and calculated information and these fake news disconnects the people from the reality and make themselves [fake news] as the authentic and legitimate entities playing in the real-world.
    In this world full of deception, Let us educate and train ourselves up to the very extent of our resources and knowledge to determine what the determinants of this social problem are.
    To free our mind from this fraudulent act, let us always keep this in our mind. 1.) Validate and question your resources; 2.) Disregard your personal opinion and be objective with your judgement; 3.) Always check the publisher and the publication date; and 4.) Verify information to multiple credible resources.
    Let me conclude this with a quote by Enrico Fermi “Ignorance is never better than knowledge”.

  10. Jholina B. Indac

    Fake news are spreading everywhere all over social media most likely in facebook. We tend to click different links , like exploring or being curious to different news trend.We don’t know anymore what is fact or opinion. It has a big impact to our society as we depend reading news in face book or google unlike reading news paper. I think the government should promote strong professional journalism and high level of literacy to every schools all over the country.

  11. Jasmin G. Gura

    It is quite sad that there are people who use propaganda / use the social media just for their own benefit. But what can we do? Though, we do not have power to prevent them spreading fake news but we have the power to be intelligent and wise enough to do ways / actions to confirm what is right and just. We have given by our Almighty the intellectual capacity to understand, to decipher and to project what is happening around us.
    By using our sound judgment, by knowing the credibility of the source of the information, by daily updating ourselves to what is happening around us, these may help us define what is our stand on some issues and that we may not be fooled by these people spreading fake news.
    Since we understand that social media is a powerful tool to influence others, it is better to start it to ourselves to share the information using The Four Way Test: (1) Is it the truth? (2) Is it fair to all concerned? (3) Will it build goodwill and better relationship? (4) Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
    Let us make a difference. A “better difference”.

  12. Gekka Kaye Eusebio

    Fake news- this is very rampant nowadays with the use especially social media and soon after being spread by word of mouth. People talk about an issue regardless if they have proven it real or not. In this case, the journalist should be the one to be mindful of the ethical standard of journalism. It is clear that part of the ethics is to publish what’s true; by spreading fake news, they are already violating that rule. However, in the case of the audiences, it would also be good if we check the links carefully whether they are known to spread hoaxes or if ever we just heard it from someone else, just be convinced if it only came from a reliable source.

  13. Mark A. Gadayan

    I usually don’t take/join fake news or social media battle. I have my own side and i stick to it no matter what fake news has been thrown to my favored side. I usually don’t undergo PREMATURE JUDGEMENT, so better others may do also. All I can say is just read and ignored, then read more and more!


    Fake news – as what it is called – it is fake and not true. Everyday in our Facebook feed, we frequently see shared posts of these fake news and not a few times, we believed them. The best way to not be a victim of these fake news is to not share this posts unless otherwise it is from a very reliable source. Everytime I come across a news, I don’t just rely on that particular article, instead I go to other sources just to make sure that that particular news is true and factual. And as much as possible I don’t comment on any issue especially about politics because it is full of people who comments just for the sake of blurting their emotions out on social media and they end up having fights with other commenters .
    In conclusion, can’t we just post or share things in social media that can inspire others and motivates them to do good after reading your posts? Yes, we can!

  15. Glyziel Z. Lambating

    Many people rely on social media. Lets admit it, as a working individual we don’t have enough time to watch news on tv. We are being notified of what was happening around us through social medias since technology makes our life easier. And fake news are everywhere. It becomes one our biggest problem especially here in Philippines for it can be a threat to democracy. Sad to say, most Filipinos can be easily deceived. They believe the said news if the one spreading it is famous. Other famous individuals even hire internet “trolls” just to spread more lies and to argue with those who doesn’t believe with that “fake news”. Educated or not, we should not believe in everything we see in social medias. It might be the most shared post or it can be the “talk of the town” or shared by the most famous individual but it doesn’t mean that these are reliable. We should stop this. Lets stop spreading lies. Don’t share any post that you are not 100% sure if it’s true. Do some research before spreading information because false information can create confusion and argument.

  16. Gene Claude Mapa

    Social media is LIFE. This is how I define social media.
    We express our sentiments; we post our photos through facebook, instagram and etc. But as we are browsing our social media accounts, we can also read some of the latest news happening in the Philippine government, showbiz, sports and international issues.
    In reading an article through this medium of communication, we must apply the attitude of professional scepticism. We need to find out first if the news is reliable in nature.
    Fake news is a rampant problem in the Philippines right now. It brought a negative impact in our country today. I can say that politics is the major influence of the fake news issue. And I believe that spreading fake news is a prominent issue right now. We need to validate and check on what is reality. False information can affect the lives of people. It can create fear in the hearts of people especially if the fake news is somehow dangerous. Let us be a catalyst of change. We should use social media properly. Integrity of information must be practiced.

  17. Ronald Ross L. Lubiano

    Fake News are not just threat to the economy and democracy, but also to individuality. Keyboard warriors and internet trolls have pride and ego higher than their brain. Pride and ego are the main ingredients for chaos. News are controlled by people who have the power to control it. This is also applied on the fake news. In order to avoid being a victim of the fake news, epoche and do your research thoroughly.

  18. Jonathan Reeve B. Miranda

    Fake news makes people wondering if they should believe what they are reading, watching, and even hearing. We all know that spreading fake news is not good for our community and of course, country. I believe that if fake news will continue to spread,there will be chaos.
    We should know how to determine fake news from real news. Like for example, we should know if the source/s of the news are reliable. Also, try to look for the date it was published, who published it, etc. We can also look for other articles posted and compare it to each other to see what is really true.

  19. Krizah Ann T. Ramos

    This topic is very relevant nowadays, knowing that a lot of Filipino is very active on their various social media accounts. Fake news could really be easily spread knowing that a lot of people have access to it. If some people’s view of a certain thing and happening is from someone they idolize, or the person is famous and make them their role model, sometimes what they tell and what they would see would become the truth. Knowing that they are a well-known people, other people would think and vouch for whatever they stand. But I still stand that everyone has there own knowledge of the truth and what to believe in. And just because something is popular it is the truth and not everything that is true is always popular.

  20. Liza Chan

    Mahatma Gandhi once said “You must be the change you wish to see the world”, is a very challenging statement we need to face as a Filipino citizen. Make a difference, thru words, blogs, vlogs, social media posts, is being considered as a medium is a medium to express our thoughts and ideas, that somehow make an impact to every individual in turning the battle towards the truth. But is there such thing as truth in this generation where social media and fake news are realities that we see everyday? Where, fake news now poses a greatest threats to democracy and economy. Fake news typically spread fasts and reach people than accurate stories. Based on the study of Serge Moscovici in 2014,minorities q can exert influence on the opinions of majority, sometimes ignored the rational evidence and believed the false statement. If fake news threats the democracy and economy, will it have also an impact emotionally and mentally? I guess that is where we make a difference….

  21. Regine Ann F. Estimada

    The emergence of social media changes the information and communication technology and a lot of people indeed rely on issues or news they read in it. And they just accept this information easily without a doubt especially if the people spreading this news are famous. A lot of us do not bother to verify if these informations are indeed reliable and we just start ranting about it which leads to wars in social media. With the advance technology it is easy for people to spread fake news in social media with just one click, so I think we should be heedful of the things we read online; it is important that we verify the details or the information we read before we click the share or like button.

  22. Joshua Japitana

    In a world where everyone has an easy access to the internet, spreading lies is as easy as a snap of a finger.

    As internet users, we should already be aware of this. If we can easily upload our pictures on the internet, so are the deceivers. We should not let ourselves be DECEIVED! Seeing it on facebook, twitter or instagram with thousands of likes or shares does not make it real or legit. We should always be vigilant.

    Below are some suggestions on how we can help ourselves not be a victim of fake news:

    1. Validate the source- Always make sure that the source came from a reputable website or channel.

    2. Check if the author is credible- Check the credibility of the author. Is the author a member of the press, with a degree on journalism or just an ordinary citizen who just merely expressing his opinion without facts.

    3. Use your sound judgement- Do not let your emotions overtake you. Do not react to the news right away specially if its very provocative. Take a deep breath first so you can think clearly and not be a victim of fake news.

    We, humans, as thinking animals, has a gift of logic. we should use it to determine what is right and what is wrong. For we are now living in a world where it is so hard to distinguish the truth from lie. Where the concept of truth is twisted and the reality seems to be unreal and elusive.

  23. That’s for sure! We hold the truth, in our hands!

  24. I hate click hate dnd fake news. I hope more people will practice integrity when using social media.

  25. That is why I do not trust anyone. I only trust my instinct. I dont even cast my vote for many years now. I have full of resentment of the Filipino government and I am not ashamed to be read by anyone else on here. I also do not trust to what is being published in the news and I do not even read or watching news anymore . Only one thing in my mind. “It will never change” it only bring the country into chaos and it will only make people killing each other. Only few, very few people left in this world who is honest, has integrity left and still fighting for what is right and wrong and BIG salute to them. Why people love publishing all this fake negative news. Because of their selfish desire and all greed. I fully agree and big tumps up to this article. Your an advocacy to this battle and I am with you. We as an individual can “MAKE A DIFFERENCE”. People sometimes lost their being patriotic to their country. I admit I had once before. Now I have fully realized that “evil will always be an evil” and we as an individual can make a huge impact, make a change, and fight for what is right only if “WE” go hand in hand together. Thank you freedom of speech. Thank you a million times to this article.



  27. Van Allain Cordero

    Self-awareness is the key before we let the news sink it in to our heads. Regardless if it fake news or not. It is our responsibility to do our own research before we react in things especially if it involves other people. This is also one of the downside of social media, people use other influential people to spread this kind of viruses to our society. Nevertheless, that is also applicable in any aspects in life. Advantages and disadvantages is inevitable but as a responsible individual we are and must always be optimistic in any way.

  28. Frich Adricula

    Yes. Fake news could not be stopped. But, I guess ignoring it and taking the time to research the actual information from the real source could be a start. People do not need to only take one side of the story. Perhaps listening to another may bring a clearer understanding to what the actual situation is. Fake news can equate to chaos and chaos could bring us to collapse. The power of words could either build or destroy. In the past, this could take a lot of effort. But with social media? I guess each one of us needs to be careful nowadays.

  29. Joenelyn Esquia

    Well said! We all know that social media is very open when it comes to the opinions, ideas, and criticisms of people which is both on the positive ang negative side things. With this, we need to be mindful on how we consider and understand the things we read, post, and do because one thing can became instant viral on social media.

  30. Joie B. Cabillos

    For me, I completely agree with what the article is really concerned of, it is hammered more on how people use social media in ranting. Social media is created for communication, though we are in a country that expressing ourselves is a culture. We also have to have to set boundaries. More than being encouraged to be defendants of truth, for me, if we fight back through social media the bashers ,then we are encouraging them to do more of what we want to actually stop. I believe that what we have to do is to magnify more of the truth to be said and bring clarity than focusing on how we can attack the bashers. In this cases, our response is our responsibility and it is very crucial. If we are trying to stop social media bashing then our response should reflect what we want to happen, we don’t fight back but instead we bring clarity.

  31. David Toledanes

    The gift and problem, both a pro and a con, of social media is that opinions can now be easily posted, and received, when and where opinions shouldn’t matter nor count. An even greater problem are opinions that pose as facts, or most probably opinions that readers lazily and unquestioningly read as facts. Ultimately, the greatest problem in this whole debacle is that readers do not take the time to do their own research as there are other around that do it for them to feed on. So I do, totally, agree that we can make a difference. We don’t have to be the voice of masses nor be warriors for a certain side of the political fence. The time we start to actually do our own research, start owning truths, start building our own opinions base on our research and facts, without rubbing it in others faces, is already a step in creating a ripple of change.

  32. jan edward estilo

    i agree that social media battle can really affect our lives.. Although its technically battle what we have posted can be a big influence to those readers with much ideas or likes that we set a fire in our own home,but this was good to encourage some to speak thier comments or ideas.

  33. Marie Joe Cocoy

    We usually observe that numerous fake news reports are now proliferating over the internet. Few examples are news about a celebrity who passed away recently or a political icon who was elected and made some changes in the current policies. However, the authenticity of the article published online fails to verify it because the person who published the article is not an official journalist or only a fandom ( one – sided opinion or blog). As a student who is aware of the current issues, I must say that we need to clear our minds in a responsible way of relaying info to the public, we must start within ourselves – this is to prevent conflicting interest. Every detailed post comes with the principle of fairness and just because the public deserves to know the realness of the info.


    Social media can be a powerful instrument to influence/to inform someone. Some people take it negatively or positively. We can’t control the reactions of the readers about the information posted or uploaded online. Anyone can access these kind of information easily on cellphone and computers. Since we are a free country people keep on posting any information online. It doesn’t mean that we can post/upload information which are not true online. Because maybe we are destroying someone’s life or identity. For readers make sure that the article/information that you are accessing/reading online are based on facts not on “Chismis”.

  35. Zayra Monique Roque

    We now have the greatest infrastructure humanity has ever known. We can now say anything we like with the possibility that anyone in the world might read it. Thanks to the web, blogs and social media, publishing is now fully democratized. As a writer, you cannot expect everyone to believe everything that you’re writing, and as a reader, you also cannot rely that everything you read on social media is accurate and neutral. We all have the power to express ourselves with the help of our fingertips; we just have to remember to think before we click.

  36. Genesis genovia

    Social media is a big scope wherein you cannot have the assurance if that specific issue is correct or not;
    People posting in social maybe on positive or negative side, there is no wrong in posting or sharing thoughts and opinions where we can easily express our ideas; however people mostly in politics uses social media to impose black propaganda against each other and can be shared by everyone and can create a bigger impact to the society aside from the word of mouth which can also create chaos. Let us not just rely in social media alone. We need to make sure that the information we are getting are correct to avoid fakenews and black propagandas. Peace!

  37. James Luberas

    The hard part is there are a lot of news that we don’t know if it is true or not. Some people fall for it. We have to really educate ourselves before even joining the fight. We need to make sure what we stand for is correct or else we would just be another victim of the propaganda.

  38. Teddy Narciso Catubay

    I would highly recommend or agree to this post since whether we like it or not
    we belong to one country that has so much passion in expressing everyone’s
    opinion because of democracy government or freedom.
    Nowadays, there is always a battle in social media because of opposite point of
    views of everyone,or religion, or group, and organizations. My stand for this is
    that we can voice out whatever our opinions are as long as the basis is guided by
    the proper education or sound or sane mind and heart so that respect and love will
    emerge despite of diverse stands,opinions ,bring up and etc
    that may cause chaos,or commotion.
    At the end of the day, we belong to one country that needs unity for the
    betterment of future generations.
    So think and use social media wisely.

  39. Fake news are everywhere and are inevitable .There are some that can easily be fooled and there are others that are too inquisitive to know what is right . We can totally change everything by just posting our views and opinions online and its everybody’s prerogative to know and find out the truth behind covert lies. Making a difference is feasible , a catalyst for change .

  40. Nowadays social media is so powerful that it can ruin your life in an instant. Anyone can make stories or even fake news just to destroy someones life or make them famous. When someone posted a news on social media most filipinos would react or post negative or positive comment and take sides without even researching or without even listening to the opposing sides, We react with what we read and what we feel about it. And if someone stand up for what he/she believes is right if the administration doesn’t like it then they can order anyone under them to attack that person using social media. The only thing that we can do now is hope that in the future social media will be used to unite the people and not destroy one another.

  41. Today we are in line with current technology, especially when we use it to express our thoughts and our own intentions. In the new era, social media has broad implications for the community, and awareness of the right information is essential to have fair and clear observation / assessment.

  42. this is a worldwide thing not everything you read or even see on tv is the truth. people use half truths and sometimes downright lies to promote their agendas whatever it might be. i always try to form an opinion after i have read or viewed different sources esp those who have nothing to lose or gain. I hope your countrymen head your appeal and start writing the unbiased truth. it is only in truth that true freedom can reign.

  43. bloggers are so important. They’re called influencers for a reason.

  44. Wow! great blog i think your blog can encourage those people who dont speak truth after reading your they might speak truth..

  45. Social media is indeed a powerful medium. It can be used constructively as well as negatively. Indeed social media has the potential to transform into a mass movement as recent events have demonstrated.

  46. What a great analysis on how social media can distort our morals. Staying true to yourself is so important from paid bloggers to personal use. It’s easy to get caught up and try to be someone you think others want you to be.

  47. I am struggling with this as a parent and trying to teach my kids that if you put it on the internet however you do it it is forever. And you have to be conscious of the ramifications it has. Even apps that claim it only lasts for 5 seconds or 24 hours people can still take screenshots and reprint. Thank you for this!

  48. I am definitely for voicing what you truly believe in and will always encourage those to look beyond the surface of what they see. The digital space makes it very easy to create an alternate life/persona and we need to stay true to ourselves

  49. Sometimes we forget how powerful our words are as bloggers. It’s great that you’re encouraging others to speak up

  50. A very interesting post and I understand your point. Truth is also a matter of perspective so my truth could definitely be different to yours.

  51. This is such an insightful post. I agree that what bloggers post is very important. There are so many things happening it’s just very important

  52. I love this! I definitely believe that we should all be using our platforms for the greater good! Great post!

  53. Leigh Anne Borders

    I am a social studies teacher and just this week were talking about this in class. Educating children now on how to look for the truth rather than believe everything they see!

  54. I agree with what bloggers post is important. There’s so much out there nowadays due to the internet.

  55. Click bate and fake news is always so frustrating, especially when you are looking for something and all you can find is fake. It is really annoying to deal with!

  56. This is such an insightful post. It is so easy to forget how big an impact our words can have and how many people see Blogs as true sources of information. We must and should always keep that in mind.

  57. I used to get a great deal of my news on Facebook. It was easier and right there in front of me. But nowadays almost none of it is real – there is so much fake news and I hate it.

  58. Fake news websites are the worst! They always get spread around social media too – and that’s how “Telephone” starts, for sure!

  59. I don’t generally cover political issues on my blog, I am not an expert but I definitely believe in writing and sharing news responsibly so as to not sway my audiences in a negative direction.

  60. Shannon Sawicki

    I had no idea that fake new is such an issue. good for you for raising awareness for this issue.

  61. I’m always annoyed with fake news. Whenever I surf the Internet and suddenly come across an article, I often wonder where the news is true or not. I couldn’t agree more that we should make a difference social media battle by being honest and truthful. Thanks for sharing this meaningful article.

  62. It’s hard to know who to believe. I try to stay a bit in a bubble, be nice, put good into the world and wish for the best. Fake news, gossip and all that drives me nuts.

  63. Thanks for speaking the truth.. People who don’t know any better who read fake news are quick to believe it and spread it around. Thanks for sharing this

  64. I had no idea that our president was having such a strong and sorrowful impact on your country. I do not like Trump and stand up publicly for what I believe and hold tightly to the other people who feel the same as me. I am so sad to hear what is happening to your people because of this ill equipped and reckless person.

  65. It’s unfortunate that fake news are everywhere. People need to do more researched and be more well-informed.

  66. Thanks for this post. It’s unfortunate that fake news are everywhere. People need to do more researched and be more well-informed.

  67. Always support the truth even if the cost is great! I hate fake news with a passion and I always strive to find the real ones!

  68. Interesting read and some good points, thanks for sharing

  69. It’s definitely important to advocate for what you believe in. I think we must remember in order for us to have opinions that somebody somewhere is going to have a differing one.

  70. This is issue is very relevant and timely, considering almost all Filipinos are very much inclined to what the social media is feeding especially to those innocent minds, especially those who don’t have the background in journalism, those who cannot discern between the fake and real news. Whatever its origin, fake news relies on social media to spread widely and rapidly. We share posts that push our emotional buttons: if something makes us laugh or cry, or angers us, we will share it. That’s why this blog is a mind opener to everyone to become vigilant and sensitive to what we are sharing in social media. Kudos to you Sir!

  71. Sino ba naman kasi ang nag pa simula ng mga troll activities na yan…dapat kasi yong iab nga artista na lang mag eenjoy pa ciguro kami , hindi yong pinipilit na maging kolumnista. Aminin natin marami ding followers ang mga tao na tulad nila..Whats funny about its — mga professional pa yong iba, as if they cannot spot what fake and what is real. I am never a fan of any political person, ang gusto ko lang mag silbi sila ng maayos. kaya hindi na kailangan mag hire ng mga trolls para maipagtangol sila.

  72. Your post reminded me of Pinoy Ako Blogger, who was interviewed last time on TV patrol. Nakakawa because she is already afraid of her life. She is receiving so much bashing and insults , including her physical traits..bakit ba kasi ganito na ang nagiging kultura natin? Yung ibang nambabash nagtatago din naman sa mga fake accounts. Pero kahiot fake accounts naka disturb din kasi emotionally ang mga sinasabi nila…I am with you in makinga difference, for truth, justice and peace.

  73. Sometimes, nakakapanghina na ng loob, nakaktakot din minsan magsalita ng ating saloobin dahil you will be a subect of cyber bullying. My son was even bullied in school just because he express his political stand. He was even forced to deactivate his facebook page for a while, because anyone will just comment nasty things on his post.

  74. I hope that many will be enlightened by this advocacy. This is exactly what we hope for. That people will just be fair, honest and truthful. I agree with you, we can be that person who can make a difference. We can make our light to shine in the midst of crisis that we are facing.

  75. Leo Bermudez

    Wow, this is very timely. I really support this advocacy. Sa panahon ngayon na masyadong nauuso ang mga trolls, hindi mo na alam kung sino paniniwalan mo. When you speak your stand and post what you feel on your Facebook, kahit hindi mo friends magco-comment ng mga negative to the point of attacking your personally. My prayer is for people to just be truthful and honest…that they will use the social media properly and not hurt or offend other people.

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