Christmas Shopping Tips | SMX Shoes and Bags Sale


Christmas Shopping Tips | SMX Shoes and Bags Sale

Bags are great gift items to be given away

Christmas Shopping Tips | SMX Shoes and Bags Sale


Christmas is the most wonderful time of year!

During this season gift giving will always be part of our traditions.

And yes, SM City Bacolod is now having its Pre- Christmas SMX Shoes and Bags Sale at the Function Hall 1, SMX Convention Center Bacolod. You still have so much time to shop at the grand sale which will be until November 19, 2017.

You will surely get crazy seeing great brands on Sale for up to 70% off. With more than 50 brands having their selected items put on sale up to 50% off.

For brand lovers of Merell, Kipling, Pony, Skechers, Reebok, FBarbie, Fila, Sperry, Keds, Fisher Price, and much more -you shouldn’t miss this event.

To complete your shopping list, some clothes are also put on sale too. What is so amazing about this sale is that some items were even shipped all the way from Manila to be included in this grand sale event.

Christmas Shopping Tips | SMX Shoes and Bags Sale

If you are coming from a large family like me, buying gifts especially for the kids is always a big deal. So here are some tips to help you with your Christmas Shopping.

1.Set some savings for the season.

Oh well, this might apply for the next season. But since we have Christmas every year, it would be best to plan anyway.

To others, this may not be their priority. But let’s face it if you want to share and make your family happy it would be best to have little savings for Christmas Shopping.

Just like traveling, I also set aside a budget for gift giving especially for the kids in the family. With this, It won’t really hurt much my wallet when December comes.

2. Shop as early as you can.

I love “Sale”. So whenever there’s a sale in the mall, I would shop and whenever, I see a great item at a great price I would get it immediately.

I always keep the sizes of the shoes of the kids in my wallet. So during the SMX Shoe and Bag Sale, I just grab the opportunity to buy some shoes for the kids which are normally eating a large chunk of my budget.

Christmas Shopping Tips | SMX Shoes and Bags Sale

I have to buy also for myself…!

3. Don’t worry about making things even.

Your gifts may not be even for everyone in the family. Some gifts I only get at PHP 250 (because I took them at 70% off) while some gifts I bought at PHP 1,000 to 2,000, especially the shoes for boys.

To make an impression that you are fair to everyone especially the kids, just buy one pattern or design of gift wrappers so that each one would see that they are getting the same gift bag/box to open.

4. Focus on traditions and fun instead of gifts.

Make the gift giving fun for the entire family. Organize some fun fair like games to make the event more enjoyable for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Go and shop at SMX Shoes and Bag Sale.

Christmas Shopping Tips | SMX Shoes and Bags Sale


  1. Wala bang make-up and housewares? Definitely we will visit SM today 🙂 tanx. Merry Christmas

  2. We were there yesterday. God new luggage for our trip next year. Sir, send you PM regarding the travel guide. Hope you got it. Thanx 🙂

  3. Wow, grabe siya..nauna talaga!! happy to see you Sir.Merry Christmas!!!

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