Most men started to have hair loss the moment they reach their 50’s, but others started to have hair loss as early as 20’s

While baldness is not a disease, it can be very worrying and can cause one to lose his or her self- esteem. While I am not really afraid to get bald, but If I have the option why would I go bald?

Baldness I suppose is more common among men. I have uncles who were bald and my younger brother is now showing signs of hair loss.  He started to have a receding hairline and now starting to lose hairs on top of his head.

Oh well, as much as possible I would do everything to slow down the process or even stop baldness in my case.

So, I tried this Novuhair 2-in-1 pack which include the Novuhair Herbal Shampoo and Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion.

Novuhair is claimed to be an effective solution for those who are experiencing hair thinning, hair loss, and bald patches. It is also recommended for people who wanted a natural alternative to stimulating hair growth.


Why I opted to use Novuhair?

Novuhair is said to have natural ingredients that will surely help one to grow hair naturally. The following are the ingredients used in Novuhair products:

Ginger – this ingredient is great for enhancing blood circulation. It is a good hair bulb nutrient and effective hair grower and stimulant. Ginger is a good antiseptic and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Horse Radish Leaf – this ingredient contains a Sulphur compound called thiocyanate which is highly connected to the hair bulbs and averts hair fall.

Indian Pennywort – this ingredient enhances blood circulation and a good anti-oxidant. It definitely aids hair growth.

Virgin Coconut Oil – another known ingredient in the moisturising scalp and improving blood circulation, stimulating hair follicles to promote hair growth and controls dandruff.

Ginseng – cultivates hair growth, stops hair fall and a good blood circulation enhancer.

Indian Gooseberry – another natural component of Novuhair which is said to be effective in preventing hair loss and growth of gray hairs. It can be nourishing to the scalp and hair.

 Aloe Vera – the popular Aloe vera is antifungal, anti-bacterial and prevents hair loss. It serves as a natural conditioner and hair growth stimulant.

Black Pepper – this ingredient is great in detoxifying and disinfecting. It is also very good in stimulating and improving blood circulation. 

Vitamin H – known as nail and hair vitamin. It enhances hair and great in preventing hair loss.

Vitamin B5 – a known skin and hair nutrients for rejuvenation. It is connected to the prevention of hair loss and prevention of gray hair

Shikakai – good for scalp cleansing, preventing hair fall and dandruff. This ingredient is also connected in the promotion of hair growth.

Lavender and Rosemary– a good disinfectant and promotes scalp blood circulation and hair growth. It battles dandruff.

Propanediol – a good moisturizer



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