Maximizing the Power of Social Media Influencers

Maximizing the Power of Social Media Influencers

 We live in a world that is more connected than ever. While some may attribute this interconnection to the weaving of the multitude of networks called the “internet,” others relate to the idea with their regular use of the social media.

In business, this is a telltale sign of a lucrative environment to make good business with. Where people of the same feathers flock, expect that there is money to be made in that crowd.

A Visible Trend

 At least, for the 2.6 billion people who make use of this technology as part of their day-to-day lives, the idea is all so true. Given our current total population which counts at 7.6 billion, it only means that there is still a lot of space on the internet for other people to join in on the fun.

As of the years 2015 to 2017, there had been some significant rise among social media and mobile social users at 10% and 17%, respectively. This may seem like a small number from the outset, but based on people numbering in few billions, the real number is actually big particularly for a 2-year span of growth.

So, the prospect of the number of social media and mobile social users is identified, but how about their usage and habit?

As it turns out, these data too are not that obscure following a certain benchmark. The result was rather surprising, to say the least: an average social media or mobile social user has at least 5 unique accounts under his name and could spend an at close to 2 hours on the platform per day.

This finding is, in fact, still reflective of people’s healthy social media habit as opposed to those who are too addicted to it.

So, what does this spell for business?

A lot, in a good way.

A Positive Influence Towards Business

In the same way that many consumers are making a great presence in the social media sphere, many brands have also adapted to the idea of letting their brands be seen in this great multitude.

It is inevitable therefore not to see the social media as more than just a mixture of people who wanted to connect and share valuable contents to the world but also as a hub for business to make money with. But this is hardly surprising because, knowing social media, it is business at its very core—it merely only paved the way for commerce to thrive in it.

At the rightmost conditions, the social media is a pivotal facilitator for driving a strong brand exposure to a mass of followers in the hopes of attracting them and enable engagement. But while building a strong brand impression may always be the initial step in tapping on social media’s role in improving business, the real benefit lies from its positive affect towards sales generation and the foundation of the loyal consumer base.

Yes, using the social media for advertisement similar to other means. However, what trumps this method over other ways is how cost-effective it is. Just imagine shoving a few bucks to get your brand presence across millions of followers when it would cost a fortune to do it in another way, often also restricted by a stiff duration.

Everyone as a Social Media Influencer

Back in the days when it is the most popular who often take the spotlight at endorsing products, the cost of advertising a product through such persons is relatively expensive. At least, that is the case if you are looking at a celebrity whose name is a household staple as a bottle of perfume.

However, this all seemed to have changed when social media began and everyone can be turned instant endorser—or celebrity, depending on how you want to call it—so long as they meet the right conditions. Commonly, a large following from across multiple platforms.

Technically, the very label “social media influencer” also speaks for itself as an internet jargon. Literally, it could be anyone who is deemed influential enough to be auspicious towards a certain brand or product. As such, it can anyone like you and me.

Non-celeb social media influencers work because, like the real celebrities that are adored by many people, there are relatively lesser known individuals who actually have the capacity to affect those within their sphere of influence. For most people, this could start among family member and friends and even extend as far as the peers.

Of course, the real effective social media influencers are those who have a very wide sphere of influence across groups of people and not just those that are personally-linked to the person. As such, when you found the right influencer from a mass of people, expect to reap great benefits from very little tradeoff. Hence, the growing prominence of random people suddenly becoming influencers on their own right.

The Downsides in the use of Social Media Influencers

While there may be a great bounty in investing so little from a random influencer, the result, however, is not always certain, even to the one whose profile puts shame to real celebs.

Here are a few indicators why a particular influencer may not be cut out for the role, with business in mind:

  1. Numbers that do not reflect quality

The influencer in the topic may have some followers numbering in millions but if his ability to convert sales or build further additions to the loyal consumer base is far lower than expected, then that is wasted potential. The number of followers means nothing if the person does not have the right charm to make them do something for the benefit of the product being endorsed. The person may only be good at networking with many people but are less capable of affecting them in any way.

  1. Money-driven, not passionate about the brand

Money is such a powerful tool, it can literally make people work for something they are not even passionate about in the first place. It is hardly surprising for some influencers therefore to gather as many products to endorse even with the idea of entertaining conflicting brands.

  1. Not fit for the actual product

This is perhaps the most telling sign that a chosen influencer may not be cut out for the product he or she was given to endorse: not fitting enough for it. It goes juxtaposed to the idea about the influencer being passionate—or at least, renowned—about the thing he or she endorses. For example, do not expect to generate positive response trying to sell a whitening cream product using an influencer who was not even dark-skinned.


In conclusion, Social Media and Influencers are of great value to any business.  Businesses, however, should choose the right influencers to endorse their product. One that doesn’t have only large followers on his social media platforms but equally important is that he delivers relevant content and trusted by his readers.


  1. Amelita Villaguas Paurillo

    The best & most effective social media platform at this time is facebook. Since most people not only Filipino are using facebook, this will also be used marketing strategy to sell the products and services of my business. just a click information may spread worldwide which means many has the chance to have an access on the products and services I have posted on facebook.

  2. media is a great should know how to use it..
    Great write up..

  3. Social Media is here to stay, especially for business and advertising. It is an industry still gaining respect, but none the less a good one.

  4. Social Media Influencer’s plays a big role nowadays. Everywhere you go, from malls, to downtowns, billboards you can see images of people who has a big influence to the market. Image branding is very well known now adays. Example of “Keeping up with the Kardashians-Keeping up with the Social Media”. They were always on the media, they hire specialist to update their fb accounts, twitter, etc. They even have their clothing lines called “Dash” taken from their family name. They make their own brands from their own image to the public. How you influence people by following your udpates and almost every seconds of the day. People follow them where they dined last night, what they’ve worn in awards, and even how many cars they’ve bought already and even following up on their personal lives. People are getting addicted to them already. They make millions of dollars every shows. This is how social media/and brand marketing works. However, social media becomes unhealthy if you are addicted already. The “Not fit for actual product” caught my attention and it makes me laugh when I read it. Filipino advertisements always puts opposite to what they trying to convey to the public. Why you have to endrose whitening products to encourage dark-skinned to use the products if the endorser is already white. Why not get an endorser who is really a dark-skinned not just in TV but also in pesonal. People see them anyway in public. The article indeed, does not just helping products to be known to the public but also it gives an impact to individual how the social media becomes unhealthy if you are already addicted to it.



  6. Van Allain Cordero

    Using social media can save a lot of bucks, especially to those who would like to start up businesses. It is low cost and can be very effective when it comes to advertising. Posting your product in social media is just the same as posting a your adds in a billboard near robinsonsbacolod.
    However, it is sad to say that other people are taking advantage of the online society. Scammers as what we call them both from the buyers abd the sellers. if only we could eliminate those people then online transactions can be easy and safe to everyone.

  7. Frich Adricula

    Social Media has been the main aspect not only to personal and agendas within the community, but also to larger uses like politics or business. Social media is fast and can be a reliable source of information that could not only bring profit, but could also cause destruction. You could write about how delicious the food in a restaurant is and at the same time, could destroy the reputation of the owner of that business within mere hours or seconds. How powerful social media is? We don’t know yet. But seeing the present with all the influences that could cause businesses to prosper and politicians to win, we see its potential and can say that it will be the future.

  8. Joenelyn Esquia

    We can never deny the fact that social media is an amazing way of growing business online. It can be an important part of advertising and public relation strategy. It is almost wise to stay abreast of the latest marketing and advertising techniques in our industry. Thus, social media plays a vital role. Even if we consider the disanvantages it may have, we can certainly look forward on how powerful social media influenced us.

  9. Joie B. Cabillos

    For me, I understand that what the article is saying about the use of internet and social media can be more profitable for the use of business. And I know, that is what is happening, even in making transaction. From small business to big business advertising and even with transactions that involves money. But is also a given fact that social media is also available and accessible to everyone that it is being used for personal or even with other benefits.

  10. social media is a great endorser of any kind of business now a days,there are advantage and disadvantage when pursuing business through media.the thing is we must be very details and sure kind of business/product to the cunsomers/s interested

    also through social media we can prove to the consumer the quality and durability of the product trough live/streamed reviews of the way is used or samples of what are the contents of the product.

    the important part of maximizing the power of social media if you show othe love and enthusiasm for the business and also be an influencer to everyone to gain trust

    • social media is easy way to communicate.a lot of benefits specially in the business to advertise your product.and also give you a lot of information and news trending now a days technology more demand around the word.also they have disadvantages specialy on the fake news..

  11. David Toledanes

    This is an interesting read on how one can use social media for business and a kickstarter on the basics to being social media influencer. True, that social media and its influencers can easily spread advertising with only so little effort, tap a multitude of consumers and get a lot of spotlight however, in reality one follow from a consumer does not always necessarily equate to one sale. Also, influencers, with all the good they can do, are almost always not contractually obligated to advertise for you, can easily move on to another product with better freebies and may only use your product, your brand to get certain good deals. Just my 2 cents.

  12. Genesis genovia

    Social media plays an important role in advertising. People can have have real time updates and can easily see feedbacks, social media is rampantly used by young generations on which they can influence more of their age, based on how they understand it. Some elder ones linger in social media not for realistic news but for what we called ” chismis”. However social media can also be useful for online business at the comfort of your own home.

  13. Jan edward estilo

    the article give me an idea with connecting with other people by using internet or other type of social media in case of business technolgy and other source of usage in daily life,it gives an advantage with other people even they are far and can benifit to users postively or negatively.but it give best commercial type by using social media you can rely and fast endorsment of a product or items to be roductive and will known to the market..i can apply this if i will start building my own business.

  14. Marie Joe Cocoy

    Social media has changed on how we socialize, gather information, work in many ways and even business. These are the key areas noted to have been greatly affected by this vast and growing social media hype. In business, we must use social media not only he/she has the most number of followers, but must be also visible and powerful in shaping the of the products and the vision and mission of the company. It should be used responsibly without disregarding the trusts of the readers.


    Nowadays, People in our society Old and Young ones are influence by social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and blogs sites. It can easily access by the use of computers, tablets and cellphones. It can give us more information that we can use in our daily life. In this article social media sites can be useful to business sector as a form of advertisement that can inform the public about a certain product. In just one click or split of a second all of the information that are posted or uploaded. It can be seen or easily access by millions of users around the globe. But it’s up for us on how we will use this kind of technology in a positively way. I recommend this article to anyone and to those people who are planning to put up a business in the future. It can provide great ideas on how you will use social media to make your business more productive.

  16. Zayra Monique Roque

    To be a social media influencer means that you have already established credibility in social media. Anyone can influence someone in their own little ways especially with the help of different social networking sites. Social media is causing huge changes in culture and society. Almost everyone has access to the World Wide Web. It’s the easiest way to advertise your business letting everyone else know about. You just have to be really careful in choosing your own social media influencer; they could make or break you and your business.

  17. Teddy Narciso Catubay

    This article shows enlightenement to all who are fanatic of using social media
    of doing business or marketing for there products or services. I found it so
    balance and relevant. It is balance since it’s stated the benefits,advantages
    and the influence that can positively affect to the followers and the same time the
    disadvantages that can be considered like may cost more money,not exact quality
    or the products.Second, It is very relevant since it helps so much to the
    businessman,or any persons that have transcations that needs communications.
    Even me I use social media to communicate my thoughts,idea or anything under
    the sun so that the market or people that i want to be aware of will realize it
    or receive it in a timely manner and they can react or respond to it.
    As a student of marketing I would apply it all what i got on
    this articles in the future although I apply some of it in my little business.

  18. Social media plays a vital part on businesses online , you can create a group to buy and sell stuff that you wanted at the comfort of your home. The hardest part is to find someone who can actually influence others to sell the things that you wanted to sell, a good social media influencers. Anyone can be one as long as they have the abilty to sell the products without compromising the brand. There are pro’s and con’s in using social media/social media influencer, All you have to do is find the right one to help you built the brand of your product.

  19. Because of this direct relationship between follower and influencer, a global marketplace has developed between brands and social media stars buying and selling their influence over the millions of constituents they react with on a daily basis. An entire economy of agents, agencies, media networks and brand consultants has emerged around influencer marketing. Because technology is so closely linked with social media, never before has it been easier to target any particular demographic or measure the direct success of any influencer-based marketing campaign. In the “good old days”, it was just a well-founded guess how successful an expensive ad campaign gracing the pages of Vogue might have been. Today, a brand knows exactly how many consumers have clicked through to, commented on or “liked” any digital social media campaign they have invested in. The important thing is find the right/appropriate influencer to your product.

  20. Jonathan Deligente

    Social Media nowadays plays a vital role in in everyone’s life. It has advantages and disadvantages that can literally affect somebody else’s way of living. Well , almost half of the population in this world uses internet ( social media in particular) as a means of communication and also has a great impact to those who are in the business industry making it as a powerful tool in advertising their products and other services by just spending a few bucks compared to other mass media platforms. All of us can be a social media influencer no matter what age , sex or religion you have as long as you know how to connect with people , making sure that you know what exactly your purpose is in doing such actions. A lot of people are social media influencers in their own right , there are pro’s and con’s that contribute to the use of social media like disarm social stigmas like anxiety and depression and it can be a drain on time and use up hours that you can’t get back.

  21. Thank you for this article sir! It is very informative, i was planning to use social media to start a business and this really helps.

  22. Social media influence is the wave now.

  23. Sir, long time no see. Hope you remember me. I was one of your staff before at Negros Navigation and now working in a Cruiseship. Sometimes our company would get some bloggers to board the vessel for a cruise for free and I would always remember you because I know that you are also a travel blogger. One time I mentioned it to my Boss, and she said that the company prefers European and US-based bloggers because that is our target market. Hoping someday you will also be tapped by our company. God bless you always Sir Jo.

    • Thank you, Joselito. Well, I would be glad If I will be invited. Unfortunately, companies would always think about their target market and that is understandable. More than that, I am happy that you have read this post. Hope to see you soon 🙂

  24. Sir , I really admired on how you managed variety things that you are doing. Few years back I was one of your participants in my previous company, then I also knew that you are teaching in the graduate school of LCC, you have a handicraft business, but I knew also that you are traveling a lot and also a travel blogger. I wish you all the best and hope to listen to one of your seminars again in the near future. You are one of the best speakers I ever encountered – NO DULL MOMENT! Goodluck and God bless 🙂

  25. Sir , is it necessary for a company who has been in business for let’s say 10 years already to have somebody working solely on the social media? I saw how often do you post and I was thinking that you really have a full time staff doing it for you. Also how much should be the pay for that staff, just in case.Thank you.

    • On hiring one dedicated staff: it depends on the capacity of your organization. other companies do have Social Media Managers. Others, its their marketing people doing the social media.
      On the fee: That would always depend on the qualification of your staff. However, you can also hire an influencer or a blogger to be your part-time social media manager. Seasoned Social Media Practitioner already has established followers and that would always help.

  26. Sir, may I know how much should I pay if I asked a blogger to help me in promoting my products? I saw several of your posts and you are promoting some establishments. I am very interested as I am not really techy and I am not really equipped with the necessary marketing skills.

    Let’s say, can an influencer be paid with products alone or it would always be in cash? I am asking this because I wanted, of course, to show that my influencers are really using my product. I attended many years back one of your talks at USLS .

    • Compensation would depend on the power of that blogger. Some of the considerations are stated above such as reach, influence, and relevance…. regarding on the product to part of the payment, that would always depend on the blogger if he/she would agree. And that’s true, it would be great if you’re influencer is really suing the product that would further enhance his credibility on the product he is endorsing.

  27. This is an epic post. This is a very good discussion about the Influencers. being into business, I haven’t tapped yet any influencers to help me in promoting my product. But don’t get me wrong I believe in the power of the social media. Maybe I just don’t know whom to talked to. This is an eye opener. BTW, sent you an email.

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