Maximizing the Power of Social Media Influencers

Maximizing the Power of Social Media Influencers

 We live in a world that is more connected than ever. While some may attribute this interconnection to the weaving of the multitude of networks called the “internet,” others relate to the idea with their regular use of the social media.

In business, this is a telltale sign of a lucrative environment to make good business with. Where people of the same feathers flock, expect that there is money to be made in that crowd.

A Visible Trend

 At least, for the 2.6 billion people who make use of this technology as part of their day-to-day lives, the idea is all so true. Given our current total population which counts at 7.6 billion, it only means that there is still a lot of space on the internet for other people to join in on the fun.

As of the years 2015 to 2017, there had been some significant rise among social media and mobile social users at 10% and 17%, respectively. This may seem like a small number from the outset, but based on people numbering in few billions, the real number is actually big particularly for a 2-year span of growth.

So, the prospect of the number of social media and mobile social users is identified, but how about their usage and habit?

As it turns out, these data too are not that obscure following a certain benchmark. The result was rather surprising, to say the least: an average social media or mobile social user has at least 5 unique accounts under his name and could spend an at close to 2 hours on the platform per day.

This finding is, in fact, still reflective of people’s healthy social media habit as opposed to those who are too addicted to it.

So, what does this spell for business?

A lot, in a good way.

A Positive Influence Towards Business

In the same way that many consumers are making a great presence in the social media sphere, many brands have also adapted to the idea of letting their brands be seen in this great multitude.

It is inevitable therefore not to see the social media as more than just a mixture of people who wanted to connect and share valuable contents to the world but also as a hub for business to make money with. But this is hardly surprising because, knowing social media, it is business at its very core—it merely only paved the way for commerce to thrive in it.

At the rightmost conditions, the social media is a pivotal facilitator for driving a strong brand exposure to a mass of followers in the hopes of attracting them and enable engagement. But while building a strong brand impression may always be the initial step in tapping on social media’s role in improving business, the real benefit lies from its positive affect towards sales generation and the foundation of the loyal consumer base.

Yes, using the social media for advertisement similar to other means. However, what trumps this method over other ways is how cost-effective it is. Just imagine shoving a few bucks to get your brand presence across millions of followers when it would cost a fortune to do it in another way, often also restricted by a stiff duration.

Everyone as a Social Media Influencer

Back in the days when it is the most popular who often take the spotlight at endorsing products, the cost of advertising a product through such persons is relatively expensive. At least, that is the case if you are looking at a celebrity whose name is a household staple as a bottle of perfume.

However, this all seemed to have changed when social media began and everyone can be turned instant endorser—or celebrity, depending on how you want to call it—so long as they meet the right conditions. Commonly, a large following from across multiple platforms.

Technically, the very label “social media influencer” also speaks for itself as an internet jargon. Literally, it could be anyone who is deemed influential enough to be auspicious towards a certain brand or product. As such, it can anyone like you and me.

Non-celeb social media influencers work because, like the real celebrities that are adored by many people, there are relatively lesser known individuals who actually have the capacity to affect those within their sphere of influence. For most people, this could start among family member and friends and even extend as far as the peers.

Of course, the real effective social media influencers are those who have a very wide sphere of influence across groups of people and not just those that are personally-linked to the person. As such, when you found the right influencer from a mass of people, expect to reap great benefits from very little tradeoff. Hence, the growing prominence of random people suddenly becoming influencers on their own right.

The Downsides in the use of Social Media Influencers

While there may be a great bounty in investing so little from a random influencer, the result, however, is not always certain, even to the one whose profile puts shame to real celebs.

Here are a few indicators why a particular influencer may not be cut out for the role, with business in mind:

  1. Numbers that do not reflect quality

The influencer in the topic may have some followers numbering in millions but if his ability to convert sales or build further additions to the loyal consumer base is far lower than expected, then that is wasted potential. The number of followers means nothing if the person does not have the right charm to make them do something for the benefit of the product being endorsed. The person may only be good at networking with many people but are less capable of affecting them in any way.

  1. Money-driven, not passionate about the brand

Money is such a powerful tool, it can literally make people work for something they are not even passionate about in the first place. It is hardly surprising for some influencers therefore to gather as many products to endorse even with the idea of entertaining conflicting brands.

  1. Not fit for the actual product

This is perhaps the most telling sign that a chosen influencer may not be cut out for the product he or she was given to endorse: not fitting enough for it. It goes juxtaposed to the idea about the influencer being passionate—or at least, renowned—about the thing he or she endorses. For example, do not expect to generate positive response trying to sell a whitening cream product using an influencer who was not even dark-skinned.


In conclusion, Social Media and Influencers are of great value to any business.  Businesses, however, should choose the right influencers to endorse their product. One that doesn’t have only large followers on his social media platforms but equally important is that he delivers relevant content and trusted by his readers.

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Pinoy Bisniz is a blog about, business, entrepreneurship, and product reviews. If you want to have partnership with us. do send us a message.


Pinoy Bisniz is a blog about, business, entrepreneurship, and product reviews. If you want to have partnership with us. do send us a message.


  1. Social media influence is the wave now.

  2. Sir, long time no see. Hope you remember me. I was one of your staff before at Negros Navigation and now working in a Cruiseship. Sometimes our company would get some bloggers to board the vessel for a cruise for free and I would always remember you because I know that you are also a travel blogger. One time I mentioned it to my Boss, and she said that the company prefers European and US-based bloggers because that is our target market. Hoping someday you will also be tapped by our company. God bless you always Sir Jo.

    • Thank you, Joselito. Well, I would be glad If I will be invited. Unfortunately, companies would always think about their target market and that is understandable. More than that, I am happy that you have read this post. Hope to see you soon 🙂

  3. Sir , I really admired on how you managed variety things that you are doing. Few years back I was one of your participants in my previous company, then I also knew that you are teaching in the graduate school of LCC, you have a handicraft business, but I knew also that you are traveling a lot and also a travel blogger. I wish you all the best and hope to listen to one of your seminars again in the near future. You are one of the best speakers I ever encountered – NO DULL MOMENT! Goodluck and God bless 🙂

  4. Sir , is it necessary for a company who has been in business for let’s say 10 years already to have somebody working solely on the social media? I saw how often do you post and I was thinking that you really have a full time staff doing it for you. Also how much should be the pay for that staff, just in case.Thank you.

    • On hiring one dedicated staff: it depends on the capacity of your organization. other companies do have Social Media Managers. Others, its their marketing people doing the social media.
      On the fee: That would always depend on the qualification of your staff. However, you can also hire an influencer or a blogger to be your part-time social media manager. Seasoned Social Media Practitioner already has established followers and that would always help.

  5. Sir, may I know how much should I pay if I asked a blogger to help me in promoting my products? I saw several of your posts and you are promoting some establishments. I am very interested as I am not really techy and I am not really equipped with the necessary marketing skills.

    Let’s say, can an influencer be paid with products alone or it would always be in cash? I am asking this because I wanted, of course, to show that my influencers are really using my product. I attended many years back one of your talks at USLS .

    • Compensation would depend on the power of that blogger. Some of the considerations are stated above such as reach, influence, and relevance…. regarding on the product to part of the payment, that would always depend on the blogger if he/she would agree. And that’s true, it would be great if you’re influencer is really suing the product that would further enhance his credibility on the product he is endorsing.

  6. This is an epic post. This is a very good discussion about the Influencers. being into business, I haven’t tapped yet any influencers to help me in promoting my product. But don’t get me wrong I believe in the power of the social media. Maybe I just don’t know whom to talked to. This is an eye opener. BTW, sent you an email.

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