Say Goodbye to Hair Loss | Novuhair

 Say Goodbye to Hair Loss | Novuhair

 Say Goodbye to Hair Loss | Novuhair

“As one grows older, the hair grows shorter,” these were the words of a very old and wise man. These words ring true for certain individuals, as one age, more and more problems arise, and they pile up. Little that we know our lives are filled with stress. And mind you, stress is one of the leading cause of hair loss and worst, baldness. To aid this problem, others opt for taking in pills or medicine and sometimes, go for surgeries. Unfortunately, these may pose harmful effects to the health and may have drastic effects.

I remember an Uncle suffered from Alopecia. I don’t if it is hereditary. I am not suffering from it as well. But since hair thinning is a usual problem for men reaching a certain age, I wasn’t spared from this problem.

As a man working in a corporate world, I find it really disturbing as it affects my confidence and self-esteem. So right away, I started looking for a solution. Low and behold I was able to come across the website of the Novuhair. At first, I was kind of hesitant because it is my first time to see the product. To satisfy my curiosity as to its effects, I read a lot of reviews from different sites. I felt excited as I saw that a lot of people are using it and that it is indeed effective. I bought the product (shampoo and topical lotion) the following day and I made sure to read the instruction well before using it.

The topical lotion is recommended to be used twice a day in order to see the desired result faster. After using the shampoo, apply and massage it to the scalp. Make sure to allow it to stay your scalp for 10 – 15 minutes. This will allow the lotion to fully penetrate the scalp, then rinse. Also, note that product should not be used by children ages twelve and below as well as to those who are currently pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Generally, this product is safe to use since it is also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is also strictly adhering to the standards of Association of South Asian Cosmetic Directive (ASEAN, ACD).

After using the Novuhair for more than two months, I can already see the significant increase in of my hair growth   This is for the reason that this lotion contains tons of hair growth stimulators (Malunggay, Ginger, Ginseng, Aloe Vera Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, and many more). Not that I am overreacting, but I was really happy to finally solve my hair thinning problem. Whenever I see friends of mine seeking advice on what product to use to address their excessive hair loss, I always recommend this product, and so far, all the feedbacks are amazing.

On a more personal note, I realize that there is no need for me to feel conscious anymore of hair thinning since unlike the old days, we now have the quick and very effective solution. In this time re all commodities are high in value, make that choose the perfect product suited for your needs. Go and try the Novuhair products now!

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