Spend Christmas at the Orphanage


Spend Christmas at the Orphanage

Rotary Bacolod – South at Bacolod Girls Home

Spend Christmas at the Orphanage


As Christians, we all have a positive outlook when it comes to Christmas. For the average employee, this is a time for bonuses which would be spent for the family. For the kids, this is a time of receiving gifts from parents, close relatives, or friends. But, for every household in general, this implies a gathering that is not always possible on any other day.

Our notion about Christmas is so auspicious, we simply could not go on in life without being a part of this rather joyous celebration.

But while having an optimistic spirit during this festive season is good, not all people are actually placed in a position where they could be jolly even if the event imposed on it.

While that could mean different things to various people, this is perhaps truer still to those of young spirit who dream of spending this once-a-year event like other children their age—the ones who, without the company of their fellow kids, are all alone by themselves as orphans.

Spend Christmas at the Orphanage

Rotary Bacolod -South President Elena Gatanela arranging the colorful slippers to be distributed to the girls of Bacolod Girls Home


When we think of orphans, we typically attribute them as children who are under the care of the church or an NGO. For the most part, this is indeed true. Often, they are under the guidance and tutelage of nuns as God’s invisible way of herding His flock and not letting them go astray.

Happy is the temperament of young orphans with the company of one another may be, given a life of singing and play. But the life of an orphan is as simple as a life of an average kid can be—and it has its gap and longings which only real family can give.

Fortunately, accustomed to a life of meeting basic needs, orphans are typically thankful little people. Not necessarily shallow but people of sincere gratitude. A simple gift may mean a lot to them despite being placed at a time when good gifts are defined by how much they cost rather than how sincerely they are given.



The joy of receiving gifts and being given time by others was painted on the faces of the girls of Bacolod Girls Home when Rotary-Bacolod South visited them a few months ago.

Because the girls in this place are growing up, they were given by the Rotarians a short talk on Hair Care and Good Grooming which was just perfect for their needs.

Spend Christmas at the Orphanage

President Elena Gatanela in action…

It was a day of love in action as the Rotarians personally assisted the girls on the proper hair care routines such as applying shampoo, proper combing, etc.

The girls were beaming with joy as they received various presents such as food, vitamins, clothes, medicines, books, slippers and hair care and grooming sets.

The event happened months before the holiday season. But I guess that was a perfect example of how we can spend a meaningful Christmas with those who have less in life. As one author puts it, “Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas”.

It may not be a popular choice among Christians to celebrate a meaningful event outside of their homes with the presence of loved ones and friends. But is it not it adhering to real Christianity to be with the less fortunate at a time of their needs?

Spend Christmas at the Orphanage

The girls were beaming with joy after they received gifts  from Rotary Bacolod – South



You may join the global network of Rotary to make a long-lasting and positive impact on the community. But on your own, in your own little way, you can make a difference.

Just like spending a bit of your time and other resources to any of the orphanage around. A little bit of present for everybody or your warm presence alone would be enough to uplift their spirit.

But like many people, orphans are not immune to the feelings of envy even towards their fellow kind. So, be it a showed affection or a heartwarming gift, make sure not to be as partial to select few kids if you choose to visit the orphanage in time for Christmas. Just like what the Rotarians did, all the girls at the Bacolod Girls Home received equally the same set of gifts and treatment.

You may think that choosing to spend a bit of your Christmas time mean forsaking the idea of celebrating the occasion in the presence of your family or closest friends. But, just like a day has 24 hours in it, choosing to share a part of your  Christmas Holidays to the less fortunate kids only takes a bit of your time.

Bacolod Girls Home is just one of the many orphanages we have around the country. There might be one nearest in your locality waiting for you. So, why not give the grace of your presents or presence towards these children in time for the Savior’s birth where the idea of gift-giving is said to be rooted from?


  1. Rosene Paypon

    Wow, very inspiring naman. How I wish I can be part of your group to make an impact in the greater community. Meanwhile, I can do it in some little ways I can do to share with others the little that I have. Congratulations to the Rotarians!!!

  2. Very Inspiring post. I guess Rotary Bacolod made their Christmas services way ahead of the holidays. I am inspired to join this group someday.

  3. Congratulations Rotary Bacolod South for this amazing project. This will surely inspire other people to do their share. I believe that the greater impact of your activities should not only be limited on what you have done on that day, but on how you touched other people’s heart–your beneficiaries and people who are reading this. —This inspires me to do my share also this coming Holidays to visit one orphanage near me.

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