6 Ways to Motivate your Employees That Improve Work Productivity

6 Ways to Motivate your Employees That Improve Work Productivity

People say that the quality of the company is only as good as the people that are in it. This only means that the kind of people who work for you may either be the result of its rise or downfall. It does make sense, in fact, as the people whom you let in your company has the power to affect it either positively or negatively.

Intuitively, it is for this very reason that companies have a built-in screening process before letting any aspiring employee in to help the business grow. However, even the best of the bests can still be flawed as a person which significantly affect their performance at work. Whether they are overworking themselves or are simply less motivated, these factors can adversely affect their productivity in the workplace.

But, while you cannot do much if the employee is simply having personal issues that relatively affected his level of intensity at work, you can, however, do something about keeping him motivated and therefore maintain a good level of productivity for the sake of the business.

Here are some effective ways you can motivate your employees that ensure productivity:

1.Value hard work

Ever recall getting a commendation for something you did well that you maintain or made better on it as a result? Yeah, that heartwarming feeling that recognizes your doing of something good that you wanted to continue on it because of the pleasure in it.

The same thing works as good in the workplace area. So, when one of your employees are working hard for the company, a bit of gratitude from you as a boss goes a long way in keeping that momentum.

The feeling that an employee is more than just a head from the payroll, but rather a contributive member of the workforce, gives a satisfying feeling which salary alone will not match.

2.Set attainable goals

When the sky is the limit and you can squeeze your employees to make a lot of money for the company, you are straining your most precious resource in a task that will only leave them less productive or worst, exhausted, over time. Instead of treating your employees as slaves, take them as a person like yourself who would like to get things done when possible for them.

Setting very high goals may be ideal in boosting the company’s profitability but if it means constantly keeping your manpower dejected due to missed goals, then you are sucking their morale to become more productive for another day.

3.Praise positive results

One good thing about coming with something good as a result of work is getting the merit for it which you can rightfully brag. When an employee is contributing significantly to the company that he deserved praise, do not hesitate to do so. While you are at it, be specific as well about the achievement of the person.

The gesture that the company is displaying value to the accomplishments of its employees is very effective in boosting the morale in the workplace. It gives a sense that the company is doing good as a result of one man’s work and so does can everybody as well.


4.Keep the positive vibe

The atmosphere of the workplace has a way of indirectly affecting the morale of the people that are in it. When everything is positive, it means that the company is doing well and so does the people in it. To the contrary, a negative environment paves the way to confusion which breeds doubt and other things unpleasant in the area.

Essentially, a company is like a family. When the mood is light and jolly, everybody is happy, too. But, when not, everyone suffers. As the head of the company, basically, the father figure, how you handle your people speaks a lot about the culture that is taking place in the community you established.

So, even when things go wrong from time to time, which may be inevitable, keep the environment as positive as possible by not gravitating on the problem but by focusing on the solution.

5.Remain energized

No person could work on an empty stomach which thus puts emphasis on food for our productivity. If you want the company grinding on its machines or keep its operations flowing, you must keep your workers properly fueled by being fed.

Of course, whether a worker eats his meal or not is already his own problem. But given the dynamics in the workplace, some workers tend to skip on the importance of meal to do their job. Instead of becoming more productive, however, the performance declines due to poor nutrition.

Ever get that tired feeling at some point of not eating which inhibits you to do further work? That means your body is lacking the fuel it needs to keep running.

One effective way of offsetting this problem is to provide the workplace with healthy grub which the employees can munch on at will. While this may imply additions to the company’s bottom line in expenses, the relative increase in the employees’ productivity more than makeup for the costs.

6.Make way for breaks

Sure, many employees are being paid by the hour or by a fixed rate set on specific hours of work per day. However, your employees are not machines that can maintain productivity for hours on end without pause for a break. A 1-hour break for lunch break will not even suffice for the succeeding hours of work.

Working hours after hours, after all, can cause an unpleasant feeling of stress to anybody and its very idea is known to be detrimental to health. It is for this reason that many who go through hours at work, end up sore and physically spent.

By adding a more human element in the workplace, that is, giving way for constant breaks, gives a feeling that the employees are being valued of their wellness and not just being taken for as a tool for the company to make wads of cash with.


  1. Victor Y. Lee, Jr.

    I strongly agree with this article. It is really true that the quality of the company is only as good as the people that are in it. We have to value our employees, make them feel that they are not only working for the money buy they are working to achieve the goals of their company. No matter how hard the work is. If the employer knows to value or hardships, its will help motivate each employee to do their best. Be good to your employees and the success of your company is already in your hand.

  2. Marc Joven Abuy

    Motivation is a big factor for me as a worker while studying. Unfortunately, motivation doesn’t came from our boss instead it from my colleagues and family. But i just really love my job and i always enjoy the new challenges which i think was enough to be motivated.

  3. Marc Joven Abuy

    Motivation is really a big factor for me as a worker and a student. Unfortunately, those motivation doesn’t came from my boss but from my colleagues and family. But I just really love my job and i always enjoy it which is enough for me to be motivated.

  4. Maritess Valderrama

    Nowadays we often heard employees that they are unhappy with their respective jobs and it makes them demotivated and it will result to an endless complains to their company and sometimes leads to their resignation. This article helps me to find definite ways to motivate them, inspire them and keep them on their job and it will leads to a productive result.

  5. Mark Jansen E. Espinosa

    Being employed for 3 years in a BPO COMPANY (TSR) is not a joke. Every graveyard shift is very stressful and as we speak we are all “Dead Tired” after 8 hours of fixing technical problems over the phone. I must say that this ways of motivation should be present at all times to eliminate the “toxic of work”. It will empower employees to be productive and more effective in doing their job. So what we need sometimes is to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, realize that life of being at work is good and simply acknowledge their work no matter how easy or difficult it is. Employees that are motivated will have loyalty to the company.

  6. Mark Joseph N. Traje

    This article only justify what I believed in about MOTIVATION. “It is something INTERNAL that will make it long term”. Motivation should always be driven by good performance, good compliance , good results, and hitting the right goal but for me the most substantial motivational process is motivating them during bad results. Motivating them not to give up and keeping themselves on the right track towards the common good. This is something LONG TERM.

  7. Rosmond Pasar

    Being in a company which values the good in each employee is a sign that it is moving forward. Considering human conditions as a primary is a good investment. An indicator of a growing company can be found in the work area where workers are happy sharing themselves for company productivity.

  8. April Rose Colango

    Employee motivation is the internal drive that the employees acquire inorder to strive day to day business operation. In this article, we may find those practices that are already present in the company that we are now working. And for those that you think helpful to us , may be implemented.
    I came to realize that in my present company, we experienced lots of motivation skills for the employee for the last 5 years at the peak of our career. But for now, I think due to some expenses constraints few of these motivation techniques for the employees were not implemented as they were before. And I think it should be retained as well to ensure the retention of the employees. Happy people who works in a company results to a profitable business since each employee take part on the responsibilities that they engage in. We would feel that we are valued by the employer. As long as there is harmony from different levels with these employee motivations listed then a smooth sailing operation is possible with progresssive result. No matter how big is the salary if the employees were not happy, it would lead to employees leaving the company. So, as to avoid this we should involve people to inspire employee motivation by starting within ourselves.

  9. Goldie Ann Luna

    This article just guided me to what kind of leader I should be in the future, A leader must know how to give importance to what matters most which is his/her subordinates. Because the quality produced by the team depends on how the members are motivated and dedicated to delivering targets or even beyond the goal. A leader must know how to keep the team’s fire fueled. The article suggests also to treat the employees as friends without losing the sense of guidance and leadership as respect is earned, not asked. And it makes me realize when to take a break and just enjoy the companion of the employees to correspondingly know them personally because amazing positive reactions will transpire when your people know you cared enough about them.

  10. Mitchell Escabillas

    Employee motivation is important in a business or company. Motivated employees means productive workforce. Engaging employees to a two way comunication, giving incentives, recognition ang most importantly showing respect to employees will have higher chance that employee will stay in the company and streghten loyalty for a long period.

  11. Minette Ira L. Quiocson

    This article says it all. When I’m still working, this is the kind of motivation that me and my fellow employees needed the most. Unfortunately, we are connected with a very difficult company. Many companies doesn’t practice this and hopefully they will in the near future. I’m glad that that I was able to read this article.

  12. Arissa Ina Claur

    Motivated employees are the most valuable asset any company can have. As a manager, you have to create an environment in which employees will choose motivation to accomplish their assigned job/ tasks.

    Motivation is definitely not limited to just giving employees monetary incentives. As an employee, being treated with respect, trusted and be treated like an adult motivates me to contribute more and do well on my job. We employees appreciate positive recognition on any form. Knowing that we did something good and we’ve contributed to the company’s fulfillment of its visions, missions and/or goals, make us feel valued and that motivate us to even become better.

    It is something that I’m looking forward to see the local companies practice. I feel like local companies have not really incorporated majority of the mentioned ways but they should start investing on programs that can motivate their employees to drive productivity and promote success.

  13. Rudyla Fabelena

    Employee motivation has a big role in business because motivated employees more happier and productive, they will do whatever is necessary for a job well-done but employees with low motivation underperforms, lack of motivation means less work being accomplished. The key here is how to inspire and encourage employees, fulfilling their needs and expectations.

    • Kent Juneil Padrinas

      Funny how these simple steps are being neglected by some companies. Having worked in a toxic environment i can very much relate to the importance of the statements above. Companies need to remember that their employees are not machines, They need to know how important a simple compliment is for their employees and how much a morale boost can help in the companies productivity. Having read the article reminded me that if one day I will have my own company or lead a few employees I will make sure to remember that I was once an employee and make sure my employees are treated right, given the proper compliment and make sure to give motivation to everyone in the workforce.

  14. Joerina L. Guotana

    This article is very beneficial as this teaches us how to effectively motivate employees. This should be properly observed and applied in a workplace. I was once a project supervisor in a BPO company and we have this what we call “SMART” goals set to agents. SMART goals means S -Specific, M -measurable, A – Attainable, R – Realistic, T – Timely/Timebound goals in that way agents will become more productive without having their morale sucked. Their should always be a positive workplace environment (BAD VIBES NOT ALLOWED). In the company I’m connected with, there’s this what we call “Employee Satisfaction Survey” where employees needs to answer every week to get feedback from them in order to solve the issues that the company may face. In summary, employees needs to feel that their hardwork and efforts are important and valued as this contributes to the company’s success. The management should always be approachable, energized and keeps an “open-door” policy.

  15. Jay Rivera

    I strongly agree with these ways on how to motivate employees in a certain organization. This is true to some giant companies like Google and Apple headquarter employees and etc… They’re getting free nutritious food from the pantry, listen to music while at work, gets longer break time and enjoy premium benefits.

    Sadly, this isn’t happening in the local industry. As an employee I have been starving for this methodology for the longest time. I have been working for more than eight years with different local employers, yet, none of them demonstrated these strategies. I always felt like, I have been underpaid and being used as a tool for the company to make wads of cash with.

    If I will be a Human Resource Manager someday, I will make sure that workers under my administration won’t feel how I feel today.

  16. Mariel M. Comawas

    This article gives us an example on How to effectively motivate employees. It tells us how to properly value the employees and making them feel more human. Acknowledging their successes, making sure they get valued on their hard work while setting up appropriate and realistic goals. It also tells us that atmosphere of the workplace is one of the factors that affect our employees. The article also tells the importance of time outs .Making sure that employees are fueled and energized for them to perform better.

  17. Raysamel C. Jover

    Remember to love your employees. Once they feel being love they will love their job and the company as well. Encourage and motivate your employees in positive ways. Appreciate all the small and big things they contribute to the Company and always make them feel that the company is the better place to work with. And remember to put positive vibes everyday.

  18. First of all this is so beneficial article and guide on becoming a boss someday or if you are aiming for that kind of position. We really need to value hard work in all ways and don’t limit your praise to your employee if they really deserve it and you are lucky of you have a hard working employees and it is important that you have a goals so that you will have your guide and to look on. As an employee it is nice to hear the praises from your boss and if you are a boss commend also your employee or staff for the good job. Regarding with the positive vibes it is very helpful to keep the work place in positive vibes because you can work efficiently as a boss also and your staff you need to give your place a encouraging factor and if possible you will maintain your good energy the whole day. Lastly give your staff a break so that they can re energized.

  19. Manilyn T. Tero

    Appreciation is the key. We have to invest in emotional bank account. Everyday or in every situation, find some good things so that when time comes that we have to call a person’s attention for something he had done wrong, you have already invested a lot of good words in him and it wont degrade the person then. Of course, I can relate to this. As a working student, appreciation in a subtle or “grand” way has really a big impact on our performance as an employee and of course will provide a better productivity at work

  20. Arthur M. Boboli

    No matter how we efficient we are, if we don’t value our work it seems to be useless.
    and also no matter how pressure or busy we are with the hectic sked. we should keep in our mind that we must spree the positive vibes in our organization.

  21. Spot on to those companies/organizations who hasn’t practiced on these or hasn’t implemented yet. I have not been a boss in my career yet but I wish that this article has been published into a book/columns and have been read by one of my bosse’s. Its an eye opener to them to give value to their employees. Yes indeed, hardwork is mostly being neglected by the bosses because of them being greedy. They tend to forget the welfare of their employees. I strongly agree to these 6 factors that employees are looking for when applying for a job, not to mention the salary offer and benefits package to attract them. I agree on point number 4. Keep the positive vibe or the Company’s environment, no matter how much your earning if you have this negative atmosphere in the company. Employees will leave you in no time. Big Salute to point number 1!…Bosses should value the hard of employees put in the company. Without them there would be no business at all and operations. Employees are the most valuable asset in the company and very few bosses or not even aware of this.

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